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Chapter 57 - If You Speak False Words, You Must Pay The Price

“This Yang Chen requests to see the great master!”

Yang Chen said this as he cupped his hands, facing towards where the voice had come from. Although the tone of the other party was very rude, it gave Yang Chen a familiar feeling, only he could not remember who it was.


With that cold snort, the stone wall in front of Yang Chen suddenly disappeared and he found himself standing on an empty, flat ground.

There was no sunshine here, but above his head he could see the lights of night pearls, which provided the lighting here. Although it was not as bright as sunshine, for cultivators it was already sufficient to see everything.

In front of Yang Chen, four people were standing in a row, including both the person who had snorted and the one who had spoken. Yang Chen knew that these were the gatekeepers of the Immoral Falling Well’s entrance. The gatekeepers have always included the elite disciples from every sect. These defenders were at least at the foundation stage and together with the entrance spell formation, they were strong enough to resist JieDan stage experts.

Among the four people, Yang Chen remembered three of them from his past life, only of one he didn’t have any impression of. Now Yang Chen had already determined who the person that had snorted was. In his previous life, this guy had chased to kill Yang Chen and he was a disciple of TianQuan Sect, known as Jin Tao. At that time, he was at the peak of the JieDan stage, but currently he was only at the peak of foundation stage.

He had tried to kill him in his previous life because of the orders of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but right now Jin Tao did not have any reason to show this kind of attitude towards Yang Chen. But Yang Chen immediately remembered that at the Floating Mountain Assembly, he had killed Han Jiande, a disciple of the TianQuan Sect, as well as forcing a JieDan expert of the sect to lose a layer of cultivation, perhaps this was the reason.

“This is the Immortal Falling Well, can qi layer disciples not come here?”

At this moment, Yang Chen began to pretend to be stupid and filled with surprise, taking on the appearance of a country bumpkin who did not know the rules of society. He was looking around everywhere sizing up all of his surroundings, and after looking for quite a while, his gaze moved to the four people with fear and trepidation on his face, appearing as if he was unwilling to accept this.

“The Immortal Falling Well is not a place where a trifling qi layer disciple like you can come!”

Jin Tao continued to speak as before.

“You don’t have the qualifications! This Pure Yang Palace has become more and more outrageous and surprisingly even gave the command tile to a qi realm disciple.”

Jin Tao’s tone was extremely arrogant, even when he was talking about the Pure Yang Palace. Apart from Yang Chen, a minor qi layer disciple, there was nobody else of the Pure Yang Palace here, so even if he was a little arrogant there would still not be any serious consequences. The crucial point was that he wanted to vent his sect’s resentment.

“Disciple Yang Chen pays his respects to Elder Wu!”

There was no difference on Yang Chen’s face just an expression of strong veneration. This gesture was directed at the constantly taunting Jin Tao, who hurried to move out of the way.

Yang Chen’s words made these people very confused, but nobody dared to accept Yang Chen’s gesture. Yang Chen had made it absolutely clear that he was paying his respects to Elder Wu. In the Immortal Falling Well, there was only one Elder Wu and he was precisely one of the five powerful elders elected by every sect to keep watch over the Immoral Falling Well.

The five formidable elders also used to have one loose cultivator, but due to his astonishing comprehension and innate skill, he had already cultivated to the Da Cheng stage. Because of his good moral character and exceedingly powerful strength, he was an overseer of the Immortal Falling Well and simultaneously also the person who would handle different matters at the Immortal Falling Well. All of the rules of the Immortal Falling Well had been drawn by these five formidable Elders, so no one dared to defy them.

Even though Jin Tao was very arrogant, he still did not dare to accept Yang Chen’s act of paying his respects to Elder Wu, otherwise he would not even need the people of the Immortal Falling Well to take care of him, as long as the sect leader of the TianQuan sect heard about it, he would immediately have Jin Tao’s cultivation crippled and evict him from the sect, and this was already the lightest punishment.

“Are you not Elder Wu?”

Yang Chen said after Jin Tao had bent over and dodged out of the way.

“I never said that I am Elder Wu!”

Jin Tao coldly snorted again. The four people did not know that Yang Chen was acting.

“Has the Immortal Falling Well changed its rules? The world’s sect leaders don’t know anything about this. At least my Pure Yang Palace’s sect leader did not tell me at the time of giving me the command tile that qi layer disciples cannot go to the Immortal Falling Well.”

Yang Chen was staring at Jin Tao, suddenly he smiled and said:

“I have researched many ancient records, but still didn’t find that the Immortal Falling Well had this kind of rule. So I believe this is a new rule of the Immortal Falling Well. For such a change in the rules, apart from a bigger sect’s Sect Master, it seems only one of the five formidable Elders can do this.”

“Since you are not Elder Wu, then there is no use for me to say many words!”

Yang Chen cupped his hands again.

“This young disciple will leave immediately, I have to make a report of the new rule to my Palace Master!”

After he finished speaking, a faint light from the command tile enveloped Yang Chen again, preparing for him to leave.

“Wait a moment!”

Including Jin Tao, the four people on the scene were scared stiff. The Immortal Falling Well had never had this kind of rule, it was only that Jin Tao had heard Yang Chen’s name in a bad light, therefore he subconsciously wanted to suppress him, but he hadn’t thought that Yang Chen would get cold feet. If they allowed Yang Chen to leave and he informed the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace, then these four people would surely be annihilated without leaving an intact corpse.

These four did not dare to slight him and hastily obstructed Yang Chen, but Jin Tao came forward one step and said in a loud voice:

“Yang Chen, you piece of shit, you want to falsely accuse us, do you know what kind of sin this is?”

“Piece of shit?”

Yang Chen smiled.

“How come?”

He flashed his hand and a sound storing rock appeared in his hand. Immediately the conversation between Jin Tao and Yang Chen resounded within everyone’s ears.

From Yang Chen asking whether a qi realm disciple could not enter the Immortal Falling Well to Jin Tao’s arrogant reply, everything was clearly recorded without even missing a single word. Listening to this conversation, the complexion of all four immediately paled.

Yang Chen had the command tile and had been recorded from the moment he entered, so he was neither an invading demon, nor had he broken any rules. So right now, even if they wanted to forcibly take away the sound storing stone from Yang Chen’s hands, it was impossible. Their responsibility was guarding the door, not to attack humans.

Indeed, with this sound storing rock, as long as Yang Chen returned and let the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace hear it, Jin Tao would certainly be in great trouble, taking down the other three with him, because they were also at the scene but hadn’t corrected Jin Tao’s mistake, so they would surely be accused of the same crime. The rules of the Immortal Falling Well, how could a trifling foundation stage cultivator like Jin Tao make absurd suggestions about them?

The only responsibility of the gatekeepers was to defend the entrance, as long as they authenticated the command tiles and people didn’t break any rules, the defenders could not dare to casually punish them, that was a taboo. Even if the TianQuan sect greatly cared about Jin Tao, they could still not dare to offend these five formidable elders. This was not just a problem of saving face, but it was also for the benefit of the large number of sects involved. If they really let Yang Chen turn away and leave, these four could absolutely not handle the consequences.

Among the four people, one of them was very agile, it was the person whom Yang Chen did not recognize. Suddenly, with a big stride forward he reached out his hand to grab Yang Chen’s arm and said:

“Just a joke! It was just a joke, Younger Disciple Yang should not bother about it!”

It was not that he was apologizing, rather the sound storing rock was no longer in Yang Chen’s hand, he wanted to grab it but was not able to, so he could only use these sweet words to make Yang Chen stay. As long as Yang Chen did not report anything, these four would naturally not have any problems.

This guy had pulled Yang Chen with a smile, but his gaze swept to Jin Tao’s face, indicating him to do something. After all, he was only a spectator and the real offender in this case was Jin Tao. This glance was precisely to ask Jin Tao to resolve this situation.

How could Jin Tao have foreseen this, his unintentional words would unexpectedly be used against him by this repulsive youngster in front of him, by storing them in a sound storing rock. If someone on the outside heard this, he certainly would lose all of his face.

Maybe he could kill him some other time, but breaking any rules right now is absolutely out of question. The Immortal Falling Well was a place where lives were lost to accidents all the time. Not to mention the fact that Jin Tao was only a foundation stage youngster, even if he was YuanYing expert breaking the rules, he would still be chased and killed by the five formidable Elders, without getting a chance to escape. The Immortal Falling Well was a strategic location, in case an accident happens here, who would take responsibility for the subsequent loss of life? Even during an ordinary day, everyone had to be careful, breaking rules here was just courting death.

“You were joking?”

The smile on Yang Chen’s face, was so false, that even he himself noticed it. Not bothering to conceal his greed, he asked:

“These words, do they mean that a minor qi layer disciple like me can indeed enter the Immortal Falling Well?”

“Naturally you can!”

The person pulling Yang Chen’s arm smilingly repeated what he said and afterwards released he his arm. Jin Tao had already come over and this was precisely Jin Tao’s problem to deal with. Anyway, if they really couldn’t come to an agreement, they could also not be blamed as the culprits. With that expression on Yang Chen’s face, anyone could see what he wanted, the one who had caused this trouble had to resolve it, all of them were clever, so they all clearly understood this.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Jin Tao had had committed such a foolish mistake. The rock within Yang Chen’s hand could immediately strip him of his life, even if Jin Tao could not bear to stand the sight of Yang Chen, even if Yang Chen had killed a disciple of the TianQuan sect at the Heavenly Stairs and had harmed a JieDan expert of the sect, currently he could only swallow his anger.

The other people had already disappeared, but this meant that in whatever way Jin Tao deals with the situation, they would all not have seen it. At the same time, it also meant that, whatever happened here had nothing to do with them. Naturally, at the Immortal Falling Well, Jin Tao could not attack Yang Chen, so he could only gnash his teeth and apologize.

“Younger Disciple Yang, what happened just a moment ago was a joke, by all means you must not take it seriously.”

Jin Tao’s attitude had become quite pleasant, even addressing him as Younger Disciple Yang like the other person just a moment ago. Usually when outer disciples at the qi realm met with him, they would all address him suitably as Uncle Master or Master, but currently, for no reason, he had to apologise, only so that Yang Chen would not be bothered and did not make the report.

“When I heard Senior Disciple’s tone just then, it did not seem like a joke!”

Suddenly Yang Chen’s expressions became serious. The change in expressions was so fast, it was as if he was an actor.

“Indeed, Younger Disciple Yang, you are not aware of the difficulties here, I just didn’t want you to suffer any losses!”

Jin Tao acted as if he had not seen the hostile expressions on Yang Chen’s face and without the smallest change in complexion, he kept on smiling and said:

“It just so happens, that elder disciple here has a good object which is suitable for Younger Disciple Yang, you should take a look at it!”

While speaking, Jin Tao fished out a small and exquisite thin hawk from his qiankun pouch. He directly stuffed it into Yang Chen’s hand and said:

“This is a magic tool refined by this Senior Disciple, it is knitted from black ice natural silk, compared to your bamboo falcon, it is a bit faster. Younger Disciple should not hesitate to take it.”

This guy was not so easy to deal with, looking at Jin Tao who was smilingly facing his own, cold expression, Yang Chen immediately understood this. The other three were also like this, but they didn’t give Yang Chen any reason to flare up.

“It’s just a little bit quicker, so is it any use in here?”

Though Yang Chen had said this, his hands showed no restraint in taking the silk falcon and putting it into his qiankun pouch, exposing a smile on his face, while he smilingly said:

“Actually, Senior Disciple, I have only come to the Immortal Falling Well this time in order to obtain some of the five phases spirit essences, that’s all, can Senior Disciple bestow me with one thousand eight hundred pieces to broaden Younger Disciple’s horizons?”

Hearing Yang Chen’s words, Jin Tao almost spat blood. Of the people coming to the Immortal Falling Well, who did not come to look for spirit essences? What was Yang Chen saying? The question is, where could anyone find spirit essences that easily to be able to casually bestow one thousand eight hundred to someone? Jin Tao had stayed here for four years and still had only found three thousand pieces, how could he bestow one thousand eight hundred of them to Yang Chen?

He did not have enough for himself, so giving them to Yang Chen as a sign of good faith was clearly not possible, within Jin Tao’s gaze, flashed a trace of seriousness, but it was merely a flash, then it turned into that pleasant gaze again, laughingly he took out two hundred multicolored crystal chunks, and forced himself to put them into Yang Chen’s hand.

“Younger Disciple, is getting spirit essences that easy? First you take this and if it is still not sufficient then ask again afterwards.”

Jin Tao continued and did not bother to haggle anymore and said:

“First you should get a good place to settle in the Immortal Falling Well, Senior Disciple will later take you to kill a few underground spirit beasts. Once you kill them, you will be able to obtain many more essences, haha!”

Yang Chen did still not show any restraint, like before. In any case, Jin Tao’s slip of the tongue had caused to him pay a price of two hundred pieces of spirit essence, surely his heart would be aching too much. But Yang Chen also knew when to stop. He immediately assumed an absolutely satisfied expression and laughingly said:

“Since Senior Disciple is offering, then it would be impolite of me to refuse!”

“Younger Disciple, what about that sound storing rock?”

As soon as Yang Chen had put away those spirit essences in his qiankun pouch, Jin Tao again smilingly asked.

“Oh, where’s my memory!”

Yang Chen slapped his own head and took out the sound storing rock from his qiankun pouch and gave it to Jin Tao.

“Younger Disciple will also consider this as a joke, do not worry, Senior Disciple!”

Jin Tao had finally obtained this sound storing rock, once he passed his spirit power through it and heard that the contents were exactly the conversation between him and Yang Chen, he immediately destroyed it. Only after taking care of everything did Jin Tao relax. When his eyes met with Yang Chen’s gaze, it seemed as if he had become even more kindhearted.

“This is Younger Disciple’s first time here, this Senior Disciple must teach you the rules. Otherwise if you mistakenly break a rule, you may sustain injuries or could even lose your life, Younger Disciple must by all means not neglect it!”

After resolving the dispute, Jin Tao became more and more intimate with Yang Chen, as if he had no discord with him.

“I request Senior Disciple to give me some pointers!”

Yang Chen smiled while cupping his hands together, but within his heart he didn’t care about it in the slightest.

“I am not going to keep you in dark, this is the only entrance to the Immortal Falling Well. The spirit beasts of this Immortal Falling Well’s cannot be defeated that casually.”

Jin Tao smilingly continued.

“Every person who comes to the Immortal Falling Well has to learn how to defeat these underground spirit beasts for several days. Only after they have killed one underground spirit beast alone can they genuinely enter the Immortal Falling Cave. Younger Disciple must follow me for a few days to learn, as soon as you can kill an underground spirit beast, it will still not be too late to enter the Immortal Falling Well afterwards!”

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