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Chapter 567.2

*Husband, You Are Partial

“You mean, this is where the dragon head is located?” After listening to Yang Chen’s simple description, all the girls were dumbfounded. It was Sun Qingxue who asked incredulously.

“Before yesterday, yes.” Yang Chen nodded without hesitation, but added an attribute, limited to before yesterday.

The dragon vein was where the qi of the emperor of the world gathered in great success, and it has always been wandering. Under normal circumstances, it was common sense not to stay in one place for more than 20 years.

And the four girls obviously know this common sense. Combined with their own family lying here for 20 years and being nourished by the dragon veins, if they can’t figure out what happened, they will not be living up to their genius name.

However, because the dragon veins are the sum of the aura of the emperor, even the cultivators, even if they reach the peak Dacheng stage, cannot see where the dragon veins are, let alone find the dragon veins accurately and make full use of them for 20 years, this was simply impossible.

However, the changes in their bodies made the four girls have to believe that the impossible had happened to them. The only explanation was that Yang Chen did know where to get the exact location of the dragon veins.

When the four women looked at their husbands again, their eyes seemed to be looking at some evildoer. The location of the dragon veins, which countless cultivators couldn’t even study through the exhausting scriptures, Yang Chen easily included in his plan. What kind of madness would it be to let those people know?

However, the unbelievable ability displayed by this husband of their own family does not seem to be once or twice. To be crazy, those people should have been crazy again and again, the whole world has become a lunatic.

Yang Chen also laughed secretly in his heart. Others don’t know where the dragon veins in the mortal world are, but there are detailed records in the heavenly court. In his previous life, when Yang Chen had nothing to do, he often flipped through such boring things. It was not surprising that he just added such a link to his plan.

“How do we use the human emperor’s aura in us?” Shi Shanshan quickly calmed down and asked quickly.

“For the time being, Shanshan, you and Qingxue’s Human Sovereign aura can only protect your body.” Yang Chen shook his head regretfully “If others use the Human Sovereign aura against you, you will not be affected in any way.”

“Why?” Sun Qingxue felt a little unbalanced when she heard it. Everyone has also been lying in the grave for twenty years. Why are Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling different from them?

“Because you don’t have the magic weapon of the dragon clan.” Yang Chen sighed and said with a pity “The magic weapon of the dragon clan itself is the best magic weapon that can accommodate the aura of the human emperor. The dragon horn flying sword and the geographical map of mountains and rivers both absorbed a lot of the human emperor’s aura. Future attacks will have the characteristics of a human emperor’s aura.”

Yang Chen got a lot of things from the treasure house of the Dragon Clan,but not all of it was given to his own women. Gao Yue’s dragon horns flying swords and Gongsun Ling’s geographical map of mountains and rivers had been prepared long ago. At that time, Yang Chen didn’t have the idea of ​​g getting Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, and naturally he didn’t prepare for them.

The rest of the items obtained from the Dragon Clan Treasure House were all used by Yang Chen himself. The Five Elements Rope Hook, except for Yang Chen, could not be used by anyone. Inverted sea jasper cup and flying shuttle. Contrary to the attributes of the two women, the Dragon Tower was used by Xiao Tian, so only the golden bell and the gourd remain.

The golden bell was of the metal attribute and the gourd was of wood attribute. It was suitable for Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue to use, but these two are not magic weapons for attacking. The golden bell is defensive, needless to say, the gourd is just a container.

Naturally, all of these dragon clan magic weapons have absorbed enough human sovereign aura. At this point, Yang Chen would not favor one over another, and directly took out the golden bell and the gourd and placed them in front of the two women.

“The golden bell has excellent protection, and should be suitable for Shanshan, but it is not your life source magic weapon. You can only go to the spiritual world or the immortal world in the future, and then find a way to fuse the golden bell with your life source flying sword.” Yang Chen showed that he was holding the golden bell and said to Shi Shanshan.

The reason why he said that it was necessary to go to the spiritual world or the immortal world to merge was because no matter who it was now, the cultivation base was not enough to move a hair on the golden bell. And even in the immortal world, it is estimated that it is only a possibility. The powerful magic weapon refined by the dragon family was not something that anyone can change.

“The magic weapon of defense is not suitable for my swordsmanship.” Shi Shanshan naturally knows that the golden bell is powerful, but her swordsmanship has always been indomitable, and getting the golden bell will make her heart troubled, and she will no longer be able to maintain that kind of transparency. So Shi Shanshan refused the golden bell directly.

It was also for this reason that Yang Chen didn’t take it out before. Now he was afraid that Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue would have an idea and felt that he was unfair, so he took it out. Unexpectedly, Shi Shanshan has a clear direction for her own cultivation. Facing this kind of dragon clan magic weapon with the aura of a human emperor, it is also said that if she refuses, she refuses. No wonder Shi Shanshan achieved her fame in her previous life, it was definitely not accidental.

“Little Xue, the gourd doesn’t have any offensive ability, it only has some fine wine and spiritual liquid.” Yang Chen pushed the gourd in front of Sun Qingxue and motioned her to put it away.

Sun Qingxue picked up the gourd, squeezed it in her hand and played with it again and again, but still gave it to Yang Chen: “A magic weapon without the ability to attack, it is meaningless to have the aura of a human emperor.”

Both women rejected the magic weapon of the Dragon Clan, which surprised Yang Chen. Shi Shanshan can still be understood, but Sun Qingxue’s performance was so remarkable that she didn’t even take the gourd, which made Yang Chen a little impressed.

“Husband, Sister Gao and Sister Gongsun both have the magic weapon with the aura of the human emperor, but neither Sister Shanshan nor I have it. You are biased!” Although she rejected two magic weapons of the dragon family, Sun Qingxue still depended on Yang Chen for life and death. She kept acting like a spoiled child in her arms, looking unbalanced.

The other three girls could see Sun Qingxue’s intentions. They clearly wanted their husband to make up for the unbalanced lack of human sovereign aura. No one spoke, they all looked at Yang Chen with a smile to see what else he could get.

There was no other way, their husband was becoming more and more incomprehensible, and even the experience of the mortal world can produce such a peerless treasure as the aura of a human emperor. They can’t say that they have to put a little pressure on it to see what it can do. Anyway, it’s their husband, so it’s normal to compensate his wives.

“Okay, don’t be partial.” Yang Chen was confused by Sun Qingxue’s entanglement, and when he saw the posture of the other three women, he finally reluctantly conceded defeat “I have prepared this for you a long time ago, I will see if you can endure the hardship.”

With that said, Yang Chen spread out his palm and presented the contents of his palm in front of everyone’s eyes.

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