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Chapter 567.1

*Husband, You Are Partial

In the state of the seal, the girls were not sure yet, but now that the seal was released, the girls could easily understand their physical condition.

The improvement of physical fitness was not too big or too obvious for those benefits just now. Especially for those of them who have already experienced the thunder tribulation, this improvement in physical fitness was really insignificant.

It’s no wonder that the girls didn’t discover it at first, but regarded it as another benefit under the seal of spiritual power. Even the spiritual power cultivation base could be improved, not to mention the improvement of natural physical fitness.

Now that Gao Yue said this, the girls naturally checked, and then they all confirmed the situation. Could it be the credit of that body refining technique? All the girls were very suspicious.

“It has nothing to do with the body refining technique, and it has nothing to do with the seal of spiritual power.” Yang Chen smiled and shook his head, denying everyone’s speculation, and then asked “Don’t you realize that people living in Qixia Town are in good health?”

“Isn’t it because you secretly set up a spirit gathering array?” Gao Yue asked curiously. Before, the four girls always thought that the physical changes of those people in Qixia Town were all because of Yang Chen. Now that Yang Chen said that, it obviously had nothing to do with him.

“Since it’s a mortal experience, naturally I won’t do that kind of thing.” Yang Chen smiled and shook his head “And it’s easy to attract other cultivators by setting up the spirit gathering array. I don’t have that kind of spare time.”

“What’s the reason, you’d better say it.” Gongsun Ling was also a little anxious when she saw Yang Chen holding out and urged directly.

“Okay!” Yang Chen stopped talking to everyone, and asked directly “Don’t you realize that now everyone has such a trace of the human emperor’s aura?”

“The aura of a human emperor?” All the women were startled, and then immediately began to investigate. After everyone checked their bodies, they raised their heads and looked at each other and couldn’t say a word again.

The aura of a human emperor was a kind of emperor’s aura unique to the mortal world, it was almost impossible for cultivators to have it. Unless you are the lord of a country, you will have such an aura, and it was impossible for other people to have it.

However, occasionally a few cultivators whose blessings are deep will use some things used by the emperor, such as the jade seal of the country, to be able to use some human emperor’s aura.

Although it was only the monarchy of the mortal world, but once stained with the word emperor will have incredible power. Compared with those magic weapons that destroy the sky and destroy the earth, the effect of the human sovereign’s aura was not very powerful, but with the human sovereign’s aura, they will be able to suppress their opponent by a small realm.

It seems simple to say, but in the eyes of the cultivators, knocking down a small realm was simply abolishing at least 50% of their cultivation. The higher the cultivation base, the more difficult it will be to improve a small realm. When it comes to the Dacheng stage, the gap of a small realm was even comparable to the combat power of a peak Yuanying stage master.

This was not to mention, the aura of the human emperor was useful in the spiritual world and the immortal world. Whether it was a master in the spiritual world or a master in the immortal world, when encountering the aura of a human emperor, regardless of cause and effect, they will all be knocked down to a small realm, this was the scary thing.

How many cultivators exhausted their minds and tried their best to get a touch of the human emperor’s aura. The aura of a human emperor was not something that anyone can easily contaminate. Those experts with a good fortune that defies the heavens, just took the jade seal that has been passed down for hundreds of generations as his own, and the others are similar.

Although they have it, they dare not use it casually. It will only be used at the juncture of life and death, but it will also cost a lot of resources. This kind of human emperor’s aura acquired through foreign objects, even the master’s realm will be knocked down at the same time.

Because the aura of a human emperor was rare, when Yang Chen said that they possessed a trace of human emperor aura, the four girls would find it so incredible, how can that be?

However, when they probed their body, they found that there was indeed a trace of a majestic and infinite aura in their body’s sea of ​​consciousness. They didn’t investigate it very carefully before, but now they found it with Yang Chen’s reminder.

“Is this the aura of a human emperor?” Sun Qingxue’s sea of consciousness aroused, and that aura was also aroused. Suddenly, everyone felt a kind of silent majesty, as if there was an emperor silently suppressing them, making them very uncomfortable.

“This is the aura of the emperor.” Yang Chen smiled and nodded “However, because of everyone’s different circumstances, the absorption of the aura of the emperor is not the same, so the results are slightly different.”

The aura of a human emperor was something that was out of reach. Everyone’s blessings are different, and it was very natural to get different amounts. As a cultivator, this kind of thing was of course open to everyone. Everyone was surprised how Yang Chen made everyone have the aura of a human emperor.

“Could it be because of the 20 years of being buried in this tomb?” Shi Shanshan knew it at one point, and immediately guessed the reason.

Just feign death and lie in one place for 20 years to have the aura of a human emperor? If other cultivators heard this news, they would definitely despise it beyond measure. If it was really so easy, how can it make the countless ancestors who are looking for the aura of a human emperor suffer disappointment?

This time, Yang Chen didn’t say anything to answer, just nodded. This time, the four girls couldn’t figure it out. This is too incredible, right? This shock even surpassed the surprise that they possessed the aura of a human emperor.

“Actually, everything is calculated first.” Yang Chen knew that if the four girls didn’t understand this issue, they would definitely not give up, and began to explain.

Qixia Town was the place that Yang Chen had arranged early in the past. The four girls didn’t think about any other place. They just thought it looked good and ordinary, so they just stayed there. It never occurred to them that this place was actually a land with dragon veins.

In the decades of living here, in fact, they were always adapting to a faint trace of the human emperor’s aura escaping from the dragon veins. Over the past few decades, their bodies have naturally improved their physical quality without cultivation, and it was for this reason.

Years of adaptation, in the end, were just preparations for the last two decades. This ordinary tomb chosen by Yang Chen, in the eyes of ordinary Feng Shui, was just an ordinary jade belt cave, but in fact it was where the dragon head was located.

Twenty years of suspended animation was to continuously absorb the pure human emperor’s aura in the dragon veins. Before they knew it, the girls had the aura of a human emperor that drove countless cultivators crazy.

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