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Chapter 566.2

*Awakening In The Grave

The seal of the four girls can be released by oneself at any time in times of crisis. At this time, Yang Chen asked them to release themselves.

As soon as the seal was lifted, the surging spiritual power and surging spiritual awareness returned to the four girls again. After traveling for 20 years, living in Qixia Town for 50 years, and then lying in the cemetery for 20 years, adding up to nearly 100 years, the cultivation base has been sealed. As soon as it was opened, the four girls began to cultivate skillfully.

They hadn’t used their spiritual power for nearly a hundred years, and they hadn’t used their spiritual awareness, but it didn’t seem to cause any consequence of the decline in their cultivation base. As soon as the girls cultivated, they immediately discovered that their spiritual power was much purer than before the seal, and their spiritual awareness had also grown considerably.

Although it has not yet reached the point of directly raising a small grade, the growth of cultivation base and spiritual awareness was really not discounted by half.

This point, Yang Chen mentioned before the seal. Because the spiritual power of the seal will be concentrated on refining the magic weapon, it will be refined by this spontaneous refining process. In the same way, the spiritual awareness will also be slightly improved due to the long-term unutilized cultivation.

It was said beforehand, so the four girls didn’t find it strange at all. What they care about was how well their life source magic weapon has been tempered.

Soon, the four women exclaimed in unison, even Shi Shanshan, who was usually the quietest and coldest-faced. The tempering result of the life source magic weapon made the four girls indescribably happy and surprised.

Long before they went to the Demon Continent to cultivate, the four women had already completed their life source magic weapons. It started to be tempered in the sea of consciousness, and Gongsun Ling knew even when the tempering was completed.

After more than 70 years in the Demon Continent, and in the early mortal world experience, Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s life source flying swords have been tempered and ready to use. As for Gongsun Ling, the tempering method that Li Cheng taught her has also been tempered more than half, and it seems that it will take several decades for it to be initially completed.

On average, the tempering of the four women’s life source magic weapons has shortened the time by at least fifty years. According to the original plan, it will take at least 50 years to achieve the current effect.

They can’t help but say that Yang Chen’s sealing technique was too miraculous, and the immortal world’s technique was simply unprofitable when used in the human world.

The four girls impatiently summoned their own life source magic weapon. Slowly rubbing and appreciating it, they felt the wonder of it being one with their own mind.

Shi Shanshan’s Scarlet Snow Spirit Crystal Flying Sword, Sun Qingxue’s Dry Sky Thunderwood Flying Sword. Each one was meticulously crafted, Yang Chen made it by himself. Compared with the flying swords of their previous lives, they don’t know how much better they were. The combat effectiveness of this flying sword was more than double that of their previous life, and this was not even counting the first hundreds of years of refining time saved by refining it in advance.

Gao Yue’s water and fire dragon horn flying sword was refined by herself, but during the refining process, Yang Chen also participated in the design and helped throughout the process. The dragon horn itself was the best material in this mortal world, and it is a fit that was refined by hand. Gao Yue’s flying sword was even stronger than that of Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue.

Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographical map goes without saying. After adding hundreds of Dacheng stage masters, even if Gongsun Ling stayed where she was and never cultivated, her spiritual power would automatically improve. For the same reason, when it comes to the longevity of spiritual power, if you don’t count the help of the source spirit crystal stones, even Yang Chen, a fellow cultivator of ten kinds of spiritual power, has to bow down in front of Gongsun Ling.

As long as the way to purify spiritual power was solved, Gongsun Ling was simply the fastest monster in Yang Chen’s family. In this respect, Shi Shanshan and Gao Yue, who had cultivated hundreds of years earlier than Gongsun Ling, were no match for her.

“Don’t try your life source magic weapons here.” Yang Chen saw that the four girls were all in an unbearable posture, and hurriedly blocked them “There is Qixia Town above your head, and you don’t want the town you built yourself to be destroyed by you, right?”

Yang Chen said that it was a bit exaggerated to say that everyone built it by themselves, but Qixia Town was really built from scratch day by day under the eyes of the girls. Every day the town changes, it falls in the eyes of the four girls.

Especially when all the changes in Qixia Town were related to the four girls, this feeling was very different from watching the changes in the sect after cultivating in the sect for decades.

Under this kind of thinking, Yang Chen said that they should not easily test the life source magic weapons. Although the four girls were already curious, they all stopped.

“Don’t worry, after you leave, there will be a chance to give your flying swords an edge!” Yang Chen smiled and gave the four girls a guarantee, and then reminded “Apart from the life source magic weapon, what else has changed?”

“Spiritual power is more pure.” Gao Yue replied quickly.

“Cultivation has also improved.” Gongsun Ling followed Gao Yue and said quickly.

“The spiritual awareness has improved.” Shi Shanshan was not left behind.

“The sea of consciousness has also been condensed.” Sun Qingxue was the last one.

The four women’s answers made Yang Chen nod frequently. After they had all finished speaking, he asked again, “Is there any change in your body?”

“The younger sisters, the more beautiful they look.” Sun Qingxue answered happily after grabbing the first one this time.

“This is the credit of the body refining technique.” Yang Chen replied with a smile “As long as you keep practicing, you will maintain this state in the future. Even if you feel that something is not perfect, you can focus on that part when practicing, gradually change according to your ideas.”

“Really?” Not only Sun Qingxue, but also Shi Shanshan asked happily.

No woman will feel that she is perfect, there will always be dissatisfaction. The beauty of the mind is so powerful that the four girls couldn’t be ecstatic.

“Really, but the process of change is a bit slow, and it may take hundreds of years.” Yang Chen smiled and gave a positive answer.

In Yang Chen’s eyes, the four girls were already perfect, and there was no need for any further changes, as long as they maintain their appearance. But it was undeniable that men and women are very different, and this awareness was one of them.

“This technique can’t be spread out. The stuff at the bottom of the box can be sold at a high price in the future.” After Yang Chen finished speaking, he warned the four girls again.

Of course the four girls knew that it was precious, and they all agreed. Such a powerful body refining technique , so that they will not be rumored to the outside world.

“It seems that the body is stronger.” After the ecstasy lasted for a while, it slowly calmed down, and the four women probed their bodies again, then Gao Yue said with some uncertainty.


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