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Chapter 564.2

*Must Feel

Zhao Qingyun finally woke up in severe pain. His legs had been fixed with splints, but the severe pain came one after another, making him miserable.

After waking up for a while, Zhao Qingyun realized that he was on a slow-moving bullock cart, surrounded by his own guards, who were giving himself the final dressing with a bruised face.

After being confused for a long time, Zhao Qingyun remembered what happened. When he was just about to get angry, he moved his body, but it caused a sharp pain. He wanted to scold, but his mouth and face were extremely painful and his tongue was swollen, so he couldn’t say a word.

Sensing that he was awake, the four guards hurried up to check. A guard finally said intermittently what happened later.

In fact, there was nothing special, that was, they were thrown out of the hall by a few waiters, and then woken up with a few buckets of cold water topping, handing over the young master whose legs were broken, throwing down a sign, telling them to go back home.

“We read the brand, it’s the brand of the director of the imperial kitchen in the palace.” Another guard grimaced and took the brand in front of Zhao Qingyun “That director Zhao should be the director of the imperial kitchen in the palace, those waiters are all masters who have practiced martial arts, but they all seem to be servants.”

His leg was broken by someone in the palace. No matter how foolish Zhao Qingyun was, he knew that he would never be able to find trouble with them. It would be polite if he didn’t ask him to settle the account. If he dared not to know what to do, he probably wouldn’t break his legs lightly next time.

Thinking of this, Zhao Qingyun just took a breath of cold air and was afraid after a while. He didn’t even feel the pain of his broken leg.

He was just a little curious, what the hell is the Liuyun Restaurant, how could the head of the Imperial Kitchen be in charge there, even the experts who have practiced martial arts were waiters?

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“Of course, the best meal is the first time you taste it!” Gongsun Ling was holding a plate of scrambled eggs that looked ordinary and placed it in front of Yang Chen “If you don’t have quick legs, how can you be the best at it? Will it be delivered to you quickly?”

This was Gongsun Ling’s consistent insistence that all the meals are prepared immediately for Yang Chen to taste, this will keep the best taste.

The chefs of Liuyun Restaurant were all disciples of Gongsun Ling. Of course, most of them have another identity, the royal chefs of the surrounding vassal states was specially sent to Liuyun Restaurant to learn how to cook.

In addition to the royal kitchen, the royal dining rooms of several vassal states are usually accompanied by a few eunuchs with the general manager, not only to learn how to cook. They also have to be able to serve food, and even learn how to serve food so that it does not spoil the appearance of a dish, and so on.

These people happened to serve as the stewards and waiters of Liuyun Restaurant, obliged to serve the diners who came from all over the place. Of course, some of the diners are gluttons, and some just want to curry favor with these people and so on.

Not only Liuyun Restaurant, but also Hanmei Tea House and Xuewu Winery basically have similar staff. They are masters sent from various countries to learn tea making and brewing, and they are also the service staff of the winery and tea house.

The good water from all over the mortal world was pulled over by trucks, and the same was true of the good tea leaves and rice from all over the world, just so that the beauty winemaker of the winery and the beauty tea master of the tea house can make the best wine and tea.

Top-notch tea and wine are the royal tributes of various countries, if ordinary people want to buy them, no matter how high their status is, no matter how much wealth they have, they can only buy the second-class.

As for Bixia Art Workshop, it was not just about making jewelry. In fact, from head to toe, as long as people wear them, they can be found in Bixia Art Workshop.

In the same way, all kinds of the most exquisite materials from all over the mortal world are delivered here in the amount of trucks, for the master to choose the best ones. They were also divided up by the royal families of various countries before they were seen by outsiders. They have money and status, it’s just to get some second-rate stuff.

Even so, these so-called second-rate goods are famous in time, and countless people are crazy about them and they are endlessly sought after.

As early as a few years ago, the owner of Qixia Town established an extraordinary connection with the royal families of the surrounding countries. No matter what happened, people from the inner palaces of various countries would come to take care of it. Zhao Qingyun didn’t know the secret at all, thinking that he was too great, and his leg was broken when he came.

Naturally, the owner of Qixia Town is Yang Chen, the master of Bixia Art Workshop is Gao Yue, the tea master of Hanmei Tea Room is Shi Shanshan, the chef of Liuyun Restaurant is Gongsun Ling, and the winemaker of Xuewu Winery was Sun Qingxue. Everyone here was running their favorite kind of thing, but they were also very happy.

Even the royal families of various countries will never think that the real good things will never be given to them. What they thought was first-class and super-first-class, in the eyes of the four women, they didn’t even meet the standard, they were just side characters.

Managing these is also an experience, an experience in life. Even the experience of the four women is more thorough than that of many cultivators, and they are directly experienced in the mortal world.

Even if there are people from the royal families of various countries who are responsible for solving the troubles, many times, the four women personally receive the guests, look good, and bargain. This kind of life that they had seen as almost impossible in the past was a common occurrence here.

The more people they come into contact with, the more peaceful the four women’s minds are. This is not the process of contacting the cultivators at all, no matter how much contact with the cultivators, there will be no such feeling.

This is on the one hand, the four girls prefer the other, they can stay with their husbands every day. Don’t practice, don’t retreat, don’t discuss cultivation, just the feeling of living with their husband.

There are no sects, no demons and guards, some are just short-sighted in the parents, some are just what they like, and some are just the husband’s love that you can’t feel almost all the time. This feeling even makes the four girls a little intoxicated. They really hope this is the case and life goes on like this and never ends.

“Power is also an invisible thing, but sometimes it is more effective than brute force.” Yang Chen often said this. In fact, the girls had indeed seen the power of power, and they used it with perfection. Naturally, they have a better understanding of the concept of potential.

“Besides, since you are in the mortal world, you can’t maintain such youthful beauty all the time, right?” Yang Chen looked at his four beautiful wives and said with a smile, “Mortal people have mortal lives, life, old age, sickness and death, no matter what. It’s good to feel it, otherwise what’s the point? From today, you all have to slowly become middle-aged, and then get older and older, ok?”


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