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Chapter 564.1

*Must Feel

“That’s the way to go!” It was not known how many people who also have such thoughts in their hearts secretly gave Zhao Qingyun a thumbs up from their hearts.

They just dared to think so, but they never dared to say so, and Young master Zhao really spoke their hearts out. Unfortunately, the end has also been predicted.

“Where did you come from, you dare to be rude to my mistress!” There was a sigh of relief from the side, and there were more than a dozen people running into the hall beside Zhao Qingyun and the four guards. Among them, the young waiter, who just served them, was also among them.

Bang bang bang bang, a series of voices sounded one after another, the four sturdy guards, before they could stand up, were beaten by rolling pins and towels. Even though they were all down, there were still a lot of fists and kicks, and the four of them suddenly became unhuman.

Zhao Qingyun looks like a decent person, and his fists have not been patronized for a while, but two old men who seem to be in charge have come over.

The two stewards were not young, with deep wrinkles on their faces. It was strange that they didn’t have a single beard on their chins.

“Where did you come from, you dare to be so rude to the lady in front of our family?” Before the people arrived, a sharp voice from one of the stewards came over.

“Hello, Mr. Zhao! Hello, Mr. Chen!”

“Director Zhao, take care of it! Manager Chen, take care of it!”

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As soon as the two stewards appeared, there was a burst of greetings, everyone who spoke was smiling. As if the two old stewards were more kissable than their own fathers.

“The mark of Zhao Shangshu’s family?” Before the steward came over, someone ran to the steward to take the family crest that the guard was carrying, and presented it with both hands.

“It’s up to you to handle the affairs of your Zhao country, Steward Zhao!” Among the two stewards, the one who never opened his mouth when he saw the emblem, lost interest for a while. His hospitality gave him a chair to sit on.

“Could it be, you little brat is that the son of Zhao Shangshu’s family, Zhao Qingyun, who is known as one of the Four Great Young Masters?” Director Zhao stepped forward and came to Zhao Qingyun and asked.

“It’s me, his son!” Zhao Qingyun knew him when he heard it. Immediately, he started to tremble. He was about to arrogantly ask the waiters who had beaten his guards for an explanation. Suddenly, his face snapped, and he received a heavy slap in the face.

“What messy son, do you dare to sit when Director Zhao is standing?” An unceremonious slap from a hall next to him slapped Young Master Zhao’s face, instantly fanning all of Young Master Zhao’s people. He rolled in a circle in the air and fell heavily on the greasy floor.

From birth to the present, Zhao Qingyun has never suffered such a crime. He used to be rampant in Zhao. Where can he still see the situation in front of him, and don’t even think about what the director Zhao said when he opened his mouth and called himself our family.

“If you dare to hit me, you’re going to die?” Covering his face, Young Master Zhao threw a harsh word first, and then stood up “Damn, I’m going to kill your whole family!”

“Zhao Shangshu’s family seems to be really negligent in discipline. I will take care of you, this little beast for him today, so as not to bring disaster to the family.” A chair appeared behind Director Zhao, and Director Zhao stabbed a big one, pulling up his robes, he sat down and said with a frosty face.

Zhao Qingyun, who had just climbed up a little. Suddenly, there was an extra foot on his back, and he directly stepped on his body that had just gotten up a little bit. Afterwards, his back loosened, his arms hurt, and he was twisted from both sides, pulled abruptly from the ground.

A running waiter held a straight spatula that he didn’t know where it came from, and slapped it towards Zhao Qingyun’s face.

Clap clap clap, from left and right. At first, Zhao Qingyun uttered wild words. After more than a dozen times, the entire mouth and the cheeks on both sides were swollen high, and even the skin was broken and bleeding in some places. But the palm-mouthed waiter didn’t mean to stop at all, and was still beating him.

The severe pain made Zhao Qingyun finally realize that if he dared to play hard on his lips again, he would suffer more and calm down for a while. Even the pain was not enough to hold back and dare not make a sound.

Sure enough, as soon as he shut up, the spatula on the opposite side stopped. The two hands that were twisting his arms were also released, and Zhao Qingyun body softened and spread out on the ground again.

“At a young age, you don’t know how high the sky is, and you dare to speak madly here?” Director Zhao had an extra cup of tea in his hand, he gently lifted the lid of the tea bowl a few times, and took a sip, lifting his legs, he said slowly.

“Speaking of a mere minister of military affairs, even if you are a prime minister, you have to behave yourself and be honest.” Director Zhao just glanced down at Zhao Qingyun “I see you today as a first-time offender, and you will be punished lightly.”

Hearing the words, Zhao Qingyun finally felt a little relieved. At home, he had heard these four words too. Every time he got into trouble, his father would punish himself lightly under his mother’s begging.

“Break two legs and let their people take them back to their own mansion.” Director Zhao, regardless of what Young Master Zhao thought, said lightly, “It’s really bad luck, I don’t have to disturb everyone’s interest in eating.”

Zhao Qingyun has already stayed on the ground, and if he falls lightly or breaks his legs, what if it was serious? While thinking about it, the two people behind them had already lifted two thick rolling pins and smashed them towards Young Master Zhao’s thighs.

There was a sudden pain in his legs, and two crisp cracking sounds came from Zhao Qingyun’s legs. Zhao Qingyun only made a half scream, and someone put a dirty rag into his mouth and covered the sound of.

Then, Young Master Zhao fainted neatly.

“Everyone!” After dealing with Zhao Qingyun, the seated manager Zhao got up and made a circle at the diners around him “I’m really sorry, I, the people of Zhao country, are not strict in discipline and cause trouble for you. Give me a jug of wine on the table, and I have the right to make amends.”

“It’s easy to talk about it!” The people next to him seemed to take it easy, and they were used to this kind of situation. Besides, who would dare to hold a shelf at this time? They all spoke kindly to Director Zhao for a while, then sat down and continued to eat and drink as they should, as if nothing happened just now.


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