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Chapter 561.2

Yang Chen’s family of five entered the city just like that, and Yang Chen looked like he was just a scholar.

Although the four girls beautiful faces were covered, their slender figures could not be concealed, especially when they first came to the city, they immediately felt the countless malicious eyes around them, and some local ruffians made unscrupulous teasing.

When there was cultivation base in their body, the four fairies Hanmei, Xuewu, Liuyun and Bixia, which cultivator dares to look at them with such eyes? Not to mention the four fairies themselves, no one dared to provoke just the power behind them. Dare to look at the four girls like this, who would want to die?

But in the mortal world, no one knows any of them. Seeing how Yang Chen and the others entered the city, the clothes they wore were not so luxurious when they walked in. Ordinary people, where would they have the kind of insight that can tell that their clothing was a magic weapon that has been refined?

By the time they hit the top in an inn, almost everyone who paid attention had regarded them as weak people who could be bullied. Because they didn’t even have a weapon on their bodies, this only meant that Yang Chen’s family was just a scholar who traveled with four family members.

A little better family, which scholar travels without a lot of slaves. Yang Chen’s family has nothing, is this not a downfall? Maybe he wanted to find a place to deal with these four slender little ladies who they couldn’t see their faces. Since that’s the case, wouldn’t it be easy to help him deal with it?

A rich boy with a few servants and caged birds. Appearing in front of Yang Chen very arrogantly, and arrogantly wanted to buy these four concubines of Yang Chen. After throwing down a few copper coins in a “sigh, let’s eat!” gesture, the rich boy began to want to lift Shi Shanshan’s veil.

Is this still great? Shi Shanshan turned her face on the spot. Anyway, Yang Chen said that the experience was to make them better, not to make them feel wronged, and to fight immediately, not knowing the personnel of the rich boy and a group of servants. If it wasn’t for Yang Chen’s words in advance that they should not kill, maybe these guys will have to give their heads on the spot.

The four women no longer had any interest in staying in the city, and urged Yang Chen to leave the city.

“The mortal world is such a vulgar place, what can we learn?” After she left the city, Shi Shanshan was still angry, she rarely complained.

No wonder, when did Fairy Hanmei suffer such an insult? In the Demon Continent, the young master of the Hidden Dragon Grotto used his head to compensate for his rude words. On the contrary, in the mortal world, Yang Chen did not allow them to kill, so their unhappy mood could be imagined.

“You haven’t had a deep understanding of it. How do you know that the mortal world is a vulgar place?” Yang Chen smiled, but he didn’t explain it, just asked.

Shi Shanshan was very angry, and she didn’t even want to say more. Gao Yue, who was next to her, felt it was inappropriate, and in turn blamed Yang Chen “We have suffered such grievances, do we just forget it?”

“Is this an unbearable grievance?” Yang Chen chuckled, suddenly he asked again “Then, Shanshan. Do you know what the disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect look like when they go out to cultivate?”

The Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect are both super-first-class sects, and their disciples naturally have an innate pride. When training outside, if they partnered with the disciples of other sects, it was as a unique leader. The disciples of the small sect and the rogue cultivators, when they meet them, sometimes they can only admit that they are unlucky and dare not speak out.

Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue had also experienced it themselves. Now, after hearing what Yang Chen said, thinking back to their own experience, the situation of resolutely exterminating the evil cultivators once they were found to be outsiders seemed to be more excessive than the rich boy just now.

That dude just wanted to rob people, and when they were training, they were killing demons and guarding the way, they would kill them if they saw them. Once they are executed, the identity of that evil demon can’t be removed no matter what.

“We shouldn’t be so excessive, right?” Shi Shanshan carefully recalled her own experience several times, and she felt a little guilty when she spoke. It seems that apart from their unkind attitudes, at least the demons who were killed have solid evidence, and they didn’t miss them. It was the only thing she could do.

“When I was an executioner, I was almost killed as a demon because of my murderous aura.” Yang Chen smiled, using the first meeting between himself and Shi Shanshan as an example “If you weren’t there at the time, I might have directly been killed by the others.”

Speaking of this, Shi Shanshan was a little ashamed, Sun Qingxue was also present at that time. Although Shi Shanshan was reasonable, she also dismissed Yang Chen. At least to describe it as being aloof, he didn’t run at all.

Sun Qingxue also seemed to have been reminded of some memories, and a smile appeared on her face. If it wasn’t for Yang Chen being the executioner, Sun Qingxue would not have met Yang Chen, nor would he have such a fate in the future.

“Don’t take it to heart, Shanshan.” Yang Chen knew Shi Shanshan’s character, and at this moment he comforted “What should you do when you meet a mortal, what should you do when you meet an immortal, stick to your heart and don’t be easily disturbed by outsiders, just be yourself.”

All the women nodded silently and began to think deeply. Yang Chen led everyone forward slowly without disturbing them. After a while, he said again, “Actually, it’s also a good thing to get to know these mortals well now. You know…”

Speaking of this, Yang Chen deliberately paused, and Sun Qingxue couldn’t help but asked, “What do we have to know?”

“You have to know that after we ascend through the tribulation one day and enter the spiritual world, we suddenly change from the strongest in the mortal world to the weakest in the spiritual world. Can we still maintain our consistent attitude?” Yang Chen fondly touched Sun Qingxue’s hair, smiled and said “In the spiritual world, we are mortals, like ants, can we really accept this transformation?”

All the girls were speechless for a while, Yang Chen’s words were likely to be faced in the future. It’s just that now everyone’s single-minded about cultivation has not gone so far. Now that Yang Chen mentioned it, everyone was thinking about Yang Chen’s words in their minds. When you become like an ant, can you really maintain the pride of a cultivator?

“Now is a good opportunity to try out what life is like for mortals.” Yang Chen saw that everyone was a little disappointed, and said with a smile “Trust me, this will be of great benefit to us all.”

The four women were indeed talented geniuses with excellent understanding. They quickly understood Yang Chen’s true intentions, and a smile appeared on their faces.


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