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Chapter 561.1

In the beginning, the four women didn’t like that there were other people in their family. They just want to have a good look at these beautiful mountains and rivers with their husband.

Although the cultivation base of the four girls were sealed, Yang Chen didn’t completely seal it, but left them the freedom to open the seal at any time when their lives were at stake.

However, Yang Chen still strongly restrained the four girls, and when their life and death were at stake, they must not be easily opened. This is not only to adjust the killing syndrome, but more importantly, there is also a process of refining the mind.

The sealing technique Yang Chen used was secretly passed down from the heavenly court. He had been tossed around a lot in his previous life, and he naturally knew it, but when those guys used it on him, they didn’t give him the option to open the seal by himself.

But it has to be said that the heavenly court’s method was absolutely wonderful. While sealing the cultivation base, it was able to use most of the spiritual power in the original cultivator’s body to nourish his own life magic weapon. At the same time, this seal has another advantage, that was, it can greatly improve the purity of spiritual power.

A small part of the spiritual power was used to maintain and nourish the body, and Yang Chen’s beauty-preserving technique of Fairy Chang’e, which Yang Chen asked the four girls to cultivate, was definitely the best combination at this special moment.

The aloof cultivator suddenly turned into an ordinary person, no one’s state of mind could calmly accept it. They were almost omnipotent and became powerless. Despite their physique and the baptism of thunder tribulation, their physique is even higher than the strongest among mortals, but after all, they cannot be compared with the Yuanying stage.

The four girls were not used to it at first, and even wanted to open the seal once they couldn’t help it. If it wasn’t for Yang Chen’s presence, Sun Qingxue, the most outgoing person, would have taken the initiative to untie it.

“In one’s life, there will inevitably be all kinds of things, good things, bad things, happiness, and setbacks.” Yang Chen was very serious to the four unaccustomed but endured wives “No matter how far you cultivate to, you will always encounter problems that your cultivation can’t solve. After you have sealed your cultivation, I just want you to experience how to deal with it when you encounter troubles that you can’t match.”

When the four girls listened to Yang Chen’s words, they all had some thoughts. In fact, it contained a lot of content. Whether they could comprehend or not depend on the understanding of the four girls.

Fortunately, Yang Chen’s four sweet wives, whichever one you take out, are all excellent in understanding. Although they still can’t understand what Yang Chen means, there was always a different kind of expectation.

“Aren’t we more able to deal with these troubles when we have power?” Shi Shanshan asked one more question abnormally. The three girls were also waiting for Yang Chen’s answer, it seemed that they didn’t fully understand.

“Okay, let’s take a simple example. Under normal circumstances, the trouble of being incompetent is usually because the gap in cultivation is too big and of course there are other reasons, let’s use this as an example.” Yang Chen thought for a while and replied immediately.

The four girls all nodded slightly. The situation Yang Chen mentioned was indeed the trouble they might encounter, and it was the trouble they could suddenly think of right now.

“Then, are you willing to use the current situation to face the powerful people among ordinary people to learn to deal with troubles, or are you willing to restore your cultivation base to the Yuanying stage, and then face the masters of the peak Dacheng stage to learn and experience?” Yang Chen has always been very concerned, with a serious face, this will still be a serious question. “Or, after the ascension, with the cultivation base of the human immortal realm, come to learn when facing the true immortals?”

In fact, Yang Chen didn’t mention much detail, but just this question already explained everything. Not to mention the experience and the lack of experience, just the different enemies faced at different stages make a world of difference. The gap between the same ordinary people, and the gap between the human beings and the immortals, was not only double , or even more than ten times and twenty times. It was not an exaggeration to describe it as a hundred times and a thousand times.

In terms of difficulty, even if everyone is an ordinary person, the four women have also been baptized by the thunder tribulation. If they encounter a common trouble, they can really easily solve it, but in other realms, it’s hard to say.

“Apart from the gap in the cultivation base, what kind of troubles might arise?” Gongsun Ling thought a lot and asked one more question.

“A lot, all kinds, I can’t describe it.” Yang Chen replied without thinking “For example, power. I don’t like the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but now I can’t just take a flying sword and kill a disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect casually, although I can easily do this.”

All the women were stunned. Some things are easy to understand, but they didn’t think about it that much at first. Relatively speaking, the four women are all geniuses in cultivation, but they are not too concerned about the struggles between the sects.

This is also the reason why Fairy Hanmei and Fairy Xuewu in the previous life were the best in the mortal world, but they were still not the sect masters of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect. Most of the time, they acted as thugs, not with their brains, that was the difference.

Of course, it is precisely because they have a single mind and focus on cultivation that they have achieved such achievements in their previous lives. It was even for the same reason that they suffered several large-scale underground attacks in their previous lives. If it weren’t for their high cultivation base, maybe they would be taken advantage of.

In this life, Yang Chen will never let them take the same risk again. Sealing the cultivation base to gain experience in the mortal world will also make them understand more about these methods. It is not to ask them to become the kind of calculating people from now on, but to let them know about it, and to use the most appropriate method to solve the problems they encounter.

“Of course, you have to keep this in mind.” After Yang Chen finished speaking, he warned the girls very seriously “It’s just the experience, it’s not for you to be wronged, it’s not for you to swallow your anger, learn to judge the situation, use various methods to achieve your goal. When it is time to unseal it, you still have to do it.”

With this major premise, the four girls had a lot of ideas when they followed Yang Chen. Then, soon they encountered their first trouble in the mortal world.

The four women were so beautiful, so beautiful that even Yang Chen can’t forget them in his past and present life. A Great Lou Golden Immortal was still like this, not to mention the mortal humans of the mortal world?

It was the first time they entered the city. Although the four girls had always been covered with veils, there were always many people who would look at them from time to time, which made the four girls hate them.

If they just looked at it unscrupulously, the four girls might be able to tolerate it, but the appearance of a playboy directly broke the bottom line of the four girls.


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