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Chapter 560.2

For all the elixirs in the medicine garden, Yang Chen asked Hua Mengyou to take the seeds, and these seeds will be planted in the medicine garden that Yang Chen gave to Hua Mengyou.

Of course, Yang Chen didn’t forget to instruct her. When cultivating, don’t focus on fast speed, and try to cultivate as pure as possible.

By the time he had finished helping out everyone, Yang Chen had spent another half a year from Green Jade Immortal Island to Blue Cloud Sect and then to the Pure Yang Palace, and it was time to leave.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to stay in the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen himself is fine, but the four women have become more and more unable to adapt to the normal cultivation life, just in case, Yang Chen can only take them away.

“Where are we going? What method are we going to use?” Sun Qingxue must have acted as the vanguard of questions. Yang Chen and the other three girls doted on her very much, and she was the youngest, so she naturally took advantage.

Killing syndrome is the biggest trouble for the four girls now, and they will kill at every turn, which is not a good phenomenon. If this trouble is not solved, the four girls will not even be able to integrate into their sect.

On the contrary, Yang Chen himself, for the time being, does not have such a problem. Once he was in the Demon Continent, he didn’t have a lot of killing experience, mainly fighting against demonic qi. Second, Yang Chen has the state of mind of a Great Luo Golden Immortal, so it was not too difficult to deal with such troubles.

“This world is so big, you haven’t taken a good look at it, have you?” Yang Chen had already had a case, and replied with a smile “Husband will accompany you to take a good look at the wonderful rivers and mountains.”

“Is there anything I haven’t seen? When I traveled before, I saw a lot.” Sun Qingxue did not expect it to be so relaxed and couldn’t believe it.

“You used to watch it on your flying sword. Have you ever seen it while walking on your own feet?” Yang Chen asked rhetorically. As if afraid that everyone would not be surprised enough, he added

“Like an ordinary person, have you tried it?”

This is a never-before-seen experience, and the four girls seem to be a little moved. It sounds like a good idea for their husband to take them on a tour of the mountains and rivers.

“In order to avoid trouble, for the time being, your cultivation can only be sealed first.” Yang Chen explained to the four women “Just like a real ordinary person.”

“Why is this required?” Gao Yue asked in a deep voice, a little puzzled. The other three women also stared at Yang Chen, waiting for him to explain.

“Sometimes, you habitually kill because you have the power to kill. If you seal this power, your body will not be able to respond accordingly, and you will slowly restrain yourself a lot.” Yang Chen explained “Wait for you to slowly adjust when you can restrain yourself. Even if you have completed the initial conditioning.”

“Wouldn’t it mean that sealing cultivation will delay our cultivation?” Shi Shanshan was most concerned about cultivation, and immediately asked.

“No, after sealing the cultivation base, all the spiritual power will be used to temper the life source magic weapon, and the tempering effect will be even better than that of normal cultivation.” Yang Chen replied.

“Then we will become weak women with no strength to hold a chicken?” Gongsun Ling asked closely, for a Yuanying stage master to suddenly become an ordinary person, there will definitely be a lot of discomfort, and the four women were more embarrassed.

“To be exact, it’s not like this.” Yang Chen said this, and the eyes of the girls immediately lit up.

“After all, you are all masters of the Yuanying Stage who have experienced the thunder tribulation. Even if your cultivation base is sealed, you are still much stronger than ordinary people.” Yang Chen explained with a smile.

The four girls were stunned for a while, and in the end, they still wanted to become ordinary people. Although there are many reluctances in their hearts, it seems that this is the arrangement of their husband, and it can help them solve their troubles, so it seems that they have to do it.

“Of course, after you seal your cultivation, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue your cultivation.” Yang Chen’s words made the four girls puzzled again, they all stared at him, waiting to explain.

“During this period of time, you will cultivate a kind of body refining technique, which will only benefit you and will not hurt you.” Yang Chen said directly without giving up.

“No!” As soon as they heard it was a body refining technique, the girls’ minds flashed the sturdy figure of Yang Chen when he cultivated the Yellow Turban Warrior’s body refining technique. All of a sudden, they were shaking their heads one by one like a rattle. If the body refining techniques were all that effective, the girls would rather not cultivate it.

Even Shi Shanshan, who pays the most attention to cultivation. There is no accommodation at all on this issue, she was determined not to cultivate it.

“Are you sure?” Yang Chen seemed to have anticipated the thoughts of the girls, and asked with a smile, “Don’t you want to cultivate any kind of body refining?”

“Anyway, we will never cultivate the kind you cultivate.” Sun Qingxue pouted and refused on behalf of everyone.

“Even if you are willing, I won’t let you cultivate it.” Yang Chen laughed directly, “I don’t want to see my four beautiful wives become like that.”

“What kind of body refining technique is that?” Gongsun Ling asked curiously.

“It was left by a certain female cultivator.” Yang Chen replied “The main function of the body refinement technique is to make oneself more beautiful.”

What Yang Chen mentioned was actually the Countenance Halting Heart Method left by Fairy Chang’e. This kind of cultivation method does not have any benefits for the cultivators strength, the only benefit is that it has the skills to protect beauty. Maybe it means nothing to others, but to the ladies, it was more important than anything else.

“Isn’t there your face staying pill? What’s the point of cultivating this?” Although she was already a little tempted in her heart, Gongsun Ling still asked inexplicably.

“This body refining technique is a little better than the face staying pill.” Yang Chen touched his nose and replied indifferently.

“What do you mean by being better?” The four girls almost listened with their ears perked up when it came to beauty, and even Gao Yue asked immediately.

“The better meaning is that as long as you cultivate one stick of incense every day, you can basically achieve eternal youth without taking the face-staying pills.” Yang Chen replied seriously “Of course, if you don’t want to cultivate it, I won’t force it.”

“We want to cultivate it!” The four women responded almost in unison, and at the same time, they did not forget to reach out and twist Yang Chen in unison.

After the Yang Chen family left the Pure Yang Palace, the cultivators never saw the Yang Chen family again. However, there suddenly appeared a young rich man in the mortal world. He hired a few big cars, pulled his four beautiful wives, and brought dozens of guards and servants to travel around the world slowly every day.

Every time the team went to a beautiful place, they would stop and take a careful tour. Not only that, but they also often enter the mortal city, taste the food, drink the wine, and watch the mortal world’s beautiful scenery.

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