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Is This A Place For You To Play Around?


The spiritual awareness of the person who was following Yang Chen was focused on tracking Yang Chen’s figure, so he hadn’t discovered that within the water, a very long ribbon was floating silently. When he had discovered that there was something strange about the surrounding water, it was already too late.

The long ribbon suddenly rushed towards him, tightly winding around his body. In a moment, his flying sword appeared before him, but before he could use it, he suddenly felt as if he had been stabbed in his neck and he suddenly sensed that his whole body had been bound tightly.

The fierce pain did not let him notice that he had lost control over his flying sword. In a moment, the sword ray was seen flying away from his body, then it came to halt within the water and soon the sword ray started flickering and slowly started to sink down.

He wanted to use his strength to resist that large amount of constrictive force, but to his despair, he found that he was unable to make his body move, as if, apart from the sensation of pain, he had no awareness of his body.

He had clearly seen that the ribbon like thing which was twisting around him was a slender python with black stripes on dark, green colored skin, making it totally blend in with the water. The poisonous python was not very thick, but it still had the breath of a demonic beast. But, its breath was completely hidden, if it were not attacking him, the person who pursued Yang Chen could basically not discover it.

Not only was the poisonous python wrapped around him, but it was also very possible that it had already bitten him, the pursuer had given up all the hopes. He still couldn’t understand why had Yang Chen jumped into this region. This was not the entrance of Immortal Falling Well, could it be he wanted to throw away his life?

During his despair, he suddenly found that the flying sword which had been sinking had slowly started to rise again. Looking at the familiar flying sword, hope began to shine within the eyes of the pursuer. But, when he saw his flying sword in the hands of Yang Chen, his hope immediately turned into despair.

Yang Chen was standing some distance away from him, shrouded in a dazzling light and with the flying sword in one hand, his entire self was wrapped within the faint radiance of the command tile, even his clothes hadn’t become wet. In the other hand, he was holding something and was rushing towards the pursuer. The pursuer could clearly see that it was the commonly used great medicine, Five Colored Zoysia, used to detoxify the poison of the highly toxic demonic python, furthermore, it was a whole batch of many years old Five Colored Zoysia.

Looking at the Five Colored Zoysia within Yang Chen’s hand, the pursuer became hopeful once again, but he was unable to say anything, he only could increase the pain showing on his face, with an expression that was begging Yang Chen to rescue him. Until now he had not understood why Yang Chen had not been attacked by the demonic python, but instead he, who had a higher cultivation than him, had become the prey.

“Sorry, I never save those who harbor malicious intent towards me.”

Yang Chen said, while observing the begging expression on the pursuer’s face and slightly shook his head, following which, Yang Chen’s voice reached the ears of the pursuer.

Hearing this, his hopes were shattered again and he abandoned all hopes of living. At this moment he stopped his futile resistance. Soon the pursuer heard the sound of breaking bones and a moment later, the view in front of him turned dark, with the exception of two fierce teeth. In a flash, those teeth entered into his flesh and he lost consciousness.

Then the demonic python swallowed the pursuer completely, but Yang Chen was still observing all of this motionlessly, as if he was not the least bit worried that the python might attack him. After the python swallowed the pursuer, it started roaming around within the water, its gaze swept across Yang Chen once, but as if it had seen something terrifying, it did not dare to come near him.

It seemed as if it was fidgeting for some time, but afterwards it turned around in a circle towards another direction, before it suddenly opened its mouth and spat out the qiankun pouch and the jade belt of the pursuer, whom it had just swallowed. After spitting it out, a sound was once again heard from the body of the demonic python. It sounded like ‘chug chug’, and as if something had shattered into pieces, the thick swell in its body became normal again. Apparently it had finally been relieved. It glanced at Yang Chen again, but soon it silently turned around and disappeared to the bottom of the pond.

“Wishing to digest this kind of defensive magic weapon, truly overestimating yourself!”

Yang Chen mumbled to himself, immediately grabbed the jade band and the qiankun pouch and then started to float upwards rapidly. Soon after he began his ascent, he finally broke through the surface of the water and landed on the shore nearby.

This was not an entrance to the Immortal Falling Well, but according to Yang Chen’s memory, this was the ancient nest of a demonic python, which had stirred up trouble two thousand years in the future, when he was ascending in his past life. But that was still an affair, two thousand years from now, at the moment it had not become powerful enough. Within the Medicine Garden which Yang Chen possessed, there were numerous herbs that had matured for many years, which could resist the demonic python, that’s why the demonic python had not attacked Yang Chen.

But even though it had not yet become powerful enough to stir up big trouble, to deal with a mere foundation stage expert, it still had more than enough power. In addition to that, the spiritual awareness of the pursuer was mainly focused on Yang Chen, so the demonic python was able to attack him sneakily and bite him, releasing the highly toxic poison into his body, which reduced the pursuer’s ability to resist even further.

What an unfortunate guy, just because of his undue curiosity and the arrogance he had because of his higher cultivation when compared with Yang Chen, making him think he could easily take Yang Chen’s life at any time, he had been led to the mouth of death by Yang Chen.

The flying sword, because the spiritual awareness of its master had completely faded away, had sunken down as an ownerless object and had easily been marked with Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness and was then added to the sword box. This grade of flying sword, Yang Chen would not even look at it and had only used it to increase his collection.

The Five Colored Zoysia was a sacred thing for detoxification, most of all the zoysia which had been born from a thousand year matured demonic python, the higher the toxicity of the demonic python, the better is its detoxification effect. As soon as the demonic python had bitten him, the foundation stage follower had immediately lost control over his flying sword, from this it could be clearly seen that its toxicity was very high, so naturally the Zoysia which Yang Chen had obtained could be considered as the best among the best.

The jade belt was the item Yang Chen was most interested in, even after the demonic python had swallowed it, it was not able to subdue it and could only spit it out for Yang Chen’s convenience. This was clearly a very good defensive magic tool.

It was the same as the flying sword, a magic tool, but it was a specialized on defense. Yang Chen used his spiritual awareness to probe it, only to find that it was surprisingly a refined defensive magic item with a fire jade rock spell. Because the highest quality of fire jade was used as raw material and combined with the earth attributed rock spell formation, as long as one inserts his spirit power into it, it would immediately enclose the body with a protective spell formation.

At the moment, Yang Chen lacked this kind of defensive magic item. Although it was not very powerful, it could still take one strike from an initial foundation stage expert. Having this fire jade belt, Yang Chen could add a layer of security.

Throwing the qiankun pouch into his Achievement Ring, Yang Chen started to process it with the Universal Treasure Raising Secrets and then wore it on his body. The raw materials used to make it were very good, but unfortunately Yang Chen’s cultivation was lacking by too much, otherwise he would have immediately used the Heavenly Stars Treasure Refining Secrets to refine it and it certainly would have become a top grade magic item.

After obtaining this jade fire belt, Yang Chen’s combat prowess had increased by an entire level, feeling relieved, he searched for a proper region at the side of the demonic python’s nest and began to search through that person’s qiankun pouch.

That qiankun pouch was manufactured by the Greatest Heaven Sect, which could be seen clearly by the mark of the Greatest Heaven Sect on it. Before this, Yang Chen did not know to which sect the pursuer belonged, but after seeing this mark, Yang Chen understood clearly.

In this life, there was still some time left before he incited the Greatest Heaven Sect, then why was the Greatest Heaven Sect coming again and again, knocking at his door?

This kind of thing made Yang Chen furious. Could it be because of the body refining pill he received from Shi Fairy at the execution ground? If that was the cause for a foundation stage expert to spare no expenses for killing him, then weren’t the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect too excessive?

Could it be because of the affair of crippling the JieDan stage experts at the Heavenly Stairs last time? Yang Chen thought deeply about this and felt that this was the only probable reason. Even if Greatest Heaven Sect was very strong and could be called the strongest sect within the cultivation world, it could still not bear the loss of a few JieDan experts at the assembly for qi layer disciples.

Many people were aware that Yang Chen had left for the Immortal Falling Well, clearly word of it had also reached the Greatest Heaven Sect. Perhaps they were not clear about why Yang Chen was doing this, but after the Palace Master of the Pure Yang Palace, as well as the Medicine Hall’s Hall Master and the Foreign Affair Hall’s Hall Master had collectively hurried to Yang Chen’s small courtyard, so they knew that, clearly, some kind of important development had occurred.

There was also Chu Heng, he would probably not conceal any affair that took place at the Nine Earth Manor from the Greatest Heaven Sect, even if he did not know the exact details, he could still approximately surmise what was going on. Since Medicine Hall’s Hall Master Zhu Chen Tao had personally appeared, this clearly had something to do with pill concocting.

As for people of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen could kill them without any burden to his heart, this person was not even killed by Yang Chen, he had just gone to look for a Five Colored Zoysia, yet that person insisted on chasing him secretly, could he still blame Yang Chen for not warning him?

Within the qiankun pouch, there were no magic weapons, but rather it had several hundred catties of spirit stones. It seemed to Yang Chen that this guy, who was a foundation stage expert, was a poor wretch. Apart from fire jade belt and his flying sword, this guy had nothing at the grade of magic tools. As for talisman tools and talisman gems, Yang Chen didn’t find any.

But he did have several herbs, which made Yang Chen delighted. They were matured for approximately a hundred years. Although they did not have any great value, they would still have a pretty good medicinal strength, just enough to allow Yang Chen to refine a few furnaces worth of good medicines. There were still a few lumps of lower quality ores, but they were also not any great rarities, merely ranging between medium to high grade raw materials, but they would be slightly useful for refining the Profound Spirit Furnace, so still better than nothing.

The only thing that made Yang Chen really happy were the jade slips it contained. Yang Chen careful picked them up and started to examine them one by one, using his spiritual awareness.

There were a few pill recipes, one of them was for the yin and yang nature pill, which was refined by using thousand year ginseng as the main herb. This pill was very useful for foundation stage disciples. Unfortunately, Yang Chen already knew the recipe for the pill, so this didn’t have any real significance to him. Furthermore, a foundation stage pill’s recipe, was meaningless to him.

The Emperor Profound Earth Secrets was the Greatest Heaven Sect’s yang earth attribute cultivation method, it was the best earth attributed cultivation method for the foundation stage or lower. The word ‘Emperor’ also stood for the meaning ‘peak’, compared to the fifth earth cultivation method in which Yang Chen currently trained in, its grade was higher by a great margin. Yang Chen simply went mad with joy after seeing this.

Originally, Yang Chen’s Five Phases of Yin and Yang Secrets were different kinds of cultivation methods put together, so after obtaining these Emperor Profound Earth Secrets, Yang Chen immediately wanted to change the cultivation method he used for cultivating fifth earth originally, but Yang Chen managed to restrain himself and began to look at the rest of the jade slips.

There also were two scrolls of spell diagrams, both were earth attributed and attached most importance to defense, one of them was precisely the rock spell which was on the fire jade belt and the other one was also very ordinary, so Yang Chen put them away.

Finally, on the one last jade slip there was a record of all the herbs and ores known to the Greatest Heaven Sect and describing the method used to refine them. Compared to the records held by the Pure Yang Palace, this was far superior. Afterall, the Greatest Heaven Sect was the number one sect, compared to a second grade sect, such as Pure Yang Palace, the knowledge they had was much deeper. Unfortunately, it was still not of much use to Yang Chen.

Only after checking out everything, did Yang Chen pick up the Profound Emperor Earth Secrets once again and began to comprehend the content written within. In his previous life, Yang Chen hadn’t cultivated earth attributed cultivation methods, so he was extremely careful. Once he began to cultivate the most basic one of these cultivation method, he did not need to care about it a lot. But the Profound Emperor Earth Secrets were a high grade cultivation method, so he first had to comprehend and link it together before he could begin cultivating.

It was not a cultivation method for everyone, it could easily be memorized with just one look it, but everyone has their own understanding and comprehension, even the people who had produced this spell could not use exact words to describe everything precisely, as everything depended on the cultivator’s own perception.

That’s why this time Yang Chen was very cautious and only began cultivating it after taking ten days to understand it properly. Fortunately, for a disciple who already had a different cultivation method has his foundation, the Profound Emperor Earth Secrets would rapidly complete one heavenly circulation and begin to replace the original foundation cultivation method.

The Five Phases of Yin and Yang Secrets began to rotate, so Yang Chen had no option but to start controlling the Emperor Profound Earth Secrets, so that it would remain in equilibrium with the other cultivation methods. But a high level cultivation method would increase the overall cultivation efficiency, so immediately after Yang Chen achieved equilibrium, the rate of spirit power accumulation had increased by at least two times.

At the moment, among Yang Chen’s Five Phases of Yin and Yang Secrets, three of them were already high grade cultivation methods, including the third and fourth fire cultivation methods and the recently acquired Profound Emperor Earth Secrets. He was convinced that, if all of the ten types of cultivation method were replaced with high grade cultivation methods, his cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds.

Yang Chen had stayed here for half a month, taking care of the pursuer and cultivating. After finishing everything, Yang Chen leisurely mounted the bamboo falcon and rushed to the Immortal Falling Well’s entrance valley.

After reaching there, he inserted spirit power into the tile and rays of light from the commanding tile began to quickly envelop Yang Chen’s whole body and soon Yang Chen was wrapped up in a ball of light and began to slowly sink into the ground. The Immortal Falling Well, the only exit for the underground spirit beasts was basically below the ground. The spell formation arranged here allowed the people who had the command tile to enter.


Very quickly, Yang Chen appeared within a stone room, all six surfaces were made of stone and there wasn’t anyone present in the stone room except for Yang Chen, but after a moment, a sound echoed within Yang Chen’s ears:

“Which sect, announce your identity!”

“Outer disciple of the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen!”

Yang Chen was aware of this rule, so naturally he declared his status.

“Outer disciple? Qi realm?”

The owner of the voice clearly hadn’t anticipated Yang Chen’s cultivation, he was somewhat taken aback and astonishment was clear within his voice.

“An outer disciple of the Pure Yang Palace?”

Suddenly another voice echoed in Yang Chen’s ears.

“A trifling qi stage cultivator, is this Immortal Falling Well a place where you can come to play around?”

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