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Chapter 558.2

In the final analysis, everyone still didn’t have enough confidence in Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen. It has been more than seventy years since Shi Shanshan disappeared, and some things in the sect have always changed. People who never appear will inevitably be marginalized.

Some people took the opportunity to make trouble, but the core elders were dissatisfied with Yang Chen, who forcibly took Shi Shanshan to gain experience, because they underestimated Shi Shanshan’s experience, and they wanted to suppress her, which led to this embarrassment at the moment.

After such a short time, Elder Bei had already been healed, while Li Zhiqi was still in a coma. On the contrary, Liu Zifang remained awake all the time, and after being healed by the elder, her internal organs did not suffer any more damage.

At this moment, when Liu Zifang saw that her disciple was still in a coma and was seriously injured, she didn’t know what the situation was, she felt a burst of anger in her heart.

“Second class disciples who have committed murder against people of the same sect should be handed over to the law enforcement hall to be severely punished!” Elder Liu had already forgotten that she had almost walked between life and death just now, regardless of the size of the wound on her chest, she stood up and shouted sharply.

Elder Liu’s voice directly attracted everyone’s attention to her.

The Island master was suffering from a headache, when Elder Liu shouted, she suddenly frowned. In the final analysis, the initiator was still Liu Zifang, Bei Shuangyu just mentioned that Shi Shanshan’s cultivation is not as good as Li Zhiqi’s, so Elder Liu jumped out and insisted on forcing Shi Shanshan to fight.

Shi Shanshan was only defensive and not attacking at the beginning, which clearly gave enough face to everyone at the Green Jade Immortal Island. At this point, everyone took a step back and pretended to be undefeated and ended peacefully. As a result, Liu Zifang and her friends had to stimulate Song Huan, she even pointed a finger at Yang Chen.

This is fine but the two master and apprentice went up together, saying something unpleasant, and going up is the thing that was killed by Shi Shanshan. This will even jump out, they really don’t know how to live or die.

Before the Island Master raised her eyebrows, the Yang Chen family over there was no longer dependent, Shi Shanshan was fine. However, Yang Chen and the other three women glared at Liu Zifang in unison.

In Yang Chen’s eyes, there was a hint of murderous intent, and he stared straight at Liu Zifang.

Liu Zifang just shouted, and suddenly felt a piercing cold. It was a feeling of fear that people radiated from the depths of their hearts, as if they had been stared at by the demons in the depths of hell, the fear that their life and death could not be controlled by themselves.

The dangerous feeling of life and death just now came back to Liu Zifang’s mind again. At this time, Liu Zifang only remembered that they were going to kill her, it’s just a trick. Having never wandered between life and death, it was impossible to understand the great terror between life and death.

Suddenly, Elder Liu broke out in a cold sweat. Her body also began to tremble involuntarily. At first she was just trembling, but soon, even her jaws could not be gritted, there was a gurgling sound.

Elder Liu’s abnormality immediately alerted the core elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island. Only then did they remember that Shi Shanshan did not go to the training alone, but went with Yang Chen’s family of four.

In addition to Shi Shanshan, there will be people who have experienced the same experience as Yang Chen and the three women. From the looks of it, Yang Chen’s cultivation base was similar to Shi Shanshan. Except for Yang Chen, who was slightly lower, everyone else was in the middle Yuanying stage.

To be able to frighten Elder Liu into such a state with just their eyes, the elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island didn’t realize that the young people on the opposite side were all silver-colored spearheads. It was absolutely impossible that only their own disciple was outstanding. Sun Qingxue and Gongsun Ling have always been talented disciples of their respective sects. They have also gone through the same situation on the demon continent. Even if there is a gap with Shi Shanshan, they believe the difference is limited.

“Shanshan’s words come first, what’s the guilt!” The Island Master made a decision with the fastest speed, with a wave of her jade hand, she announced the result loudly.

No matter from which point of view, there was no reason to punish Shi Shanshan’s crimes. Not mentioning that she had already said something in advance, just that she only defended and did not attack for so long and she gave enough face, she could not be punished.

What’s more, Shi Shanshan was originally a genius disciple of the sect, and the sect regarded her as a hope for the future. Why would they ruin their own hope for a mediocre elder and a relatively mediocre disciple?

Such an outstanding disciple, it is too late to love her, how can they destroy the Great Wall themselves? The Green Jade Immortal Island is not the kind of sect that makes one’s disciples feel chills, and cannot do things that hurt relatives and enemies.

With the decision of the island master, the little pressure that everyone felt just now disappeared without a trace. Elder Liu finally took a breath, and his body stopped shaking. Only at this time did Elder Liu realize that she had been holding her breath for a while, not even daring to breathe.

The pressure will disappear. After letting out a long breath, Elder Liu felt that her legs were weak, and she fell down and sat down directly. Sweat soaked through her heavy clothes, and the back of her vest was cold. Several young juniors actually frightened her, a late Yuanying stage elder, into this state.

If that’s the case, even without the need for others to do it, a few people can crush her just by releasing their aura. After thinking about this, Elder Liu’s face turned pale, and she didn’t dare to make a sound for a while.

At this moment, the Island Master and the core elders have already developed countless interests in the experience of the Demon Continent, it only takes seventy years. If you leave it on the road and go back and forth, it will take only fifty years to turn a Yuanying stage disciple into this. The mystery of this must be carefully understood.

But now was obviously not the best time, the Island Master can only announce the end of this gathering, and then, together with a few core elders, bring Yang Chen’s family to the back to discuss in detail.

“This experience has such an impact, how is it possible to go back to being normal?” Elder Min Huafeng never expected Shi Shanshan to have such an achievement in the Demon Continent. What she wanted to know most now was how this kind of thing was possible to overcome.

“As long as you retreat for a long time and slowly get used to a normal life.” Yang Chen didn’t say much in front of the elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island, but used this statement to prevaricate “Actually, it is a long-term habit, Long enough to not be a problem.”

Yang Chen’s words reassured everyone for a while, as long as they could solve it. Even if it takes a little time, the effect is so outstanding, it was definitely worth it.

What everyone wants to know most now is whether this kind of experience was possible for a large-scale organization.

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