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Chapter 558.1: What Punishment

“Shanshan, Elder Min is not an enemy!” During Shi Shanshan’s vigorous attack, Yang Chen’s voice was very soft but very clear and inserted into the battlefield.

Shi Shanshan was just stimulated by her fighting instinct, and she didn’t lose her mind completely. When she was one-on-one, she was less nervous. At this moment, with Yang Chen’s voice, Shi Shanshan immediately sensed her situation, and hurriedly stepped back and stopped.

“Shanshan has attacked an elder, I ask the island master to punish me!” When she realized what had just happened, Shi Shanshan was in a hurry, and hurriedly bowed in the direction of the island master and pleaded guilty.

To be honest, from when Shi Shanshan started attacking to knocking down Li Zhiqi, Liu Zifang and Elder Bei, it was only a few short moments, and even the real fight was only a few breaths. It wasn’t until she was finally stopped by Elder Min that the fight took a little longer.

This one-hit-kill technique was very much in line with the way everyone has experienced in the Demon Continent, where there was no room for mercy and retreat, every attack must be done with the utmost effort to kill the enemy. Unexpectedly, it was used against a person of the same sect, which directly caused such consequences.

“What punishment? You didn’t have to compete with them?” Shi Shanshan’s master Song Huan also broke out at this time. She has not spoken much for her disciples, because Shi Shanshan earned her own status in the Green Jade Immortal Island.

But this time, Shi Shanshan had been away for too long, and a group of people had forgotten the amazing talent of this outstanding female disciple back then, so they had to force her to do something to cause such consequences. Coupled with Liu Zifang’s cynicism just now, it’s no wonder Song Huan didn’t break out.

But speaking of it, Shi Shanshan was indeed not in the wrong. From the very beginning, Shi Shanshan refused to accept the contest and even Yang Chen said that there were some drawbacks, lack of control, and being unable to stop. If Shi Shanshan was punished for this reason at this time, then the Green Jade Immortal Island would be a big shame in front of Yang Chen.

The Island master did not reply for a long time. In fact, it was not only the Island master, all the core elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island who were watching were all dumbfounded.

In the dacheng stage and Yuanying stage, the state of mind was so important that even if Mount Tai collapsed in front of them, they would remain unchanged, but what happened in front of them was beyond everyone’s imagination, they couldn’t help but be shocked.

Shi Shanshan was only a disciple in the middle Yuanying stage, and it seems that she has just entered the middle Yuanying stage, at most, she has just consolidated her cultivation base.

But it was such a disciple who, at an astonishing speed, within a few breaths, shattered nearly ten protective magic weapons that were made by the core elders of the Green Jade Immortal Island, and punched a disciple of the late Yuanying stage severely in a coma with one punch.

Next, in another attack, she cut the neck of a late Yuanying stage elder by more than half. If the two dacheng stage elders hadn’t acted quickly, Liu Zifang would have been headed directly.

The most surprising thing was that Elder Bei Shuangyu, was also punched to the point of vomiting blood within a few breaths. If Elder Min Huafeng hadn’t picked it up in time, there might have been more terrifying consequences.

Even in front of Elder Min in the middle dacheng stage, Shi Shanshan did not show any signs of timidity. The continuous attack did not fail at all, and even forced Elder Min to take the defensive. The series of violent attacks made even Elder Min feel the chill.

Taken all together, it turned out to be the means of a disciple in the middle Yuanying stage. It’s ridiculous that a lot of elders from the Green Jade Immortal Island really thought that Shi Shanshan had failed in the experience.

The scene where Yang Chen’s family said no in unison will now remind everyone, and almost all of them can’t help blushing. These young people knew from the very beginning that this would be the result, otherwise, Yang Chen would not have let the Island Master send someone to pay attention before the contest started.

The group of people who had just ridiculed them were all frightened like quails. They didn’t dare to say a word, not even a single sound. Can’t they just drop their heads down to their chests and never have to lift them up, would they still have to face Shi Shanshan and Yang Chen’s family?

The Island Master and the elders at the Dacheng stage were equally shocked. Even though they had seen it at first, Shi Shanshan’s defense was an eye-opener, but they never thought that when Shi Shanshan started to attack, it would be so terrifying.

Shi Shanshan pleaded guilty at first, but the Island Master didn’t even react at once, until Song Huan’s loud voice reached everyone’s ears, and then she reacted.

“Shanshan, you get up first!” Shi Shanshan still fell to the ground, and the Island Master stretched out her hands to help her, trying to make her voice seem calm. However, no matter how calm she was, there was still some trembling in her voice.

This is not fear, but trembling with excitement. Her own disciple, after arriving from the Demon Continent, has such an outstanding performance. Does that mean that, if possible, the disciples of the Green Jade Immortal Island will have one more excellent performance like this?

Shi Shanshan stood up according to her words, Song Huan had already come out and she took her beloved disciple back to the seat without saying a word.

Until Shi Shanshan returned to her original seat, there was still an uneasy look on Shi Shanshan’s face. In Song Huan’s eyes, she felt even more pity.

“Don’t be afraid, you didn’t do anything wrong in this matter. If you are wrong, it is also Elder Liu’s fault, don’t worry!” Song Huan comforted her apprentice rarely, but looked at the Island Master again, waiting for her to speak.

The Island Master could only smile bitterly in her heart, this situation was not easy to handle. In theory, Shi Shanshan was indeed in the right. She said from the beginning that they should not compete, and Yang Chen also said beforehand. Since the Green Jade Immortal Island still has to insist, then Shi Shanshan can’t be blamed for her heavy hand.

However, Shi Shanshan directly injured two elders and a senior sister with these few strokes. It was really unreasonable for Shi Shanshan to use such a heavy hand when they were sparring with each other. If Shi Shanshan was not punished, how can she convince the public?

This doesn’t count as taking care of Yang Chen’s face. In front of the husband, she has to punish his wife, anyone else would be unhappy.

It’s fine if it’s an ordinary person. The question is, was Yang Chen an ordinary person? The only fifth-grade alchemist in the mortal world, and an important partner of the sect, the Green Jade Immortal Island could not ignore Yang Chen’s thoughts no matter what.

“If I knew this earlier, why would I bother!” The Island Master smiled bitterly in her heart and sighed secretly.

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