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Chapter 542.2: Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation

As soon as this problem was discovered, the Profound Heaven Sect immediately put the formation on the shelf. The Profound Heaven Sect was already the leader of the dao sects, so there was no need to risk offending all the sects to arrange this formation.

If it was only arranged within the scope of one’s own sect, then what was the difference between the formation eye created by this formation and the spiritual vein of the sect? Therefore, the formation was announced, and it was publicized as a result of formation research, but it was never put into practice.

Since all the sects in the spiritual world know this formation, then everyone has nothing to say. The public thinks whether there was such a formation, as long as the formation cultivator can see it, but they are not dissatisfied with the Profound Heaven Sect. The only function of this formation was to use it for research when everyone communicates with the formation.

Yang Chen also knew about the formation at that time, but now he explained the formation to Li Liheng in detail.

Li Liheng was not a formation cultivator, so he didn’t understand the reasoning. He just kept the content explained by Liu Fengzi in his heart. As for the arrangement of the formation, naturally there are people from the sect who would take care of it.

The previous part was explaining the formation, but next, Yang Chen also explained the part of the special formation in this formation.

As soon as he heard that the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formatio still has such a powerful effect, Li Liheng was in a hurry and wished he could arrange the formation immediately, and then go to the eye of the formation to cultivate.

“No one can use this formation eye to cultivate.” How could Senior Liu Fengzi not know the little thought in Li Liheng’s heart. He said righteously, “You have to make an oath to never use the formation eye to cultivate.”

Li Liheng was reluctant before, but under the pressure of Liu Fengzi, he could only make a big oath against his will, that he would never cultivate in that special place.

There was no other way, once the pressure of Liu Fengzi was too strong, Li Liheng didn’t dare to resist at all. Liu Fengzi said that it takes a special time to be able to use it, he still doesn’t know when this special time was. Looking at Senior Liu Fengzi’s posture, he would never reveal it if he didn’t swear the oath.

After making the oath, Senior Liu Fengzi’s complexion improved a little. After directly telling him that even if he was a high-level member of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he must not use the special formation eye before continuing to explain.

“It is not good for you to forcibly improve your cultivation if you are not in a good mood.” Senior Liu Fengzi can be said to be sincere “You are the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect. In the future, you will have a long way to go, and if you cultivate step by step, you can go further. There is no reason to ruin your future because of hundreds of years of cultivation time.”

Li Liheng, who was the young sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect, still has this insight. Hearing Senior Liu Fengzi think about himself like this, he couldn’t help but feel grateful. The unhappiness of being forced to make an oath also dissipated a lot.

After the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formatio was set up, the first three hundred years were basically used to slowly accumulate spiritual power. After three hundred years, every fifty years, a special formation eye can improve a person’s cultivation base substantially.

A large formation that can cover the entire sect, consumption was naturally expensive, and it would take a long time. Yang Chen believed that this kind of formation was definitely not something that the high-level officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect could resist. This is a feat that can make them immortal, and they can’t help it.

Even if the forces of the Greatest Heaven Sect have human and material resources, it will take at least a hundred years to arrange this formation, and it will take thousands of masters. The various materials consumed were even more incalculable, which was definitely not something that a few small sects could afford.

Even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, they believe it will be hollowed out. But this was worth a thousand dollars compared to the income. A place with a radius of thousands of miles was at least ten times richer in spiritual power than the core area of ​​the Greatest Heaven Sect Mountain Gate, which can definitely make the Greatest Heaven Sect dominate the mortal world.

What was meant by sharpening a knife without accidentally chopping wood? This was it! With this big weapon, the cultivation of the core disciples could be accelerated several times and experts would emerge one after another. Would they be afraid that they can’t outshine the other major sects and stand out?

As for the special eye formation, as long as it was not used, there would be no trouble. Of the mortal world formation masters, who can see it? There is no way in the spiritual world, but there was no trouble in the mortal world to be seen through.

Of course, Liu Fengzi still insisted that they must not use the special formation eye, otherwise, the Greatest Heaven Sect would become the target of public criticism. He believed that as long as the core high-level leaders of the Greatest Heaven Sect are not mindless, they will definitely understand this truth.

“Senior, does this formation really have such a powerful effect?” After Li Liheng was excited, he was a little skeptical. Such a good thing sounds a little unreal, so he couldn’t help but ask.

“This old man swears by my inner demon, the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formatio will definitely have such an effect.” Senior Liu Fengzi sneered, and directly sworn by his inner demon and then snorted coldly “if you little boy dare to do this to my old man again in the future, you will suffer.”

Li Liheng hurriedly apologized, he didn’t really doubt Senior Liu Fengzi, but the formation was too magical, and he didn’t understand it, so he asked a question subconsciously. But since Senior Liu Fengzi swears by his inner demon, it was naturally true. Even Li Liheng, a layman, knows that this was absolutely amazing.

Because it took a long time to explain the formation this time, Li Liheng had already taken more than a dozen spirit congealing pills. At this point, Li Liheng had received a lot of information, which he couldn’t understand and had to memorize, after some tossing, Li Liheng was already very tired.

It was a mentally consuming thing, and under Yang Chen’s deliberate pressure, his mind quickly fell into a trance.

“When you’re having fun in the future, you’ll accidentally leak the special formation eye position to Yang Lan.” Taking advantage of Li Liheng’s state, Yang Chen secretly sent this instruction to Li Liheng’s heart.

In a daze, Li Liheng had no idea that he had been hypnotized. He made an oath that he would never use the special eye, but it was not that he would not disclose it. This hypnotic instruction, along with Li Liheng’s coma, lurked in the deepest part of Li Liheng’s mind.

In the Greatest Heaven Sect, Li Liheng finally fell into a coma. This time, several elders watched him eat more than a dozen spirit congealing pills and still didn’t stop. This time was unprecedentedly long, they don’t know what Senior Liu Fengzi told him to take so much time.

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