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Chapter 542.1: Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation

Counting back and forth, it has been four years since the cultivation of these true essence secret arts, plus the previous journey, the distance and the separation with the four women.

The agreement with the four women was that they would meet in ten years, there was still enough time, so he just took the opportunity to refine some flying swords.

Of course, during the interval of cultivation, Yang Chen did not forget to keep in touch with Li Liheng, and often pointed out some of Li Liheng’s small problems.

However, before Yang Chen refined those magic weapons, Yang Chen decided to give the Greatest Heaven Sect a big surprise. Naturally, it was also a huge trap.

Li Liheng was very active in revitalizing the Greatest Heaven Sect. Yang Chen suspected that this was also shown to sect master Li and the others. Every time he crossed the boundary and contacted senior Fengzi, he always had to ask some similar questions.

Of course, Li Liheng’s own cultivation was what he asked the most. On this point, Yang Chen declined to comment and always used haste to prevaricate every time. On the contrary, he would patiently answer the questions about the cultivation that other the elders or the sect master entrusted to Li Liheng to ask.

Fortunately, Yang Chen already had the cultivation base and spiritual awareness of a great Lou golden immortal in his previous life. Combined with the experience of cultivating the Yin-Yang five elements in this life, Yang Chen could not be troubled by general cultivation problems.

However, Yang Chen would never disclose such a method of condensing his spiritual power from the very beginning. The disciple of the Greatest Heaven Sect, if he has the chance to recognize it, then he cultivates by himself, if he does not recognize it, it has nothing to do with Yang Chen. Anyway, Yang Chen has already pointed out the way for everyone to solve their bottleneck and quickly improve their spiritual power. In any case, they can’t blame Yang Chen for any problems?

Yang Chen was very contemptuous of this. As the largest dao sect, he has to revitalize it. Will he give other sects a way to survive? However, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s desire to be improved gave Yang Chen an opportunity.

“There is a formation, and the current Greatest Heaven Sect may still be able to use it.” After Li Liheng asked for more than a dozen times, Liu Fengzi finally pondered and gave an answer “You can try whether you can set it up in the mortal world.”

Hearing that Senior Liu Fengzi finally answered, Li Liheng was overjoyed, he thanked him in a hurry and then listened respectfully.

“This formation is called Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation.” Yang Chen first said the name of the formation that sounded very mysterious, and then began to give careful instructions.

This so-called Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation was not fabricated by Yang Chen, but this formation really existed in the spiritual world, and it was also designed by the masters of the Profound Heaven Sect. From this point of view, Yang Chen passed on the formation to Li Liheng.

The Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation was a huge formation. It was even arranged for thousands of miles, enough to cover the entire Greatest Heaven Sect.

The reason why it was called the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation was because it was essentially a formation that collected spirit power. This was naturally the spiritual power of heaven and earth.

The principle of the formation was to slowly gather the spiritual power of heaven and earth under the ground covered by the whole formation to a radius of almost a thousand miles. This makes this thousands of miles around, become a holy place for spirit power cultivation.

Of course, that’s a bit more general, to be more precise it was to gather those idle spiritual powers of heaven and earth that are not used very often within the range of the formation to the eye of the formation.

This gathering of heaven and earth spiritual power was still very particular. The formation could cover the entire sect, and the spiritual veins of other sects cannot be forcibly plundered, right? This was something that’s going to cause a big mess.

The magic lies in this idle spiritual power. As long as other formations were used, the spiritual power in that area will not be collected by this Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation. After the formation was arranged in this way, it will not arouse the dissatisfaction of other sects.

Anyway, it is an idle spiritual power that no one uses, and no one absorbs it. These spiritual powers will also be dissipated and wasted in vain. Moreover, these spiritual powers will not be evacuated in an instant, but will be wispy strands, accumulating more and more to the formation eye, unless at least a master formation expert of at least the sixth grade can detect it.

Now the highest in the mortal world was only a fourth grade formation master. It was impossible for anyone to find out, and there was no need to worry about being criticized by other sects.

Although the spiritual power of each place was only 1 or 2%, it does not seem to be much, but if the idle spiritual power in the entire Greatest Heaven Sect was gathered to the eye of the formation, the eye of the formation will change directly. It will become a huge spiritual vein with unbelievable spiritual power.

With such a spiritual meridian given to the disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect, why would the disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect not improve their cultivation? Was their cultivation not fast enough?

If the scope of this formation could be further expanded, and the domain of the monster race and the demon sect can be encircled, the effect will be improved several times. Anyway, this formation was the bigger the site, the stronger the power.

It was also for this purpose that the experts of the Profound Heaven Sect in the spiritual world studied this formation. It can be said that the starting point was good, but it was a little selfish. But since those spiritual powers are wasted in vain, why not make full use of them?

The starting point was good, but something went wrong during the test. Speaking of which, it was not that the functions of the formation were insufficient, but some of the effects were too good.

The formation eye has indeed become a good spiritual vein. The problem was that someone who presides over the formation accidentally discovered that as long as he occupies a special position in the formation at a special time period if he controls the formation, this Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation could even forcefully extract those non-idle spirit power.

The people who researched this formation forgot to study the human heart. This special formation eye, because it can gather the spiritual power of the entire formation, and to put it bluntly, it can gather the spiritual power of almost the whole world, when someone was cultivating on it, the speed of the cultivation was like a rocket.

Just like some experts in the Demon Continent, after taking the demon orb, their cultivation base skyrocketed. Even if their state of mind cultivation base was insufficient, they could successfully overcome their tribulation and ascend. The same was true after arriving in the spiritual world. Someone discovered this special eye formation, and then used it, and his cultivation base skyrocketed.

The effect of this special formation eye enhancing cultivation was astounding. It could almost be said that in just a few days, an ordinary first grade human Immortal realm expert could be directly promoted to first grade heaven Immortal realm. It directly crossed the two realms of Human Immortal and Earth Immortal.

The price for a sect to quickly cultivate its own masters was that within a few days, almost 10% of all the spiritual power within the range of the formation will be extracted by the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation.

The spiritual veins of other sects will also be extracted with spiritual power, which was simply a direct provocation. Fortunately, when studying the formation, this formation was only tested within the scope of the sect, otherwise the Profound Heaven Sect would have committed public anger and be surrounded and suppressed by all other sects.

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