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Chapter 537.2: Search

Who doesn’t covet the true essence spirit power? Even if it wasn’t a cultivator with wood attributes, he couldn’t hold back the preciousness of this second wood true essence. Among other things, even if it was used to exchange spirit stones, one drop of second wood true essence was enough to exchange for tens of kilograms of high-grade spirit stones. How many drops would be accumulated in these tens of thousands of years?

The wealth was touching, especially these old monsters who are already very greedy. Who was not tempted by the news of the second wood true essence? Even the old guys who had already obtained magic weapons and cultivation methods temporarily stopped thinking and looked for the second wood true essence instead.

The cultivation method could be cultivated at any time, but second wood true essence doesn’t have this shop after he has passed this village. Said that he didn’t care about the interference of Yang Chen and the little guys, but in fact, he still couldn’t help but put on the tortoise shield. But for this true essence, none of these old monsters were willing to share with others.

Some guys who found certain records of the Heart Demon Sect began to search through the records carefully to see if there was any explanation about the second wood true essence, and more people were beginning to infer where this second wood true essence should be.

It can’t help but be said that these old guys have a high enough cultivation base and wide enough knowledge. Soon after, several old demons, based on the topography of the mountains and rivers, plus the distribution of plants, roughly calculated where they would be if they were to collect the second wood true essence by themselves.

This was the first to determine the old demon in a few locations; there were four monster race cultivators with wood attributes, and seven dao and demonic cultivators with wood attributes. They are wood attributes themselves, and they have a deeper understanding of second wood true essence than others, so they could judge the possible locations first.

Purposeful inquiry was completely different from the luck of a blind man riding a blind horse, they don’t know that there are precious things underground. It turns out that those seventh metal spiritual solution have existed underground in the heart demon sect mining area for many years and no one cares about them. Now that they know there was the second wood true essence, it was 10,000 times easier to find it.

The old devils were guarding each other, and no one wants to let others know what they have found. However, no one thought that Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was watching their every move.

The sealed Heart Demon Sect was too big, tens of thousands of miles, thousands of old demon were scattered, like a drop of water into the sea and immediately disappeared without a trace.

However, Yang Chen had a definite target. He didn’t look for anyone else, but specifically for the monster masters with wood attributes. Sure enough, this small group of old monsters quickly discovered something.

The places where these eleven old demons found were scattered in a valley with a radius of tens of miles. From this point of view, it could basically be concluded that the second wood true essence was distributed here. It’s just that the specific location was slightly different.

For Yang Chen and others, these dozen old demons were simply their pioneers. Hidden within the inverted sea jasper lamp, Yang Chen and the others quietly hid in a hidden corner hundreds of miles away, carefully observing the movements of the dozen old demons and no one would notice.

Since everyone was concentrated in this valley, there seemed to be a tacit understanding of the dozens of old monsters, and none of them made a public statement. They simply discussed with each other and found a location to search in detail.

Everyone understands that this second wood true essence couldn’t be hidden by them. In such a small area, no matter who finds anything, it would alarm others. Unless these guys have such a magic weapon like the sea jade lamp, it was impossible to hide it from others.

However, the benefits were limited to these eleven. The other old devils were hitting great fortunes without thinking. If the second wood true essence could be found in that way, then it would be too simple to imagine.

The old devils thought they had a good plan, but they didn’t expect that they aren’t the only smart people. It was easier for people who know the attributes of wood to find the second wood true essence. Besides Yang Chen and the others, there are others who were eyeing them.

Covering the figure and shielding the spiritual awareness was not something that only the sea jasper lamp could achieve, at least Yang Chen has a lot of fibers found from the demonized demon vine, which could also be used. And similar methods, among those thousands of old demon, at least hundreds of people have completely different methods.

At about the same time, in four directions, four openings were opened with violence, among these four openings, all of them have the aura of the second wood true essence. 

When the second wood true essence appeared, as if the fuse was suddenly ignited, and then the whole situation exploded. The four old monsters who opened the paths before they had time to explore further, they were besieged by guys hiding in the dark, swarming from all directions.

The guys who have been in the Demon Continent for hundreds of years, which one was a fuel-efficient lamp? Even those wood-attribute old devils who were looking for the second wood true essence were always on guard. When someone attacked, they immediately counterattacked without even thinking about it.

In the valley of tens of miles, hundreds of dacheng stage masters made a move at the same time, and the aftermath of the spirit power directly razed the valley to the ground. The huge momentum caused all the masters who were distributed in a radius of tens of thousands of miles to be alarmed, and they rushed in this direction without exception.

What else could cause such a dynamic fight at this time? Apart from the discovery of the second wood true essence, there was no other explanation.

The tacit understanding between the old demons who guarded the ruins for hundreds of years was broken with the discovery of the second wood true essence. The entire valley has become the arena where the old devils fight to the death, and no one could stay out of it.

With the participation of old demons in all directions around, the scale of the battle has further expanded. Everyone except himself was an enemy, and everyone was trying to suppress the bottom of the box, and regardless of his disregard, he launched a killer move against everyone except himself.

During the melee, no one could notice that there were several old devils with serious injuries. After being blown away, they disappeared into the void strangely, as if they had never appeared before. In the eyes of everyone, only the second wood true essence existed.

With hundreds of dacheng stage masters fighting, the entire valley was turned upside down. A dozen miles away, the four openings that were originally opened were now almost all connected together. This shows what? It means that the amount of second wood true essence below was maddening.

Having moved their hands, these old guys who had tolerated each other for hundreds of years had no plans to suppress themselves anymore. Even if so much second wood true essence was enough for them to divide equally, each will become the richest among the rich, but how could the anger that has been provoked be easily suppressed?

Of course, what’s more important was that the wisps of demonic qi, before everyone knows it, have already permeated everyone around them, and it seems to affect everyone’s emotions.

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