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Chapter 537.1: Search

This huge area has all the conditions for the generation of the second wood true essence. The area was large enough, second wood belonged to enough, and it was full of spirit power.

Speaking of abundance of spirit power, although those depleted spiritual veins seem a bit abnormal, but on the other hand, why not concentrate spirit power on the second wood true essence?

Whether it was the first wood true essence or the second wood true essence, those monsters that have become spirits and have opened their minds will not produce them. Only the natural growth of first wood and second wood will form such a trace in a long time. If you want to collect, you must use a certain collection formation.

This area, because of being sealed, was not attacked by demonic qi, nor did the second wood monster beast itself, which fully met the conditions.

The more Yang Chen observes, the more inclined to this point in his mind he was. However, the tendency was still not certain, but if you add Li Cheng, he was basically 90% sure.

If this was the case, then no matter what kind of cultivation method or magic weapons those guys have worked so hard to find, they are purely buying caskets and returning beads. The real treasure, one was the origin history of the Heart Demon Sect that Yang Chen and the others have found, and the other was the hidden second wood true essence.

As for the practice of refining the spatial point, it was only a speculative method. For the time being, it could only prove that the first half was useful, and the latter has yet to be confirmed by time, it was impossible to judge whether it was a big benefit.

“Brother, please give me some advice.” After Yang Chen was reborn, he had a characteristic of being humble and would never fail to pretend to understand. So when he couldn’t judge the specific position, Yang Chen never hesitated to ask someone who understands.

The four women had not yet figured out what Li Cheng was talking about. But they all followed Yang Chen down and surrounded Yang Chen and Li Cheng, waiting for Li Cheng’s guidance.

“This area is very likely to hide a large formation collecting second wood true essence.” Li Cheng also said straightforwardly without waiting.

As soon as these words were spoken, the women suddenly exclaimed. Especially Sun Qingxue, she was surprised and didn’t know what to do. Now everyone understands why Yang Chen was scolded by Li Cheng as a pig’s brain when he was comforting Sun Qingxue.

If it were not for Li Cheng’s sensitivity, maybe everyone would easily let go of this most cherished benefit.

But it’s not too late. All the women were not in the urgency to cultivate, all of them were waiting eagerly for Li Cheng, waiting for him to point out the possible collection of formations.

According to Yang Chen’s judgment, if this formation was to exist. It must be underground, as the situation on the ground was almost clear at a glance, and there was no trace of the formation at all. The spirit power was exhausted, it was definitely not like the second wood true essence.

But the underground was so big, and there was no trace of spiritual power escaping, how to find this possible second wood true essence?

Li Cheng couldn’t help it, he just judged that the second wood true essence might exist based on the situation here, but he didn’t know exactly where it was.

The four women were a little discouraged when they heard what Li Cheng and Yang Chen said. Was there anything more depressing than knowing that there was a treasure but not being able to find it?

“We are not in a hurry, we will look for it slowly.” Yang Chen didn’t have that kind of impatience. One person counts the shortcomings and the others counts the lengths. They can’t find them, don’t they still have a lot of helpers?

“So many masters, digging three feet in the ground, are you afraid you can’t find it?” Yang Chen hurriedly pointed in several directions, and all the women understood.

Don’t those masters who enter the Heart Demon Sect just want to find magic weapons? However, could those things still be comparable to the second wood true essence?

This exhausted many spiritual veins. After being sealed for tens of thousands of years, how much of the true essence spiritual power should be accumulated? Yang Chen couldn’t imagine it, those guys wouldn’t be tempted when they knew it.

Spreading news was very easy, as long as a few people put on a unique search look. First, find a random direction to explore, let the old demon know that they are looking around in some places where there was no relic of the Heart Demon Sect. It would soon be able to attract the attention of those old monsters.

“What are you looking for?” Just as everyone pretended to be immersed in searching, a very gentle and attractive voice came in.

This person’s voice was very comfortable. There was a sense of trust involuntarily, as if the natural tone of homely tone, it was easy to be unguarded.

“Second wood true essence.” Yang Chen almost blurted out, but immediately realized something, and quickly covered his mouth, Li Cheng and the girls quickly gathered together, and then put on a guarded posture.

“Is the second wood true essence here?” As the gentle voice uttered again, at least ten old demon heads appeared around, distributed in various directions, surrounding everyone.

Sun Qingxue immediately activated the tortoise shield to protect everyone in it. The two sides once again formed a confrontation.

Needless to say, as long as they said that they were looking for the second wood true essence, these old demons were all knowledgeable people, and it was easy to reason from the many traces shown in this sealed land. Before, everyone just didn’t think in this direction, now Yang Chen and the others immediately made them feel that it made sense.

Those who really found the magic weapons and cultivation method were the dozen or so most advanced old demon heads, and most of the others were picking up rags. Although many materials or magic weapons that have been passed down to this day have been found, none of them has much to do with controlling the inner demons.

These old guys have been staying here all the time, on the one hand to try their luck, to see if there are any fish slipping through the net, on the other hand, they are also planning to look for some opportunities to seize from others. Besides, there was no demonic qi attack here, and everyone uses this place to cultivate without any interference and consolidate their own cultivation.

Now they suddenly discovered that there was probably the existence of the true essence spiritual power like the second wood true essence. Suddenly the old guys no longer intend to cultivate, and they started to look for it. Even Yang Chen and the others were ignored.

No one was a fool, especially these treacherous and ghost-like old demons who don’t know how many years they have lived. This place was sealed for tens of thousands of years, who knows how many second wood true essence was left behind? But one thing for sure was that even if you give them a lot of little guys, they won’t lose their weight.

At the beginning, more than a dozen old monsters knew about it, but within a few days, more and more old monsters knew about it, and finally all the old guys knew that the second wood true essence might be hidden here, so a large group of the old demon began the process of vigorously digging the ground to find the second wood true essence.

Yang Chen and the others, in this army, were actually inconspicuous at all.

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