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Chapter 535.2: Everyone Has An Advantage

Li Cheng resumed his cultivation this time, and it lasted a long time.

In fact, Li Cheng was not only recovering, but his time for spirit power recovery was very fast. With the spirit power support of the mountain river geographical map, Li Cheng’s spirit power was restored in two days. As soon as the spirit power was restored, it naturally led to the recovery of his spiritual awareness and the physical body.

But these were not important, the important thing was that Li Cheng discovered that his physical cultivation had finally entered the territory. Under the bombardment by Yang Chen tens of thousands of times, it was like kneading dough, naturally.

Now it was a natural process, Li Cheng would of course seize this opportunity to improve his cultivation level as soon as possible. Of course, Li Cheng did not forget that while cultivating, he sighed at Yang Chen’s abnormality.

Yang Chen, who was asleep, didn’t know Li Cheng’s thoughts at all, and even Gongsun Ling had changed the surrounding situation for him without him noticing it. Now his consciousness was standing at the entrance of the immortal executioner stage.

When Yang Chen came here, his body did not change in the slightest. He really doesn’t know how this immortal executioner stage was refined, not to mention crossing the two realms, and even using a dream to let the mortal executioner enter.

As expected by Yang Chen, as long as he entered the dream, Yang Chen would stand at the entrance. It turned out that there were still a few heavenly guards here, but now he didn’t know where they went. The entrance was empty, without a single figure.

Seeing the door he walked out of, Yang Chen couldn’t help feeling a little sorrowful. Here, he personally waved the immortal beheading blade and cut away immortals including the Jade Emperor’s Empress and the Grand Supreme Elderly Lord. Those famous big figures could not escape the death of the immortal executioner, which always made people feel the awe of heaven.

However, Yang Chen had no plans to go in. Who knows if he could come out after he enters? Now that everything was on the right track, Yang Chen doesn’t want to fall short here.

After adding Yang Chen’s comprehension and modification, the cultivation method of the Heat Demon Sect has already possessed extremely strong operability. Yang Chen was just outside the entrance, and he could also try whether the cultivation method was feasible in the end.

Yang Chen didn’t know how long he would sleep this time, so he just sighed for a while, and began to follow the steps to try to refine the entrance to the immortal executioner stage.

Once he got started, Yang Chen was ecstatic. Following the normal steps, it seemed that there was no accident. Perhaps, it was also because Yang Chen was the only executioner in the immortal executioner stage, so it had no resistance to Yang Chen. It made Yang Chen easily touch the point that crosses the two realms.

The entrance was at this point. After completing this step, Yang Chen’s confidence greatly increased, and he began to carefully refine the entrance according to the guidance of that cultivation method.

Before refining, Yang Chen still found that his spirit power was consumed cleanly. This should be caused by the previous confrontation, even in a dream, it was not completely restored.

Yang Chen didn’t worry, just like Li Cheng, he  first began to restore his spirit power and then began to refine the entrance.

It’s simple to say, but it’s not so easy to do. Don’t even think that the entrance to the immortal executioner stage was just a point across the two realms, but it was not something that could be accomplished overnight if he really wanted to refine it.

It’s normal to think about it. Yang Chen must be able to enter the immortal world in the normal way. The mortal world was connected to the immortal world, in fact, at least it crosses the three realms. If it could be easily refined by a cultivator in the Yuanying stage, that would be a joke.

Fortunately, Yang Chen was not a simple Yuanying stage cultivator. With the passage of time, his spiritual awareness has been completely restored, and the progress of refining has accelerated a little.

To fully refine this entrance, at least four complicated processes were required. Yang Chen was now taking the first and easiest step, which was to fix this space point so that he could contact it anytime and anywhere.

The speculative technique was still a bit unrealistic, and Yang Chen only discovered it after he got it. Of course, this was also because Yang Chen doesn’t understand it, so there was such a problem. Fortunately, the process of the first step was not too complicated and dangerous. Yang Chen was able to adjust carefully during the refining process, so that no accidents would occur.

This process alone took Yang Chen half a year, and when Yang Chen finally finished repairing the stumbling block, ten months had passed outside.

Brushing, Yang Chen sat up and finally woke up from his sleep. When he opened his eyes, he saw Gongsun Ling’s smiling face.

In the mountain river geographical map, Gongsun Ling would know any movement of Yang Chen. As soon as he sat up, he alarmed Gongsun Ling and she appeared in front of Yang Chen quickly.

“You’re awake!” Gongsun Ling was purely happy, with an uncontrollable smile on her face.

Although she doesn’t know why Yang Chen has to sleep, she supports any decision made by Yang Chen. It’s just that Yang Chen slept for ten months, and it couldn’t help but worry the girls. Had Li Cheng not repeatedly said that Yang Chen was fine, Gongsun Ling would have been tempted to wake Yang Chen.

Soon, Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan, and Sun Qingxue also appeared in front of Yang Chen one after another, as did Li Cheng. Seeing Yang Chen, he gave Yang Chen a punch first.

“You really hide yourself very well!” Li Cheng teased Yang Chen, and said with a smile on his face “I almost made a fool of myself.”

“Brother, let’s not tease each other!” Yang Chen responded with a smile, his face also filled with uncontrollable happiness.

After completing the first step of refining, Yang Chen will no longer have to enter the dream to reach the entrance of the immortal executioner stage. As long as he wants to, he could enter the immortal executioner stage anytime, anywhere. Of course, Yang Chen has no plans to go in yet.

What made him happy was that in the battle with Li Cheng, he learned a lot of spiritual awareness applications, as well as the benefits of the pure and condensed spiritual awareness and spirit power for himself, which couldn’t be understood from anywhere. 

Everyone knows that the more refined spiritual awareness and spirit power were,  the better, but how much better it could be, even in Yang Chen’s previous life, there was no specific concept. Even if Yang Chen had reached the realm of great lou golden immortal in his previous life, he had never condensed his spiritual awareness and spirit power to the realm of Li Cheng, at best, he was better than his current self.

It was only after seeing Li Cheng’s purity that Yang Chen truly understood what kind of terrifying power it was, and it also gave Yang Chen a more specific aspect of the direction of his future cultivation.

“Those guys outside, what’s the situation now?” After everyone’s greetings, Yang Chen couldn’t help but ask about the treasure hunters.

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