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Chapter 530.2: The Portal Finally Opens

The reaction of ordinary people, with a light touch, was to jump backwards like feeling an electric shock and then immediately meditate, forcibly suppressing the demon heart agitation in their hearts.

But Yang Chen was different, when he stretched out his hand and touched the black demonic qi, it was as if he didn’t feel anything. If something happened, there was no strange expression on his face.

In the stunned expressions of everyone, Yang Chen took a step further, as if he had reached out into the water, swinging left and right, only then nodded, shaking his head and standing up, feeling nothing.

The demonic cultivators were first shocked and then ecstatic, Yang Chen’s performance fully demonstrated that he could effectively deal with these demonic qi. It also means that entering the ruins was no longer a dream, but a fact that would happen in the near future.

The old devils were ecstatic, but Yang Chen was equally ecstatic in his heart. The concentration of this demonic qi was even a bit stronger than the current nine nether flying sword, but it did not have much impact on Yang Chen. It seemed that the nine nether flying sword would have many more high-quality tonics.

“Seniors, step back a little.” Yang Chen exclaimed to the several old demons not far away. The dozen or so old monsters didn’t have any objections, all of them stepped back a bit to make room.

A black flying sword appeared in Yang Chen’s hands, and then Yang Chen easily pointed the tip of the flying sword onto the black demonic qi.

Boom, as if condensed and compressed the demonic qi that did not know how many times the surface balance was broken, a crazy wave of air spread to the surroundings centered on the part under the point of the sword point.

The demonic qi on the portal of this ruins was condensed, extremely thick, but no one could control it. The nine nether flying sword started to absorb easily, without any resistance, and there was nothing to fight against it.

Maintaining this action, Yang Chen didn’t move anymore. Everyone was far and near, only to see Yang Chen holding a flying sword into the demonic qi, and then there was no movement after a bit of an anomaly at first. No one knows the effect, they were all speculating and waiting anxiously.

The people began to carefully stare at the black flying sword in Yang Chen’s hand, not knowing what he was making. More people have begun to check their equipment and prepare for the next step.

Yang Chen maintained that action, and hadn’t moved or spoken for a long time, everyone didn’t know how effective it was. But soon everyone no longer had any questions, the black demonic qi on the portal seemed to have slightly changed during this half-day.

The place where the tip of the sword was lit slowly began to become thinner, which in turn affected the surrounding area. With the tip of the sword as the center of the circle, a circle with a radius of ten feet was formed. In this circle, the demonic qi was already very scarce, especially the part where the tip of the sword was, completely exposing the stone slate below.

However, it seems that the demonic qi that was ten feet away seems to have no effect, and the tip of the sword could only affect such a large area, and it seems that the efficiency was a bit slow. One day later, there was no demonic qi within this square meter and Yang Chen changed to another place to repeat the same action.

The stone slate has a radius of several tens of meters. According to Yang Chen’s speed, wouldn’t it take dozens of days to fully absorb it? However, they have been waiting for hundreds of years, and were not afraid of this last wait. Everyone was patient, waiting for Yang Chen to carefully operate.

When Yang Chen was dealing with other places, an old demon was a little curious, and he reached out and touched the place that had already been dealt with. In his opinion, most of the demonic qi on it has been removed, and only a few strands of aura remain, which should not have any effect.

But the result was beyond everyone’s expectation. As soon as the old demon’s hand touched a ray of black qi, his whole body seemed to have been shocked by a high-voltage electric shock, and he convulsed crazily. His hands and feet did not listen to their orders at all, he couldn’t even speak, and in the end just let out a scream, his body was thrown high, and he fell a dozen feet away.

The man was still in the air, and the old demon began to puff out a few big mouthfuls of blood. After landing, the old demon endured the pain and the upset of the heart demon, took out a few pills from the qiankun bag and stuffed it into his mouth. Then immediately put on a cross-sitting posture, forcibly suppressed the heart demons to recover from the injury.

Only a wisp of demonic qi had such an effect. The others didn’t dare to act rashly, staying behind and watching Yang Chen’s movements honestly, waiting for the moment when he cleans the last trace of demonic qi on the portal.

Fortunately, Yang Chen didn’t let everyone wait too much. At a constant speed, the nine nether flying sword absorbed the demonic qi at a constant speed. After more than a month, all the areas have been swept, almost cleaned up, only some places still have strands of demonic qi.

This time no one dared to act in advance, but asked Yang Chen to purify the remaining demonic qi. Yang Chen acted according to his words and spent another three or two days to absorb all the last fish that slipped through the net.

The round stone slate of the ruins portal was completely exposed, the formation pattern on it was clearly visible, and the flashing trajectory of spiritual power was also presented in front of the old demons.

On that piece of incomplete jade slip, the way to open the portal was recorded. Several old monsters were prepared long ago, each occupying a position, and then they played one by one.

Two hours later, the circular stone slate gradually lit up, and with bursts of rumbling sound, starting from the center of the stone slate, it suddenly sank, forming a circle of spiral staircases, leading directly to the ground.

“The door has been opened, and the array timing has begun.” After a while, the peripheral array lightened up and returned to normal. Everyone understands that the next formation would determine the time for everyone to enter the portal strictly according to how much each person pays.

Under the gaze of a group of people outside the formation, Yang Chen walked out of the formation and reunited with Li Cheng and others. Before doing anything, the old demon leaders decided that even if Yang Chen and the others went in, they would only be ranked among the last group of people who didn’t pay any price. It’s impossible for Yang Chen to get paid and enjoy priority, good things can’t be taken over.

The dozen or so old demons who had been in the formation did not care about anything else at this time. After the formation was activated, they rushed into the portal, swiftly down the stairs, and disappeared into the circular entrance.

As time went on, three days later, there were only a dozen people left in the valley. These were the guys who didn’t pay any price.

Calculating the time, it was time for Yang Chen and the others to enter. Li Cheng took the lead, rushed into the formation, quickly entered the door and then the four women followed.

“Grandmaster, your black flying sword, I’m very interested in seeing it.” When Yang Chen was about to leave, several old demons who had formed a vague encirclement laughed happily, and an old demon sneered and asked “I don’t know whether the grandmaster is willing to bring it out, so that we can appreciate it?”

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