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Chapter 517.2: Control

Together with this idea, Yang Chen did not shy away from letting Xiao Tian know, and it was also passed on to Xiao Tian through the connection between them. Immediately, Xiao Tian gave a response.

“Delicious, great tonic!” Yang Chen thought about chewing the words passed by Xiao Tian, and couldn’t help smiling bitterly. It seems that he might affect his future cultivation and need to take great efforts to correct the demon orbs, but in the eyes of Xiao Tian, it was just a delicious tonic.

Sure enough, the origin of dragon species was different from that of human cultivators. This was also normal, human cultivators must cultivate the true essence technique to absorb the true essence spirit power. However, some powerful monsters could directly absorb the true essence spirit power of their own attributes by instinct. There were many differences, this difference also exists between Xiao Tian and Yang Chen.

Since Xiao Tian thought so, Yang Chen didn’t worry much. Xiao Tian got the inheritance of the Dragon Tower and even the inheritance of the Dragon Palace, so it knew more of its clan than Yang Chen. It said it was okay, and naturally it was okay.

Without even thinking about it, Yang Chen threw a few demon orbs that had been purified to Xiao Tian in the medicine garden, Xiao Tian swallowed them directly in the air. Compared to Xiao Tian’s body shape at the moment, a few sixth-grade demon orbs didn’t even have the qualifications to squeeze between his teeth. But Yang Chen looked at Xiao Tian who was holding the demon orb in his mouth like jelly beans, slowly melting and it looked delicious.

That’s good, at least the demon orb that had absorbed the demonic qi in Yang Chen’s hand had a place to be consumed. Too much of this superb demon orbs would cause its value to fall sharply, and it would also cause many people to covet it. With the consumption of Xiao Tian, it does not appear to be a waste.

While using the nine nether flying sword to refine his heart, Yang Chen waited for the auction to be held. After staying for half a month, the auction finally began.

This time when Yang Chen appeared again, someone had already recognized his identity. Everyone was shocked to see that Yang Chen was the Grandmaster Yang they were waiting for, and the masters who gathered in the spot were ashamed again. They didn’t even take action when Grandmaster Yang was in trouble. This must have offended Grandmaster Yang miserably, they didn’t know if they had a chance to get a superb demon orb.

Everyone knows what Grandmaster Yang wants to buy when he appeared at the auction, even the organizer of the auction. So he also deliberately prepared five high-level demon beads. Sure enough, it was better than in the periphery, and even the demon orb was getting bigger and bigger.

Yang Chen was very satisfied, and he was bidding with others. Yang Chen had spirit stones in his hand. He was not afraid at all, he was afraid that there would be no demon orbs. Unexpectedly, there were only five demon orbs. After waiting for a few moments, they were all bought by Yang Chen at an unimaginably low price, and no one offered a higher price.

From the auction organizer to the master of the demon orbs, it seemed that they were all of the same mind. Even the initial reserve price was set extremely low, and the final transaction price was not even as good as the market price outside. Yang Chen understood the reason for this.

Sure enough, the rules of this auction were slightly changed. At least the last time Yang Chen participated, it was delivered on the spot, with the spirit stones in one hand and the demon orbs in the other, but this time it was not until all the demon orbs were auctioned before that one of the auctioneer’s chiefs personally took the initiative to invite Yang Chen into a room and offer all the demon orbs.

“Grandmaster Yang, this is a tribute on my account and a few seniors, I ask Grandmaster Yang to accept it.” The auctioneer’s attitude was very good, his posture was extremely low, and the respect was outrageous.

“I don’t lack these few spirit stones.” Of course Yang Chen understood and did not pretend to accept the demon orbs, and then brought a sufficient number of spirit stones. The owner of the auction house had intended to refuse, but after watching Yang Chen’s face, he carefully accepted it.

“Thank you for giving me face, these demon orbs, after they are purified, I will ask you to auction them.” Yang Chen first gave the auction house a guarantee, which immediately made the chief of the auction house laugh.

“I appreciate you for giving me face, thank you for the next one.” For the benefit of the auction house, naturally also the benefit of the people who provided the demon orbs, so Yang Chen directly gave a promise “Thank you for me, if these predecessors still have demon orbs in their hands that need to be purified, they will be picked up by the same rule, but there are a large number of them, so each person is limited to one.”

Including the auction house, the people who provided the demon orbs, and the experts who participated in the auction who did not bid to compete, were all waiting for Yang Chen. The owner of the auction house was overjoyed, flattered and sent it up without money, he didn’t care that he was dacheng stage master.

“I may stay here for two years this time so don’t worry about it.” There were many masters who provide demon orbs, and Yang Chen needs a steady stream of demonic qi, so he could take the opportunity to fix it.

Of course, besides Yang Chen, there were the four wives of Yang Chen. In the three years before, there were only ten short days of meeting, and Yang Chen really missed them. What’s more, with the nine nether flying sword, Yang Chen could also let the four ladies hone their moods, so that everyone could get together for some time.

Yang Chen quickly returned to his room with the demon orbs. The anxious masters who had been waiting for a while, looked at the owner who sent Yang Chen back to the room and rushed back to the auction room with anxious expectation.

“Grandmaster Yang said that he will stay here for two years. If you have a demon orb in your hand, you can also go to him for purification, but each person is only limited to one.” The auction house owner naturally knows what everyone saw waiting for, so he announced it as soon as he came back.

Hearing that Yang Chen promised to purify the demon orbs, the masters of the Yuanying and dacheng tage cheered. What was everyone gathering here waiting eagerly, isn’t it just waiting for Grandmaster Yang to take action?

When the great elder wanted to kill Grandmaster Yang, none of them dared to speak up. When they discovered that the person who was almost killed that day turned out to be Grandmaster Yang who they were waiting for, it wasn’t known how many people stomped their feet in regret. If they had the courage to say a word for Grandmaster Yang at that time, they wouldn’t have to be so careful now, right?

Fortunately, Grandmaster Yang finally accepted everyone’s kindness, he accepted the five low-priced demon orbs, and promised to help everyone refine the demon orbs. Finally, everyone’s heart was relieved when it reached their throats. Many people have already begun to yearn about how their cultivation base would improve after taking down the advanced demon orb in their hands.

It was completely different from the ecstatic mood of the crowd in the demon continent’s gathering place on the Greatest Heaven Sect’s side, it was almost like a gloomy cloud was falling from the sky.

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