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Chapter 517.1: Control

Strictly speaking, Li Cheng and Yang Chen could also be regarded as having met by chance. They said a few words to each other when they first entered the Demon Continent, this was the second time they have met.

Moreover, although the two people faced the same enemy this time, the purpose of their attack was different. Yang Chen was fighting against the opponent to defend himself, while Li Cheng was maintaining the rules of gathering spots in the Demon Continent.

Therefore, even though the two had drunk a lot of wine and communicated very speculatively, at best they were two drinkers, not close friends.

After drinking, Li Cheng did not stay with Yang Chen all the time, but found a room to cultivate. There were many rooms in this gathering point, which are safe places for people to cultivate so it was very easy to find a room.

Li Cheng didn’t even look at the qiankun bags placed at the door of the room where the two of them drank. He kicked Yang Chen half of it according to the number, and he took the other half unceremoniously.

Li Cheng cultivated by himself, but Yang Chen was not so focused. Instead, he came out first to see if he could buy some demon orbs in the near future to increase his wealth while also absorbing some high concentrations of demonic qi.

Since Li Cheng said that Yang Chen shouldn’t worry, Yang Chen didn’t know why, but he believed Li Cheng’s words very much. Although the two have not had much contact, they have a silent understanding and trust. Even though Yang Chen was slightly jealous of Li Cheng, there was no doubt about him.

To be honest, if Li Cheng really wants to be disadvantageous to Yang Chen, in a face-to-face battle, Yang Chen has no certainty that he would win. There was even a hunch in his heart that even if he releases his bloody river, it would not be effective. Therefore, he would not doubt that Li Cheng had anything to do with such a small problem that he didn’t know when it would happen.

Walking in the street, the eyes of those people looking at Yang Chen were a little evasive. The people at the gathering point lost their courage this time, and a group of masters and famous people didn’t even have the courage to do it, so this people felt ashamed.

“Shopkeeper, do you have any demon orbs? Any Demon Orbs that have not been purified? Both the big and the small ones.” The atmosphere was embarrassing, so Yang Chen quickly entered a store, directly explaining his request.

“You can buy anything, all the items here are 20% off.” The shopkeeper was also one of the people who didn’t dare to do anything yesterday. He blushed slightly when he saw Yang Chen, and then hurriedly said loudly.

Having said this, the shopkeeper took out all the demon orbs in his shop and let Yang Chen choose. No one else has this treatment, they would all mention what grade of demon orbs they want to buy. The shopkeeper would take out one, up to two for customers to choose.

Yang Chen was also not polite, the ten largest ones were directly selected. Then he let the shopkeeper settle the accounts. They were all unpurified demon orbs. Seeing that Yang Chen only picked these, the shopkeeper felt a little moved, and asked carefully “Are you a demon orb refiner?”

“Indeed!” Yang Chen nodded and admitted, and then directly ordered “Let’s settle the account!”

This kind of shop can’t get many good demon orbs, the best one was in the sixth grade. The worst one was under the sixth grade, with an average of sixth grade. It was already a good harvest, the previous two years, Yang Che had never harvested a demon orb. 

“Shopkeeper, when will there be an auction recently?” After buying a demon orb, he naturally had to ask when there would be an auction. Only the high-level demon orb could be found at the auction. The higher the demon orb, the purer the demonic qi, the more beneficial it was to the nine nether flying sword.

“You’re lucky, there will be one in half a month.” The shopkeeper was also a well-informed person, and for the sake of being a little bit uncomfortable with Yang Chen, he also specially told him the latest news.

“There is a super first-class demon orb refiner, Grandmaster Yang, who may come to this gathering point in two or three months. He is a legend who can completely purify the demonic qi.” When the shopkeeper talked about this, his face was full of excitement. “Don’t you see so many dacheng stage masters here, they are all waiting for Grandmaster Yang to arrive.”

Yang Chen had never thought about how there would be so many dacheng stage masters at a gathering point that was a little deeper than the outermost gathering point. Now he finally understands the reason, it turned out to be because of himself.

At the last gathering place, Yang Chen said that he would be at this gathering place two years later. It was estimated that those who know it would spread the news, so there are so many people waiting here.

That’s good, these experts have good demon orbs in their hands, which could fully meet the needs of the nine nether flying sword. Yang Chen didn’t need to look for demonic qi to absorb them, and they could exchange for his services with many materials similar to the nine nether flying dust. With such good materials, even if there are no good materials, a large sum of spirit stones could still earn more pocket money for the ladies of his own family, which could take care of many things in one fell swoop.

With the nine nether flying sword, the speed of absorbing demonic qi increased greatly. The demon orbs purchased were directly surrounded by the nine nether flying sword. It didn’t even take three days before all the demonic qi was absorbed by the nine nether flying sword, it’s clean, leaving no trace.

They were all sixth grade super first-class demon orbs. When Yang Chen was considering whether to sell them on the auction floor, he suddenly discovered that Xiao Tian seemed to have some slight restlessness.

In fact, Xiao Tian has been digesting the huge dragon ball. Although Yang Chen has used it several times before, in fact, Xiao Tian did not completely absorb the dragon qi in the dragon ball, but kept it in his body, anytime and anywhere, it’s just refining it. Especially when he was fine, he liked to stay in the Dragon Tower to cultivate.

In the past few years on the Demon Continent, Yang Chen was afraid that Xiao Tian would also be contaminated by the demonic qi and turn into a demonic fiend. In addition, for the purpose of gaining experience, he easily refused to use Xiao Tian.

Yang Chen now knows from the thoughts passed by Xiao Tian that Xiao Tian has truly absorbed all the dragon qi in the dragon ball this time. This time, that dragon ball directly allowed Xiao Tian to enter the third floor from the second floor of the Dragon Tower, and his strength rose abruptly by a level.

The power of Xiao Tian was mainly reflected in the increase in the magic weapon of flying swords. The higher the level, the stronger and sharper the flying sword in his mouth. Especially all things could be cut, which was almost a legendary attribute, it was simply an existence that goes against the heavens, and even any illusion array could be directly cut off. The magic weapon in the form of smoke like the nine nether flying sword could also be split into two pieces against the flying sword held by Xiao Tian.

Xiao Tian, who had never been tainted with the demonic qi, was even agitated at those demon orbs, making Yang Chen a little curious. Does Xiao Tian want to swallow these demon orbs? Does the demon orbs, which could improve the cultivation of a cultivator, also have an effect on Xiao Tian?

He just doesn’t know, if Xiao Tian swallowed these demon orbs, would there be any obstacle to the growth of Xiao Tian in the future.

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