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Chapter 513.1

“This method is somewhat deviated from the usual traditions of our dao sects.” Before telling the specific method, Liu Fengzi still stated the drawbacks of this method. This was also the reason why he has been reluctant to teach Li Liheng ” Speaking more seriously, it’s like a demonic method that hurts the world and the truth.”

At this time, Li Liheng didn’t speak much, just listened quietly. He heard from the words of the ancestor that the ancestor had not made a final decision, and was still struggling. If he speaks himself, it may affect the judgment of the ancestor. Once the ancestor withdraws the decision, wouldn’t he lose more than gain?

“This old man doesn’t recommend you to use this method.” Liu Fengzi was not so indifferent, and his words of persuasion was thorough from the beginning “You are the promising young sect master of the sect, and the future master of the sect. It’s best not to delay your bright future for the sake of some mere enthusiasm.”

“This disciple understands!” Li Liheng put on a posture of listening to the teachings, and then responded to the ancestor “This disciple will not use it without authorization. This disciple will first inform the sect master and ask the sect master to decide.”

Obviously these words made Liu Fengzi feel that Li Liheng respects his teacher and respects his teachings, finally he started talking about that method “Actually, there should be records in the sect classics. You go back to the sect’s hidden scripture pavilion. Go find a piece of “Free Devil Heart Sutra”, that is the spoils obtained when the sects predecessors killed a certain demon. There are some things in it that should work for your current situation.“

“The disciple thanks the ancestor!” Li Liheng was overjoyed, the ancestor finally told him the way. Why wouldn’t it make him ecstatic? If it hadn’t been for a few spirit congealing pills this time, he would have reached the point where he couldn’t hold on. Li Liheng wanted to disconnect from the ancestor immediately, and then go back to the sect to search for that piece of the Free Demon Heart Sutra.

The next step was to ask for help. The ancestor almost knew everything to answer, but Li Liheng actually had no thoughts on this. After hurriedly asking the questions that the elders explained one by one, he looked exhausted.

Of course, in addition to his own desire to disconnect, it has nothing to do with the coercion of Liu Fengzi this time. The result was the same anyway, after disconnecting. The young sect master Li Liheng immediately fell into a coma and fell into a deep sleep.

This situation has happened many times, and it’s no surprise to the people around him, it’s just that when the young sect master just fell unconscious, an elder from the Greatest Heaven Sect immediately appeared outside the door, which still shocked them.

The elder who appeared was naturally a core elder who secretly followed Li Liheng to protect him. Li Liheng’s performance just now was exactly the same as before. He immediately knew that Li Liheng had successfully contacted Liu Fengzi once again. Last time Li Liheng was suspected, the senior officials of the sect were very anxious, so they wanted to explain the misunderstanding clearly, they didn’t know if Li Liheng had completed it.

Finally, when Li Liheng woke up, the elder drove everyone out. He arranarranged restrictions and began to ask for details. Hearing Liu Fengzi finally believed in Li Liheng, he took a sigh of relief, and finally let go of the heart that had been burdened for a long time. The predecessor did not misunderstand that this was the best. After his mood calmed down, the elder continued to ask what happened later.

On this point, Li Liheng was very clear about it. He clearly knew where his power came from at this time, so in front of the sect master and these core elders, he has never reserved or lied.

Listening to Li Liheng finished talking about his exchanges with Senior Liu Fengzi. The elder couldn’t help but look at Li Liheng a little differently. Li Liheng knew that the sect had paid a lot for himself, and he also knew that he was indeed loyal to the sect by crying for help from predecessor Liu Fengzi.

Especially when Liu Fengzi analyzed the pressure Li Liheng was under, as the source of his heart demons, he suddenly sighed. The elder had already understood at this time, if he wanted Li Liheng to get rid of his inner demons, it seemed that he could only improve his cultivation and get rid of the dependence on the spirit congealing pills refined by Yang Chen.

Even the elder could understand that the reason why Li Liheng had to entangle with those female sisters outside was to relieve this pressure and forget everything he had endured through sensuality. From this point of view, there was actually no point in allowing Li Liheng to continue to cultivate outside, but there was a danger of degeneration.

“Let’s return back to the sect!” With a big hand, the elder decided Li Liheng’s itinerary, interrupted his experience, and rushed back to the sect with the fastest speed.

The same words were said again in front of the sect master and several other core elders, and everyone was lost in thought. Sect Master Li did not make a decision first, but asked the elder in charge of the hidden scripture pavilion to find the “Free Devil Heart Sutra” that they did not know when it was placed in the hidden scripture pavilion, he wanted to see what it was like. The cultivation method could make Senior Liu Fengzi say that it hurts the world and the truth. In any case, he had to wait until he finished reading and understanding before making a decision.

Yang Chen was very happy to get the high-level contact code of the Greatest Heaven Sect. Li Liheng explained clearly that this was prepared for the high-level spies who had been installed outside the Greatest Heaven Sect. Generally these people were masters of other sects or important figures. They secretly control certain sects for the Greatest Heaven Sect. When they ascended, it was impossible to reveal their identities. Therefore, after ascending, there must be a set of code words for identification in order to reach the spiritual world so the predecessors of the Profound Heaven Sect could recognized each other.

The code word Li Liheng uttered was of the highest level, directly equivalent to a high-level figure at the core elder level of the Greatest Heaven Sect. With this set of secret words, when he reach the spiritual world, he might be able to get a place in the Profound Heaven Sect.

As for teaching Li Liheng to use the method recorded in the Free Demon Heart Sutra to solve his spiritual problem, it was a trap that Yang Chen has already prepared for the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Now the Greatest Heaven Sect’s demand for the spirit congealing pills was increasing. Even if 5,000 pieces were refined last time, according to Li Liheng’s consumption rate and Liu Fengzi’s estimation of Li Liheng’s cultivation base, his cultivation base was increased enough without any help. Before communicating with Liu Fengzi, it was estimated that it was still not enough.

There were three roads in front of them. One was to continue to look for Yang Chen, but Yang Chen would blackmail them, he believed the Greatest Heaven Sect definitely was not willing. The second was to find another high-level alchemist who could refine the spirit congealing pills or simply train one themselves, but that would take hundreds of years or longer. The third was what the predecessor Liu Fengzi said, the free demon heart sutra.

Yang Chen was very sure that Li Liheng would choose the third one. Being able to directly improve his spiritual consciousness cultivation base, for Li Liheng’s *, was by no means an ordinary one. This means that his power would be further strengthened. Even if Li Liheng could hold himself back, he believed that the guy named Yang Xi would try his best to seduce Li Liheng.

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