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Chapter 508.1: Meeting

Yang Chen’s method of purifying the demon orb was theoretically what most people could think of, but unfortunately, being able to think of it doesn’t mean being able to do it.

He absorbs the demonic qi and uses it to temper himself, and then makes the demon orb become pure. It wasn’t known how many people have thought about it, and it was not known how many people have tried it, but except for Yang Chen, the results of everyone else were just one word, miserable!

After most people do this, the result was that their spirit power loses control and their body explodes. There were a few others that seem to have made small breakthroughs at critical moments, and even attracted the tribulation, but they themselves could not completely suppress the demon orb, so the result was that they disappeared in ashes in the tribulation and there was nothing left.

Over time, some smart people figured out the practice of using other living creatures to absorb the demonic qi, and it has also received certain results. However, ordinary living creatures may not be able to withstand the attack of the demonic qi and they need to use various methods to enhance the purification effect of living creatures. Of course, in the final ending, the living creature would definitely become a demonic fiend, and then be killed.

This technique was also a common technique in the demon continent now. The only difference was the living creatures used by each refiner and the methods used to enhance the living creatures. The best demonic orb refiner could reach the first-class level, but there would still be a black streak remaining.

In the minds of the people in the demon continent, the demonic qi cannot be completely driven away. The demon orb that Yang Chen took out simply subverted all people’s cognition.

And Yang Chen was also blessed with unique conditions to be able to do this. First of all, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has reached the level of the second grade human immortal realm, and it could completely suppress this degree of demonic qi, and control the speed and amount of absorption at any time. Second, Yang Chen has the memory of a Great Luo Golden Immortal.

These two points were particularly important. Although the demonic qi was powerful, under these two points, it cannot cause any substantial damage to Yang Chen. Yang Chen could control the intake of demonic qi, and this alone has firmly established himself in an invincible position.

Even if the demonic qi was not sufficiently concentrated, it would not allow Yang Chen to be in danger of becoming confused. All the emotional disturbances caused by the demonic qi could be quickly calmed down under the mental state of his previous life. Coupled with the three purities secret art, the demonic qi on the demon orb could only become Yang Chen’s fortune.

The powerful movement of the yin fire tribulation outside, of course, awakened Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan. Yang Chen walked out the door and found someone to understand what had happened. When grandmaster Yang asked, which bastard would dare to conceal anything? Besides, this matter has something to do with grandmaster Yang.

Yang Chen was okay, Shi Shanshan couldn’t help being surprised when she heard that it was her own husband’s demon orb that caused a cultivator who had been trapped in the peak Yuanying stage for a long time to reach the dacheng stage.

Before they parted ways, Yang Chen had sternly told the four women not to take the demon orbs. The reason was very simple, this kind of easy thing was far less suitable for you than the one you have cultivated.

Now that some people used the demon orb to advance to the dacheng stage, Shi Shanshan couldn’t help being curious again, and asked Yang Chen “This demon orb, you really don’t want us to use it? Can’t you get rid of all the demonic qi?”

“It’s medicine with three points of poison!” Yang Chen directly responded to Shi Shanshan’s question with a popular saying among ordinary people “Your aptitude is outstanding, there is no need to use such a method. Even if you don’t use the demon orbs, the speed of your cultivation is much faster than that of them, so why bother to use something that will cause big trouble in the future.”

“There will be big trouble in the future?” Shi Shanshan frowned, seeming a little suspicious that Yang Chen’s words were so general “How do you know?”

“I just know it!” Yang Chen pointed his finger at his head, but said nothing more.

The cultivators of the demon continent who soared to the spiritual realm and Immortal realm in his previous life were indeed very powerful warriors. However, when they cultivated to a higher realm, golden Immortal realm and great luo golden Immortal realm, they had to spend thousands of years adjusting their increasingly complicated spirit power. It was not enough to describe it as a big problem.

Of course, the benevolent see the benevolent and the wise see the wisdom, not like this in the mortal world, maybe they don’t even have the opportunity to enter the spiritual world. Everyone has his own aptitude, and each person has his own way of cultivating, so you can’t force it. Yang Chen could not force others to cultivate according to his instructions, but he could influence his wives.

Shi Shanshan just asked, and never said she would not listen to Yang Chen’s instructions. After discovering that the demon orbs that Yang Chen had handled had such an effect, she couldn’t help but be moved. She took out four demon orbs of about sixth grade or so from her body and gave them to Yang Chen.

“Deal with this too, the auctioned spirit stones are regarded as private money for my family!” Shi Shanshan uttered the word private money without evasiveness, not afraid that Yang Chen would be annoyed.

In fact, Yang Chen never cared about such things. Each of the four girls has a family, and it was normal that some of the precious materials are given to their relatives. On the contrary, it was said that this mate has not really given anything. He has given a lot of medicinal pills to them, but has never given them spirit stones.

“It’s my mistake.” Yang Chen immediately realized his mistake. It was normal to give his wife some key things, but he couldn’t lack some little care. It was also the duty of a husband to give them a batch of spirit stones so that they could freely choose something they like.

The auction house did not ask Yang Chen to wait. After deducting half of the usual handling fee, it was quickly delivered to Yang Chen. The total amount was more than five hundred kilograms of high-grade spirit stones, and Yang Chen directly gave out one hundred kilograms to Shi Shanshan.

“Your pocket money.” Yang Chen smiled and divided the spirit stone into five, four of a hundred kilograms, from the remaining one “For this period of time use this one and wait for me to buy a better demon orb to sell for a good price.” The implication was that there will be more in the future.

Suddenly a hundred kilograms of high-grade spirit stones were given to her, and Shi Shanshan couldn’t help but become happy. This was the same value as a kilogram of top grade spirit stone. Although the Green Jade Immortal Island has a great fortune, it has never been so lavish. Her husband, whether it was being an alchemist or a demonic qi refiner, it was always a rich and lucrative profession.

“By the way, why are you the only one to come back after so long?” Until now, he hasn’t seen the shadow of the other three women. Of course, Yang Chen thought of something, so he asked Shi Shanshan. He believed that Shi Shanshan must know the answer.

“We have agreed before we dispersed that everyone will come back to accompany you in turn.” Shi Shanshan was not afraid that Yang Chen would know, and directly replied “I’ll be the first in line, and the others will follow.”

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