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Chapter 507.2: The Miracle Of The Auction House

Needless to say, this was the effect of the demon orb. Adding decades of cultivation base was naturally good for the body.

The reason why the old guy was so anxious to win one was because he has been stuck in this state for a long time and has been unable to break through, and his body was slowly aging. There was no way to stop this change, his only hope was to break through the bottleneck and improve his cultivation base.

In his situation, several masters of the same dacheng stage could almost guess it. Seeing what he looked like now, it was obvious that the demon orb played a decisive role.

“What are you waiting for, bring out the second one?” Another dacheng stage master immediately urged.

The second demon orb was quickly brought up. This time it was a fourth grade demon orb, which was one grade better than the one just now. Although it was only one grade, the grade was a big level higher. This could be a demon orb, which could raise the cultivation base by a hundred years.

“Fourth grade demon orb, super first-class pure gold…” The host of the auction house didn’t dare to neglect, and quickly mentioned these routines.

However, before he finished speaking, someone interrupted his introduction and directly offered the price “Two hundred and fifty kilograms of high-grade spirit stones!”

“Two hundred and seventy kilograms!”

“Two hundred and seventy-five kilograms!”

The group of people did not pay attention to the host, and competed with bids. The host gave a dry laugh on the stage, closed his mouth knowingly, and then quietly waited for the bid to stalemate. At that time, it was time to show him the time to announce the first and second time as well as the closing time.

The competition quickly became fierce, the cultivator who got the first demon orb in front seemed to be very trustworthy. He didn’t bid on this demon orb, but closed his eyes slightly, listening to the surrounding movement and at the same time, feeling the new changes in his body.

The sudden increase in the cultivation base was naturally a bit unaccustomed. Normal cultivation requires decades of cultivation to be able to improve, but now that it was acquired in a short period, it was normal to not get used to it.

At the beginning, the first demon orb was only pursued by the dacheng stage masters. The masters of Yuanying stage in the halls of the auction house and basically didn’t make a lot of moves, but now the situation was different. Everyone has truly seen the effect of the demon orb, and all the people with financial resources were vying to bid for it.

“Three hundred kilograms!” Finally, the price broke through three hundred kilograms of high-grade spirit stones, which was the price of three kilograms of top-grade spirit stones, but the competition continued and still did not stop.

“Three hundred and five kilograms!”

“Three hundred and eight kilograms!”

“Three hundred and ten kilograms!”

The price was at an increase of three kilograms and five kilograms. Slowly ascending, it seems to have reached the climax. That’s about it, suddenly abnormal changes occur suddenly.

“Three hundred and fifty kilograms!” A decisive voice came out and reached everyone’s ears.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by the owner of the voice, and they looked over. The bid was made by a shopkeeper who had opened a shop at this gathering point, who was stingy and loved money like his life. The sudden bid at this time was truly shocking.

He suddenly added dozens of kilograms of high-grade spirit stones. Even those masters of the dacheng stage couldn’t help but begin to ponder. Upgrading the cultivation base was a good thing, however, not having so many spirit stones on hand was problematic. Everyone always paid attention to spirit power cultivation, how could they care about how much net worth they had?

This auction was stopped on the spot. Without spirit stones, there would be no way to buy demon orbs. Borrow from others on the spot? Who was willing to use his life savings to help others improve their cultivation base? This was the demon continent. If the other party decides not to pay it back and kills him directly, wouldn’t he dig his own grave?

There was no bidding for a while, and the auction hall fell silent for a while. The host of the auction house finally refreshed, it was his turn to appear.

“Three hundred and fifty kilograms of high-grade spirit stones going once!”

“Three hundred and fifty kilograms of high-grade spirit stones going twice!”

“Three hundred and fifty kilograms of high-grade spirit stones sold!”

In the angry eyes of several dacheng stage masters, the shopkeeper who successfully bid for the demon orbs coldly delivered the spirit stones and got the demon orb, just like the dacheng stage master just now, he quickly swallowed the demon orb, sat down and started refining.

Everyone didn’t leave, they all wanted to see what effect this shopkeeper would have after taking it. Soon everyone noticed the fact that the shopkeeper had reached the peak Yuanying stage and was stuck in this bottleneck for a long time and couldn’t break through. Later, he could only open a small shop at the gathering point, and feel the challenge while operating. This time it was estimated that it was for the impact of success, so the one who broke the boat took out all his continuations, intending to break through the bottleneck in one fell swoop.

The waiting time didn’t last long, and the shopkeeper opened his eyes after almost two hours.

There was no need to ask the shopkeeper if it was effective, because the sky has already begun to slowly condense tribulation clouds at this moment. The shopkeeper screamed in excitement, and then flew away from the auction room and went straight to the outside of the gathering point.

If the cloud condensed, he was about to face a tribulation. It was forbidden to fight in the gathering point, and naturally it was also forbidden to face the tribulation here, so the shopkeeper rushed out quickly.

Less than a moment after he rushed out, the yin fire tribulation began to descend. The Yuanying stage masters resisted the tribulation, and only those masters of the dacheng stage dared to lean over, and the others were hundreds of meters away.

The yin fire tribulation, after the sky over there flashed a few times, the cloud in the sky began to dissipate, but in the direction of the cultivator, there was a strong and slightly familiar aura. It was the shopkeeper who bought the fourth grade demon orb.

This situation could only show that the shopkeeper has successfully passed the yin fire tribulation and has been promoted to the dacheng stage.

The effect of two consecutive masters after taking the demon orbs, one was to rejuvenate, and the other was to promote to the dacheng stage. No matter which one, those who want to know the effect of this pure golden demon orb were irresistible.

The people in the gathering point were overjoyed almost instantly. Such a powerful demon orb came from the more shocking grandmaster Yang. The most important thing was that grandmaster Yang was still in the gathering spot, and he still had two higher-level fourth grade demon orbs in his hand, which were said to be auctioned later.

Those experts who have demon orbs in their hands that have not yet been purified were even more happy. Of course, it was better to use their own demon orb, as long as they pay for the processing costs.

At this time, it was natural to pay attention to grandmaster Yang, to pay attention to when he would organize the auction and when to acquire the demon orb. Everyone has more or less swallowed a low-grade demon orb, and naturally knows the risk of the demon orb that contains demonic qi. Now that Yang Chen could completely purify it, how could everyone easily give up this kind of opportunity?

Countless people began to wonder what kind of purification technique Yang Chen used to make the demon orb so pure.

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