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Chapter 507.1: The Miracle Of The Auction House

Yang Chen didn’t care about the auction of the demon orbs, anyway, it was just spirit stones, he already had a lot. With a beautiful woman in his arms, who would be interested in those things?

If Yang Chen doesn’t care, that doesn’t mean that others don’t care. People who came to the demon continent to cultivate, Yang Chen didn’t know, but the dao sect knew that they were all the guys who basically had no achievement in their sect. They came here to put their lives on the line in exchange for a little bit of cultivation growth.

Everyone was a cultivator with poor aptitude, these fifth- and fourth grade demon orbs could improve their cultivation for decades and hundreds of years. For hundreds of years, where could they find supplements for poor qualifications, not in terms of time? It saved a hundred years of penance in one fell swoop. Which one won’t be happy?

In the auction hall alone, there were seven dacheng stage masters and dozens of peak Yuanying stage masters. This was because the news has not spread farther in a month, otherwise, the lineup would definitely be stronger than this.

The people at the auction house knew what was good or bad, and they didn’t arrange other things, they just went straight to the topic. These guys were all used to killing people, who knows that they would wait patiently until the end? It’s better to come up and meet their needs, as soon as it came up, the auction entered the climax.

“Fifth grade demon orb, super first-class, pure gold, the starting price is 80 kilograms of high-grade spirit stones, and the price increase shall not be less than one gram of high-grade spirit stones, start!”

“One hundred kilograms!” Someone immediately raised the price directly to another level. However, although in terms of value, one hundred kilograms of high-grade spirit stones were equivalent to one kilogram of top grade spirit stones, but not everyone has the top grade spirit stones, and everyone still habitually uses high-grade spirit stones to calculate the price.

“One hundred and twenty kilograms!”

“One hundred and twenty-five kilograms!”

“One hundred and thirty kilograms!”

…Everyone defaulted to using the high-grade spirit stone as the unit of quotation, and the quoted price later basically increased according to five kilograms of the high-grade spirit stone, and soon reached 180 kilograms of the high-grade spirit stone.

At this point, even those dacheng stage masters seem to have begun to count the spirit stones in their pockets, and the increase in their quotations has also dropped to a kilogram.

“One hundred and eighty-one kilograms!”

“One hundred and eighty-two kilograms!”

…… One hundred and eighty kilograms of high-grade spirit stones were already equivalent to one kilogram of top grade spirit stones. From the perspective of replenishing spirit power, this one kilogram of top-grade spirit stone was enough for an early dacheng stage master to use it uninterrupted for decades, and it was almost the same as the level of improvement.

The problem was that improving one’s cultivation base was to increase the upper limit of one’s cultivation base, while supplementing spirit power only supplements the current cultivation base. The two were definitely not the same.

At this time, the speed of the auction bidding has been much slower. Normally, in this case, the host of the auction house must vigorously arouse the emotions of the bidders and let them join the bidding process. This was the usual method of the auction house.

However, in the face of so many experts today, even if the host of the auction house was also a Yuanying stage ancestor, he dared not say anything at this time. Stirring emotions? What a joke! Didn’t he see that some of the dacheng stage masters’ faces have turned black? At this time, if he stirs their emotions, wasn’t he courting death?

Most of the Yuanying stage ancestors in the auction hall were reduced to spectators. This price, even if they put all their money into it, they can’t get it. They could only watch a few experts and giants bid there.

Several dacheng stage masters were chanting words, but everyone around couldn’t understand what they were talking about. However, in the ears of several dacheng stage masters which were undetectable by others, there were constant arguments from several bidders.

“This old man has been trapped in this state for more than two hundred years, and this orb is bound to be obtained by me so why don’t you let me have it.”

“You are old and you lack cultivation skills, I also lack cultivation skills, so why let it be for you?”

“This old man has a superb material in his hand. If you are willing, the old man is willing to reward you.”

……All kinds of secret operations were done, and on the table, there was still a pound by pound. When the time was about to come, they added a kilogram to ensure that there was no transaction.

The invisible transaction finally had a result, and the price of the auction house was also handed over 206 kilograms of high-grade spirit stones. This fifth-grade demon orb was finally sold, and it fell to a dacheng master who was a demon cultivator.

The spirit stones were delivered on the spot, and the goods were also delivered on the spot. The demon cultivator who got the demon orb, without saying anything, directly swallowed the fifth grade demon orb into his mouth, chewed it a bit and swallowed it in his stomach.

This move was not surprising at all, most people who bought the demon orb dealt with it in this way, and directly eliminated any thoughts about the idea of ​​fighting for the demon orb. There were also people like Yang Chen, but they were usually demon cultivators, and no one would make up their minds.

Before the second demon orb was auctioned, everyone wanted to see if the demon orb of the fifth grade had any effect, so a cultivator directly spoke to the host of the auction house, and then the whole auction was suspended. Everyone looked at the master who subdued the demon orb.

It was strictly forbidden to attack at the gathering points, even if there was a hatred of disagreement, no force was allowed here. The expert was relieved to subdue the demon orb, and then no matter who was around, he closed his eyes to refine the demon orb.

An invisible power emanated from the sitting cultivator, directly forcing the people around him a few steps away. Afterwards, everyone felt his aura soaring all the way up, almost without stopping.

This soaring aura lasted for a full two hours. And during the two hours, whether it was the Yuanying stage ancestors or the masters of the dacheng stage, they all stared at him silently.

Whether the high-grade demon orbs would work after being completely purified, this guy was the best touchstone. In addition to the many benefits he promised, the reason why other cultivators would cede this demon orb to him was also for observation with this purpose.

If they wanted to purify a demon orb completely, they would just look for Yang Chen, but they were just afraid. In fact, there were a few high-grade demon orbs in the hands of these experts. It’s just that they were afraid that the demonic qi contained in it would hurt them, so they haven’t dared to use it. If it really works, they would rather spend a high price to ask Yang Chen to purify their demon orbs for them.

After the cultivator’s momentum soared to the apex, he finally stopped, and then he just snorted and stopped doing everything. Although he didn’t have any other performance, the changes that had occurred in him were enough for everyone to judge whether the demon orb was effective.

After just such a short time, the old cultivator had become much younger. Although he still had gray hair, they have become more energetic.

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