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Chapter 506.2: Powerful Demonic Qi Refiner

Yang Chen was not afraid that the auction house would embezzle his two demon orbs. Under the eyes of so many people, who dares? Even if it was served on the spot, it was impossible to increase a hundred years of skill on the spot, and it would definitely be swarmed and divided.

What’s more, the auction house owner cares not only about the cultivation base over the years, but also the reputation of the auction house. Regardless of the lawlessness of the demon continent, there was no scum left at the gathering point.

“One is in the fifth grade, and the other is in the fourth grade!” The auction house owner was also refreshing enough, and when he got the demon orb, he immediately appraised the grade. In fact, it was known at the time of the last auction, but an announcement in itself could still attract a lot of attention. Especially the last sentence he announced “All are pure gold, super-class demon orbs!”

Boom, the people who gathered together anxiously waiting, finally let out their excitement. Even the big figures who were not there but always followed the situation with their spiritual awareness, also showed knowing smiles in their respective rooms.

The attention of the powerful experts didn’t last long on the demon orbs, and they quickly turned to Yang Chen’s side. A demon orb refiner who could completely purify a demon orb, put it on anyone, was an object worth fighting for.

Not to mention the demon sect disciples and the demon race, they need this kind of risk-free upgrade for their cultivation. Even if it was a dao sect disciple, who was unwilling to increase their cultivation base by decades and hundreds of years without any effort?

On the demon continent, establishing a friendly relationship with such a demon orb refiner means that as long as one has a fourth-grade and fifth-grade demon orb, he could improve his cultivation for a hundred years. One hundred years of cultivation was enough for those masters in the early dacheng stage to enter the middle dacheng stage. Not to mention those masters who have reached the peak Yuanying stage, even if there was no improvement in their mood, the spirit power cultivation base skyrocketing was enough to reach the dacheng stage.

All the masters of the Yuanying stage in the gathering point were warned, and there were warnings from several masters of the dacheng stage. No matter where in the demon continent, anyone who dares to have trouble with this demon orb refiner would be attacked by a combination of several masters.

Everyone here was expecting the auction to be held as scheduled, but Yang Chen over there was beginning to feel a little anxious about how his few wives have not arrived yet. In terms of time, it should be almost the appointment time. Could it be that something unexpected happened?

Regarding the cultivation base of the four women, Yang Chen was quite relieved. If they just wandered around the outer area, there would never be a problem. The demonic fiends similar to the demonized demon vine were also unique. Yang Chen doesn’t believe that within thousands of miles around here, there could be another one.

This month’s time was said to be used to purify the demon orbs, but in fact it only took a few days to truly absorb the demonic qi. Most of the time, Yang Chen used his heart demon to hone his state of mind.

It was not just negative emotions that affected the mind from the heart demon. When it accumulates to a certain level, even the positive emotions would also be induced into the heart demon. The most typical example was the expansion of self-confidence. Over-confidence becomes blind self-confidence, which has a series of counter-effects.

Yang Chen had never encountered such a situation in his previous life. Speaking of it, it was related to the experience of the previous life. How did Yang Chen develop self-confidence when he was chased and killed by the Greatest Heaven Sect and then controlled? It was nothing more than a step-by-step approach, and then the people at the Profound Heaven Sect didn’t want Yang Chen to die early, so they helped him break through certain bottlenecks.

Regarding the true state of mind cultivation, Yang Chen in his previous life was at the peak of the heavenly Immortal realm at best. In this life, Yang Chen apparently didn’t realize this until the emergence of these emotions.

In Yang Chen’s cognition, negative emotions were prone to heart demons, but he has never thought that positive emotions would be the same. During this month, Yang Chen has experienced such a situation at least three times, and each time he avoided it when it was dangerous.

However, this kind of training has benefited Yang Chen a lot, he felt that his mood cultivation has improved a lot, and he had a correct understanding of things that he could not figure out before.

This also made Yang Chen even more aware of why those in the heavenly court would drink and party from time to time instead of cultivating assiduously. Yang Chen originally thought that the combination of work and rest was the right cultivation path, but now he understands how one-sided it was.

Although the combination of work and rest was good, the real reason was the correct desire to channel. Everything in the world has its own desires. Generally speaking, acting according to instinct was basically normal behavior. Human beings were a little more complicated, with a lot of morals and ethics, but some normal needs were not necessarily discarded. They were released when they should be released, this was the true way of cultivation.

The day before the auction, Yang Chen finally saw Shi Shanshan. Wearing a veil, she appeared in the gathering spot with a fierce murderous aura.

Many people in the demon continent have such a situation, everyone’s mind was attracted by the demon orb to be auctioned, and they would not pay attention to a woman who they can’t see her face. To be honest, those who survived the fight in the demon continent were they people who would be overwhelmed after seeing a woman? Even if they paid attention, she was just an opponent, not a woman who they wanted to have an idea on.

Especially when Shi Shanshan entered Yang Chen’s room, no one dared to have an idea to attack Shi Shanshan. Who dares to move against the woman whom the mysterious grandmaster Yang was accustomed to?

Yang Chen was very strange, Shi Shanshan pinched to the gathering point. This was conceivable, but how come Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling and Sun Qingxue have not arrived yet? Although he didn’t worry much about their safety, he was still afraid that something would happen to them.

“Why are you here now?” Yang Chen was naturally happy when he saw Shi Shanshan. Because of the achievement, he was also particularly gentle with Shi Shanshan, and does not conceal the feeling of missing Shi Shanshan.

Shi Shanshan was the first to come back, facing Yang Chen alone and seeing Yang Chen caring so much, she felt the same sweetness in her heart. It seems that even the murderous intent on her body has been forgotten behind her, the cold and compelling cold plum fairy curled up in Yang Chen’s arms so comfortably, as if she was a little cat of Yang Chen. If they let other people see it, they would definitely be shocked.

Yang Chen hugged his sweet wife while telling her about his experience during this period of time. When she heard that Yang Chen could completely purify the demon orb, even though Shi Shanshan was accustomed to seeing Yang Chen performing miracles, she couldn’t help but express her shock again.

In the same way, Shi Shanshan curled up in Yang Chen’s arms, enjoying the best fragrant tea in a very comfortable way, and also told Yang Chen about her harvest over the past year.

While Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan were enjoying their rare time alone, the auction floor had turned the sky upside down.

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