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Chapter 499.1: Here Is Not A Playground

Several rays of light came straight at Yang Chen, without giving Yang Chen any preparation time at all, deliberately wanting Yang Chen’s life as soon as he came in.

It seemed that the people around this young master were resolute and vigorous, without the kind of greeting nonsense, directly attacking the opponent, neat and tidy.

Yang Chen stood there, as if frightened stupidly, motionless. Seeing that the three sword lights were about to descend on Yang Chen, three more rays of light suddenly appeared beside Yang Chen, which was able to block the flying sword that would kill him.

Gao Yue, Sun Qingxue and Shi Shanshan shot at the same time, each blocking a sword. Immediately afterwards, they rushed out and fought with Liu San and others who rushed up.

Gongsun Ling quickly stood in front of Yang Chen, as if she was Yang Chen’s bodyguard, staring at her surroundings, not daring to relax at all.

The young master, who was waiting to see the excitement not far away, became sluggish at this moment. What situation was this? A man hiding behind several women? It turned out that these women were not Yang Chen’s concubines, but bodyguards?

Thinking about the few women around him, all of them were cultivation cauldrons, and their cultivation bases were worse than his own. Letting them be bodyguards was simply looking for death. Compared with the women around Yang Chen, it seems that the people around him were a lot worse!

After killing the nasty kid Yang Chen this time, he must subdue these few women who seem to have good aptitudes. They could be his cauldron and also be his bodyguards, just imagining it brought him excitement.

“Be careful, don’t hurt the girls!” The young master suddenly thought of a problem and hurriedly shouted loudly. It would be a pity if Liu San and the others hurt the girls regardless.

Thinking of the beautiful figures of the four women, the young master looked forward to seeing their beautiful faces under the veil. In any case, Liu San and the others should not be allowed to destroy these wonderful things.

What responded to him was not the familiar Liu San yelling “Yes. Young Master!”, but a bloody human head flying straight towards him.

He was just immersed in the wonderful fantasy, the young master did not pay attention to the battle. He was very confident in the abilities of Liu San and the others. You know, these guys were on his turf. But it was not just a master of the late Yuanying stage. Yang Chen and the others were all in the early Yuanying stage, so it’s not a problem at all.

However, this bloody head destroyed all his beautiful imagination. It was not a good thing to behead the beautiful woman alive, it was too horrible.

The young master was planning to sweep the head away with a flick of his sleeves to prevent him from seeing the disappointment he shouldn’t see, but suddenly his eyes widened and looked at the flying head incredibly.

It’s impossible for a beautiful woman’s head to be so ugly. On the head that kept tumbling, two big eyeballs staring at him, coupled with a shocked expression on his face, perfectly captured the owner of the head’s dying expression at the moment of being beheaded.

Those eyes were so familiar, it has been with him for more than a hundred years. At this time, the young master realized that the head turned out to be Liu San’s head that he had just ordered.

The woman in his arms also saw the head clearly and screamed in horror. The few of them were promoted to the Yuanying stage by the young master using secret methods and various medicinal herbs, where they would gain experience of fighting. In the past, they watched the young master kill people, but none of their own people have been killed, this was the first time.

Looking at the head of a familiar person, the several women screamed in horror. With the blood dripping continuously in the air, it was as if a horror movie was being staged.

With the screams of the several women, another head flew up. It was thrown in this direction, with the same blood dripping and the same dead eye.

“Leave me one!” Gongsun Ling let out a coquettish voice, which passed through the face-covered veil to the ears of everyone present.

Of the three servants who took action, there was only one left who had been severely injured by Sun Qingxue and was about to be beheaded. Just as his opponent Sun Qingxue was about to do something, when she heard Gongsun Ling’s cry, she flew up and kicked the hapless guy in front of Gongsun Ling.

Gongsun Ling was not polite, and quickly received the seriously injured guy in the mountain river geographical map. With this neat movement, no one could imagine the kind of grinning expression under Gongsun Ling’s veil.

A master in the Yuanying stage suddenly disappeared without a trace, and suddenly everyone was shocked. The two remaining servants of the young master hurriedly stood in front of the young master, covering the young master and his woman behind them, looking at Yang Chen and his party with horror.

“It’s a pity that you killed them so soon!” Gongsun Ling’s voice resounded beautifully again. It was very beautiful, just by listening to her voice, you can imagine how beautiful the face behind the veil was.

But on this occasion, Gongsun Ling’s voice made people involuntarily horrified. When the crowd looked at Gongsun Ling’s gaze, it was as if they were looking at some cannibal demon.

It was a terrifying way to die without a whole body, but in front of a girl with a beautiful body and a beautiful voice, it seems that he can’t even do this. He disappeared without a trace in an instant, and it was not that he disappeared out of thin air, but was received by someone in a space magic weapon.

The little girl was not afraid of what kind of damage a master in the late Yuanying stage would cause when entering her space magic weapon. This could only be explained by one thing, that was, she has completely eaten that guy.

Many people were waiting here with the intention of watching a show. It was not that no one saw the scene in the square just now. People have the habit of watching the excitement, especially if you look at the excitement, you could roughly estimate the strength of both sides. For those guys who may become their future opponents, everyone wants to pay attention.

It’s just that, looking at it this time, half of the people felt chilly in their hearts. The three women who rushed out beside Yang Chen made their moves more fiercely than they thought.

Almost at the speed of light, the outcome was already clear. First was Shi Shanshan, and then Gao Yue, after the opponent only shot a sword, they used a kind mysterious body and sword technique, to behead them, showing no mercy. It’s so firm and ruthless that people couldn’t help but be shocked.

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