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Chapter 494.2: Return

Five thousand, even Yang Chen couldn’t help being stunned. Even if Yang Chen refines such a large amount by himself, it would take several years. The Greatest Heaven Sect really lost their minds this time, so they were not afraid of being ripped off by him?

Unexpectedly, the Greatest Heaven Sect would have such great courage. Yang Chen thought that they would only take enough pills to cure Li Liheng’s illness.

But this was better. Firstly, it would save them the time to come to the sect to accumulate hatred. Secondly, Yang Chen didn’t want to spend more time on the spirit congealing pills, it was best to take care of it once and for all.

“Is there anything else I would like to take from you?” Yang Chen didn’t make a direct offer, but asked rhetorically.

Mao Qi rolled his eyes and showed an expression of “I knew it” on his face. The dignified elder of the foreign affairs hall of the Greatest Heaven Sect seemed to have such a helpless expression only when he was in front of Yang Chen. If everything that happened here spread outside, he doesn’t know how many people would have their jaw dropped in shock.

“In ten thousand years, the notes of several alchemy masters in the Greatest Heaven Sect, are they enough?” Mao Qi said while observing Yang Chen’s reaction.

Mao Qi and other senior officials in the Greatest Heaven Sect carefully studied Yang Chen, and found that besides fire seeds, he wanted medicinal materials and rarely other things. Even if you want it, it was for others, not for your own use. With that said, what Yang Chen liked was to study the way of alchemy.

“Within ten thousand years?” Yang Chen closed his eyes and began to ponder. The experience of these alchemy masters was indeed coveted, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect was not a specialized alchemy sect, but the master’s notes accumulated over ten thousand years were very rare materials.

“One thousand pills!” After pondering for a while, Yang Chen finally gave a number. These notes could be exchanged for one thousand spirit congealing pills.

Hearing the numbers, Mao Qi must have time in his heart to think if it was true. What Yang Chen liked was the way of alchemy, exploring the mystery of alchemy, and he was really blinded by the things he gave him before. If he had known it earlier, he would have used these alchemy notes that could be copied with jade slips, how many seventh-grade fire seeds and elixir of more than 100,000 years could be saved.

“I will add two alchemy scriptures handed down from the spiritual world.” Mao Qi and Yang Chen, like two profiteers, began to increase their bargaining chips little by little.

“Who do you want to deceive?” Yang Chen looked contemptuous and suddenly changed his face, as if looking at an old liar “It was handed down from the spiritual world? Why don’t you say it was handed down from the immortal world? Maybe then I will agree easily!”

As soon as Yang Chen’s contrived expression appeared, Mao Qi’s heart was immediately balanced. The small sect was the small sect, the means and consumption of some large sects were simply unimaginable to them. In Yang Chen’s eyes, it was impossible to pass things down from the spiritual world to the mortal world, but in the eyes of the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was no longer so mysterious.

“Young man, sometimes things you don’t understand don’t mean it doesn’t exist.” Mao Qi’s heart felt as if he drank a large glass of ice water in the summer and he slowly took a sip from his teacup, finally he felt a little pride in being from a big sect.

It was rare to have the opportunity to give instructions like a senior in front of Yang Chen, Mao Qi was simply happy on his face and refreshing in his heart. What about the fifth grade alchemist master? Isn’t he from a small sect? He doesn’t even know the methods of some big sects.

“It’s not impossible that something can be passed down from the spiritual realm.” Mao Qi said slowly, and once again glanced at Yang Chen’s slightly open mouth with a slightly surprised expression, and his heart was filled with unquenchable joy. This was simply the most comfortable one of so many meetings with Yang Chen, which made Mao Qi a little happy.

If this was the case every time they met, how good would it be? How could Mao Qi be so depressed that he vowed not to see Yang Chen again? It’s a rare enjoyment, Mao Qi would definitely take up the opportunity and teach Yang Chen a good lesson.

“This is not a big deal, it’s just that it will cost a few masters who have cultivated thousands of years of their cultivation base.” Mao Qi tried to use the most understated expression and tone to tell the matter, while not forgetting to appreciate Yang Chen’s listening and that kind of incredible expression afterwards.

“The cost will be thousands of years of their cultivation base?” Yang Chen’s performance at this moment was as if he had heard such outrageous things for the first time. What he had always believed to be correct fell apart in front of his eyes, as if the whole world had collapsed and he stupidly asked “Is there really something handed down?”

Such a manifestation was too normal. The common sense that has been heard since childhood was so subversively destroyed, no one could suddenly accept it. Moreover, for a small sect, it was simply unthinkable to pass down things from the spiritual world at such a price.

Yang Chen didn’t seem to suspect that Mao Qi would lie to him. Of course, at this moment, when Mao Qi wanted to lie to Yang Chen, it would be no less than digging a hole for himself. If this was the case, it means that what Mao Qi said was true, and there really was such a thing.

“Of course!” Mao Qi’s sense of superiority of the big sect at the moment was simply uncontrollable and he was thinking about whether he could take the opportunity to solicit Yang Chen. However, he also understands the priorities, first get things done right now, and then talk about the extras later.

“Two pill scriptures of the spiritual world.” After the initial surprise, Yang Chen began to ponder it again. After a long time, he gritted his teeth and said “The two pill scriptures of the spiritual world will be exchanged for 1,500 pills!”

To be honest, in Yang Chen’s previous life he was no more than a sixth grade alchemist master, and there were many outstanding high-level alchemists who even reached this level in the spiritual world. Using the alchemy of the senior alchemist of the Greatest Heaven Sect to exchange for so many spirit congealing pills, Yang Chen definitely made a profit.

“What if I add a pill scripture handed down from the immortal world?” Mao Qi’s head was almost up to the sky, and his voice was like smashing a few words from the sky. This attitude could be used in front of Yang Chen, Mao Qi couldn’t even think of it before coming.

If he had known that Yang Chen liked such things, he would have used them for trading the first few times and saved the precious materials and enjoyed this kind of arrogant feeling. However, it was not too late to know now, and he would know how to deal with Yang Chen in the future.

Hearing the pill scriptures passed down from the immortal world, Yang Chen’s breathing was already heavier, and his eyes were a little red as he whirred like a small bellow.

“How about the remaining two thousand five hundred?” This time, it was Yang Chen’s turn to raise it carefully, waiting for Mao Qi to agree.

Mao Qi’s tears almost broke out with excitement, heaven and earth, it was finally time for Yang Chen to wait for his own decision.

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