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Chapter 494.1: Return

After he played with the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen set up his clone and immortal body, and then went to the Dragon Palace to check the situation of the Dragon Palace fusion.

Last time Yang Chen had completed the initial integration, this time Xiao Tian personally controlled it, and it was even more relaxed. Within a month, the integration was completely completed, and it was the deepest level of integration.

For more than a month, the women were a little worried. Fortunately, Gongsun Ling experienced this kind of waiting last time, knowing that the interior of the sea of no return was extremely dangerous, so after explaining to the other three women, everyone joined hands to practice against the sea beasts, and it didn’t seem too boring.

Yang Chen came out of the sea of no return and they hadn’t seen him for more than a month, but when the girls looked at Yang Chen, they clearly saw a different aura from him than before.

It was a kind of pleasing self-confidence, only the close people around Yang Chen could feel it, and it was absolutely invisible. That kind of self-confidence, even detached from life and death, like there was no longer any sense of fear.

It was understandable that when a person has an immortal body that becomes his own clone, and once the body dies, the clone would wake up again and have almost all of his own memories, no one would be afraid of death anymore.

This state of not being afraid of death would naturally affect the body’s state of mind, turning it into a kind of openness to fearlessness. Was there anything better than this that could improve the realm of cultivation?

It has only been a few years since everyone has entered the Yuanying state, and when most people were consolidating their realm, Yang Chen seems to have begun to hit the peak early Yuanying stage.

Everyone had been away from their sect for many years, and they had to go back. Shi Shanshan has just gone back recently, but Sun Qingxue has never been back to the Blue Cloud Sect.

Sun Qingxue was going back to her natal home, so she had to bring some gifts back. Now Yang Chen refined some face retaining pills that have become the most sought-after item. Last time he refined it in the Green Jade Immortal Island, it happened that Sun Qingxue brought it back as a gift.

Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue really seemed to be advancing and retreating together, and the two girls didn’t want to go back to the Pure Yang Palace at this time. They just made an appointment with Yang Chen on a date to meet again, and then rushed to the Blue Cloud Sect together.

Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling naturally followed Yang Chen back to Pure Yang Palace. In addition to communicating with the elders and the palace master, Yang Chen also had another purpose, which was to wait for the Greatest Heaven Sect to come to him again.

They have already spent more than half of the spirit congealing pills, and the remaining ones were definitely not enough for Li Liheng to persist for fifty years. The high-level staff of the Greatest Heaven Sect knew this very well, but they still couldn’t help it. The pill recipe with them has not only been verified by the masters of the medicine hall, but also the pill recipe left by Senior Liu Fengzi was exactly the same.

There was no problem with the pill recipe, but there was no alchemist to refine it. This made the Greatest Heaven Sect extremely depressed, and in desperation, they had no choice but to come to Yang Chen again.

Hall Master Mao, who vowed never to see Yang Chen again, had been waiting in the Pure Yang Palace for five years. If he didn’t come, Li Liheng’s communication with Liu Fengzi over the years has brought many benefits to the sect. Mao Qi knew from the beginning to the end that even his own cultivation level had improved slightly.

All of these were based on Li Liheng’s normal cultivation of spatial spiritual awareness cultivation method, and the foundation of Li Liheng’s normal cultivation was the spirit concealing pills. Without the spirit congealing pill, there would be nothing. There would be Li Liheng, no Liu Fengzi and no future guidance.

Even if he had sworn an oath, he had to break the oath at this time. As sect master Li asked at the time, if he used the heart demon to swear? If it was not, then it would be none other than Hall Master Mao. Who told the Greatest Heaven Sect to deal with Yang Chen the most frequently, and he was most familiar with Yang Chen?

“Why are you here again?” Seeing Hall Master Mao’s face, Yang Chen blurted out this sentence, his face full of impatience and a look of surprise.

Mao Qi’s face went dark immediately. What does he want again? Do you think I want to come? But he only darkened his face, and he returned to normal immediately. Now that the Greatest Heaven Sect wants to ask Yang Chen for help, it’s not the time to turn their faces with Yang Chen. Besides, Yang Chen didn’t say much, did he?

“What kind of pill are you making this time?” In front of Mao Qi, Yang Chen rarely had to be as polite as in front of other outsiders. He sat down opposite Mao Qi and reached out and grabbed the teapot from Mao Qi and asked while pouring tea.

“Spirit congealing pills.” Mao Qi was not polite with Yang Chen, reached out his hand to grab the teacup and took a sip, then lazily spit out three words and helplessly said.

“Spirit congealing pills?” Yang Chen had a puzzled look on his face, staring straight at Mao Qi, and even asked in an unbelievable tone “Senior Mao, what are you doing with it, are you throwing away the spirit congealing pills. Or is there too much precious material in the Greatest Heaven Sect that you have to rush to send it to me? I am embarrassed!”

Mao Qi almost jumped up angrily, what does he mean by throwing away the spirit congealing pills? Does he think he was willing to come here to find him? How could Mao Qi fail to hear the teasing in Yang Chen’s speech?

Moreover, Yang Chen made no secret of it. He clearly told Mao Qi that he had been ripping them off several times before, so why would he come to find him again if it wasn’t important?.

“There is no other way, more than one person needs it.” Mao Qi couldn’t attack yet, so he could only forcefully suppress his anger, and calmly explain “Let’s agree on a price!”

Anyway, Mao Qi and Yang Chen didn’t deal with each other once or twice, and there was not so much exchange of greetings between the two. It was straightforward to get straight to the point and it was the style of two people talking about business.

“How many?” Yang Chen didn’t worry about what the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted so many spirit congealing pills to do, nor did he directly name a price, but asked the quantity. Without figuring out the quantity, how could he speak about the price.

Last time, the Greatest Heaven Sect had learned a lesson. For fear of not having enough spirit congealing pills in fifty years, Yang Chen deliberately asked Yang Chen to refine almost 5% of the amount as a reserve. But he didn’t expect it to be consumed so early. This time, he was afraid that in addition to having enough to treat the disease, a large amount of extra was needed.

Fifty years have passed and almost more than half have been used, and there were only a few left. This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect decided to get enough quantity at a time so as not to trouble Yang Chen again afterwards.

“Five thousand!” Mao Qi gritted his teeth and said the number, trembling involuntarily in his heart, faintly aching.

This amount was enough for Yang Chen to offer a price that would make the Greatest Heaven Sect speechless. Mao Qi couldn’t help but feel distressed when he thought of the resources that could have been enjoyed by the Greatest Heaven Sect’s disciples, but now they would be handed over to the alchemist in front of him.

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