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Chapter 493.2

It’s not that Yang Chen didn’t want to use the immortal body to cultivate, it was just that the three purities secret art was like this. The first split of the spiritual awareness was just to split a seed of consciousness, which gave the subject a chance to resurrect after death. However, this seed of spiritual awareness cannot cultivate while the subject still exists.

For Yang Chen, he could only watch his divine consciousness seed attached to the immortal body, drooling at the immortal body that had already experienced the heavenly tribulation in vain, and was still unable to cultivate.

He could not help but say, this was a huge enticement. If Yang Chen could be cruel and he kills himself, he would start again, and with the help of the immortal body, he might be able to raise his cultivation to a jaw-dropping realm in a short period of time. But in that case, would he still be himself?

No one would commit suicide in exchange for a better opportunity to cultivate, even Yang Chen couldn’t make this determination. Not to mention that his current body had the full value of the acquired spiritual roots of all attributes, but he has not experienced a higher heavenly tribulation, and his future achievements would not be worse than that of the immortal body with a single attribute.

Hurrying to the sea of no return, Yang Chen didn’t want other people to know, so he just traveled directly across the bottom of the sea with his four beautiful wives. With the flying shuttle this treasure, plus the sea jasper lamp, he was not afraid of being discovered by others at all.

When he reached the outskirts of the sea of no return, Yang Chen put the four girls down. There was no other way around it, the inside of the sea of no return was very dangerous, and without the five-element hook of the dragon clan, it was impossible to get down. As for the five-element hook, only Yang Chen could use it at present and Yang Chen was not willing to let his wives take risks.

With Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographical map, Yang Chen made them feel relieved to travel outside of the sea of no return. The sea beasts here were extremely fierce, and it was also a good place to cultivate their fighting skills.

Yang Chen alone, once again entered the interior of the sea of no return. This time when he entered, Xiao Tian was also very awake, and he seemed very excited to revisit the old place.

After arriving at the original dragon palace again, before placing the immortal body, Yang Chen suddenly moved in his heart and released the dragon palace.

Last time, Yang Chen controlled the Dragon Palace to fuse the dragon clan treasure house in a lethargy after Xiao Tian swallowed the dragon bead, but it was clear that he certainly did not personally operate the fusion thoroughly. This time, Yang Chen released the Dragon Palace and just let Xiao Tian personally control it, and to completely merge the two.

The immortal body and the seven treasured glaze box were placed in a pool of tenth water spiritual solution by Yang Chen. Since the last time Yang Chen collected it, some has slowly accumulated here again, but there was only the first layer. He placed a nourishing formation here, just to nourish the immortal body with the help of the tenth water spiritual solution.

After the temporary placement and waiting for the process of Xiao Tian controlling the dragon palace fusion, Yang Chen did not idle, and once again connected the spiritual awareness link with Li Liheng of the Greatest Heaven Sect.

During this period of time, every almost a year or so, Yang Chen would contact Li Liheng once, and it has almost become a fixed rule. However, Li Liheng consumes more and more spirit congealing pills and he used about ten in one contact. At this rate, within a maximum of ten years, Yang Chen’s spirit concealing pills would be exhausted.

The contact time each time was longer, but almost every time he gave instructions to Li Liheng and others in the Greatest Heaven Sect about their cultivation. Judging from Li Liheng’s increasingly proud performance, he has gained an absolute position in the Greatest Heaven Sect.

This was a good thing, and Yang Chen was happy to make it happen. It was also the first step of the plan to let a guy with no talents and no virtues ascend to the high position of the Greatest Heaven Sect. But today, Yang Chen intends to make the Greatest Heaven Sect depressed.

“When this old man was chatting with a senior in the sect recently, that senior occasionally said that he remembered that one of his seniors left a secret plane in the mortal world.” Senior Liu Fengzi said to Li Liheng, “You Write down the method to open the secret plane, go get those things inside!”

Li Liheng was overjoyed. Needless to say, the secret plane left by the predecessors in the spiritual world was full of precious materials. Needless to say, just medicinal materials could be made into peerless treasures over the years.

Not daring to leave a word, Li Liheng remembered Liu Fengzi’s advice firmly and repeated it to Liu Fengzi. After there were no more problems, Liu Fengzi was relieved.

“In this secret plane, there are many dangers. The seniors who left it behind are not are not so easy to handle. You must be careful, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.” Senior Liu Fengzi still seemed to be worried, and said again.

Of course, Li Liheng promised with full mouth that he would proceed with caution. Only after spending ten spirit congealing pills, did he end the contact with Senior Liu Fengzi.

Li Liheng was not present when the ancient secret key of the Greatest Heaven Sect broke out last time, so this was not very clear to him. With his personality, these things that have nothing to do with him he would not pay much attention to them afterwards. And at that time, he was suffering from unprovoked fainting, so how would he care about a secret plane.

At this moment, he got an ancient secret plane, and he became excited for a while. Under the gaze of the waiting and anxious Greatest Heaven Sect core officials, Li Liheng quickly explained the process of this exchange.

Hearing that there was an ancient secret plane, everyone suddenly became excited. But after Li Liheng enthusiastically told the news about the ancient secret plane, he thought he could see the excited expressions of the sect master and elders, but to his surprise, he only saw depression.

What was this expression? Li Liheng looked at the elders a little puzzled. It was the sect master who understood Li Liheng. Seeing his puzzled appearance, he slightly reminded him “This secret plane is the secret plane that caused us to lose several dacheng stage elders.”

The excitement in his heart instantly turned into consternation, Li Liheng stared at the crowd dumbfounded, his mind lost. Senior Liu Fengzi said that the secret plane was left behind by a senior so how could it lead to such a disaster?

“Did Senior Liu Fengzi say to be careful?” Li Sect Master asked in a low voice. He vaguely doubted Liu Fengzi, whom he had never met and could not meet. What does it mean to take out a secret plane that was almost universally known?

“Senior told me to be careful several times, he said that the senior who left it behind wasn’t easy to handle.” Li Liheng hurriedly mentioned the advice of senior Liu Fengzi. But even if he wanted to break his head, he didn’t understand, how could the secret plane handed down by the predecessors of the spiritual world become the secret plane that has already been explored?

“Wait for the next contact!” Sect Master Li sighed, not knowing what kind of thoughts were in his mind.

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