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Chapter 491.1: Changes Of Shi Shanshan

Guan Zhenyao’s almost invincible dumb aunt was not much better than Yang Chen, her swollen body kept backing, while backing away, blood spurted wildly from her mouth.

After retreating more than a dozen steps in a row, Ya Gupo’s legs and feet were no longer able to keep up with the retreat momentum brought by Yang Chen’s punch. She couldn’t get enough of it and she immediately fell to the ground.

But the body didn’t stop because the dumb aunt fell to the ground, she still maintained her inertia, sliding fast towards the back. After sliding on the ground continuously for a distance of about several meters, it stopped.

The ground where the dumb aunt glided across, leaving behind a series of blood stains. The red traces continued for several feet long, which was shocking to see.

How could that be? The first thought that appeared in Guan Zhenyao’s mind was that it was impossible. How could such a thing happen? Ya Gupo was a master in the dacheng stage, and Yang Chen was just a junior in the early Yuanying stage. How could the two have such an effect when fighting?

Although Yang Chen was also beaten into the air, she couldn’t see the appearance of injury at all, and he even flew back as a way to relieve his strength.

But the dacheng stage master Ya Gupo who punched Yang Chen, who once repelled the two dacheng stage masters with a stick, was hit by Yang Chen until she vomited blood.

Not only that, after falling to the ground, Ya Gupo seemed to have no other actions except vomiting blood. Until now, she still lay still on the ground and didn’t move as if she was in a coma.

Guan Zhenyao’s head banged and she became dizzy, she was already terrified by the scene before her. Her carefully arranged formation was destroyed by a few swords lights from Yang Chen and even her dumb aunt, who was the last to rely on, was beaten to death by a punch. How could this happen?

Guan Zhenyao was dizzy here, but it doesn’t mean that Shi Shanshan and the others were also dizzy. This woman actually had a murderous heart because Shi Shanshan had better aptitude than her. Today, she wanted to kill everyone, how could the girls let her go?

When Guan Zhenyao awoke from the shock, she immediately discovered that she had fallen into the siege of the four women. But Yang Chen had already walked to Ya Gupo’s side, looking down at the situation of Ya Gupo.

Seeing this situation, Guan Zhenyao was determined. She was in the late Yuanying stage, but the girls were all in the early Yuanying stage. As long as it wasn’t Yang Chen who could knock the dacheng stage masters out with a terrifying punch, she doesn’t have these early Yuanying stage ancestors in her eyes. Even if she may not be able to kill the four women quickly, there was still no problem in running away alone.

“Huh, four on one, you think I would be afraid?” Guan Zhenyao was now certain that Yang Chen had no plans to intervene. He had already sat down on the side of the dumb aunt, and put an unknown pill into the dumb aunt mouth. If Yang Chen did it, Guan Zhenyao would really not dare to be so talkative.

Shi Shanshan shook her head slightly at the other three women, who all walked away silently, but still surrounded Guan Zhenyao in a vaguely small circle on the outside.

“Four on one? You really value yourself.” Shi Shanshan shook her head contemptuously in the face of Guan Zhenyao who was waiting for her. The tone of her speech was exactly the same as when Yang Chen unlocked her heart devil.

She was facing Guan Zhenyao who was in the late Yuanying stage, but Shi Shanshan was not afraid at all, on the contrary, there was a sense of excitement in her heart. This feeling was like the impulsive feeling of eagerness to try when she had to face a touchstone after meticulous preparation for a long time.

Yes, in Shi Shanshan’s mind, Guan Zhenyao appeared at the right time. Not long ago, Shi Shanshan resumed her cultivation and was promoted to the Yuanying stage, and then honed herself in the secret plane formation for almost a full year. The next step was to accompany Yang Chen to dual cultivate and listen to Yang Chen’s analysis of her own deficiencies and mood in the battle. It took almost ten years to adjust and consolidate the defects.

During these ten years, although there was a delay in tempering her life source magic weapon, most of the time, for Shi Shanshan, it was the best time to cultivate. Even in the Green Jade Immortal Island, under the guidance of the sect master and the seniors, it seems that the effect of cultivating with Yang Chen was much better.

The few people with innate spiritual roots in the Green Jade Immortal island history have already ascended, and they were not a metal attribute cultivator in the sect anymore. The guidance of the elders was only to teach Shi Shanshan their cultivation experience, but this may not be completely suitable for her.

Many things, for people with insufficient qualifications, are much more difficult to cultivate, and they could only be achieved after thousands of times. But for people with good aptitude, it may be a natural and easy thing. Sometimes, it was extremely difficult to say a simple thing in vain to give Shi Shanshan a crooked road, and have to spend more time making it back.

But with Yang Chen here, there was no such problem at all. In the Heavenly Court, Yang Chen didn’t know how many talents with excellent qualifications he had met. For Shi Shanshan, their past experience was simply a broad road. What’s more, many directions were directly explained by Yang Chen based on the achievements of Shi Shanshan in the previous life, without Shi Shanshan not knowing how many twists and turns.

Under Yang Chen’s guidance, Shi Shanshan was a completely reborn person. Only then did she realize how many detours she had taken in her cultivation before.

Naturally, Yang Chen’s performance also convinced Shi Shanshan. The incomparably glamorous fairy, in front of this enchanting husband in her own family, completely lowered her arrogant head. Even between the beds, Yang Chen enjoyed a different taste that Yang Chen couldn’t even imagine.

Shi Shanshan, who had reached the ultimate level of cultivation, was feeling itchy hands, and Guan Zhenyao immediately came to text her, was there anything more wonderful than this?

For Shi Shanshan and Guan Zhenyao’s heads-up, the other three girls did not dare to be careless, for fear that Shi Shanshan would suffer a big loss. Although everyone would sometimes divide into two small groups to fight for favor in front of Yang Chen intentionally or unintentionally, they were the same externally. While staring at Shi Shanshan and Guan Zhenyao, they also paid attention to what Yang Chen was doing.

Yang Chen seemed to have never had any worries, taking care of the dumb aunt with great ease. This was Guan Zhenyao’s plot, but the dumb aunt who was indirectly controlled by Guan Zhenyao was innocent. Fortunately, Yang Chen’s punch didn’t use his full strength, otherwise, he could beat the dumb aunt into mash.

Shi Shanshan not only possessed the spiritual awareness of the dacheng stage, but also cultivated the seventh metal true secret art and doubled cultivated with Yang Chen, even if Guan Zhenyao was twice as powerful, it was impossible to be like Shi Shanshan before entering the dacheng stage.

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