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Chapter 490.2: The Dumb Aunt’s Strength

“It’s not too late, it’s just a little Yin Yang Nine Heavens Formation.” Yang Chen mentioned the name of the formation that besieged everyone.

“How do you know?” Guan Zhenyao’s face was taken aback, and then she showed an incredible expression “What are you going to do?”

In Yang Chen’s hand, it was not known when an earth-yellow flying sword appeared. It was his life source magic weapon, the living soil flying sword, which had never been used after he got it from the hand of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s Elder Ming Guangruo.

There was a trace of the aura of the living soil in the living soil flying sword. As long as it grows deeper and longer, the aura of the living soil would slowly swallow the surrounding materials and gradually enlarge itself. Although it would take thousands of years or even longer for this aura of the living soil to double, it did not hinder the flying sword’s strength.

Especially when this flying sword was still in the mouth of Xiao Tian. Yang Chen grabbed Xiao Tian, swung his sword in the direction of the core of the formation and slashed.

If it was an ordinary flying sword, this kind of action would not have any effect. But now it’s different, the living soil flying sword was held in the mouth by Xiao Tian, that was a completely different effect.

Swish swish, a few visible sword lights, separated from the blade of the flying sword and flew towards the direction Yang Chen wanted to cut. Boom boom boom, a few booms sounded and the places hit by the sword light began to explode.

“How is it possible?” Guan Zhenyao has been preparing for this day for a long time. She was good at alchemy and even studied the formation of the Yin Yang Nine Heavens Formation. When she personally tried it, let alone swordlights, she personally urged flying swords to stand in the formation and attacked the core of the formation, it all didn’t have any effect. Now Yang Chen has achieved something she couldn’t even imagine with a few sword lights, how could she not exclaim?

Surprise turned into astonishment, Guan Zhenyao was also a master in the late Yuanying stage, and it couldn’t be said how rich her combat experience was. But she also knows that now was not the time to be surprised.

When the core of the formation began to explode, Guan Zhenyao directly addressed the dumb aunt behind her and said softly “Auntie, they are bad guys. Kill them.”

The old lady who had been standing there trembling, brushed her head up. Suddenly, there was a violent flash of light in her eyes, and the originally very rickety and thin body suddenly began to swell wildly, like a balloon that was blown up.

From a dry and thin old lady to a fierce woman comparable to a strong man in an instant, it was just a blink of an eye. The long walking stick that was half taller than her before turned into a stick, and the old lady didn’t even make a sound. She lifted her crutches high and smashed it down at Yang Chen who had already rushed to the front.

Ya Gupo went crazy because of her cultivation, so many of her previous attack methods have been forgotten. The only thing she has not forgotten was that she picked up her dragon head crutch, which was originally her life source magic weapon, to hit people. This most direct and straightforward attack method was the most comfortable method to Ya Gupo.

The formation core was exploded by Yang Chen, and the formation naturally began to slowly lose its effect. Yang Chen’s figure naturally had no obstacles anymore and he rushed directly to the front.

Boom, the moment the dragon head cane and the living soil flying sword hit each other, it was as if a small nuclear bomb exploded in the surrounding canyon, the whole area exploded. Countless flying rocks and dust shrouded everyone’s figure, and there was no trace of them anymore.

“Snort, you want to bite more than you can chew. A little Yuanying stage ancestor dared to clash with Ya Gupo head on!” Although she couldn’t see what was happening and her spiritual awareness could not detect the situation around the dumb aunt, Guan Zhenyao still expressed a happy laughter. But soon she remembered something, and suddenly exclaimed “Auntie, be careful, don’t damage his cosmos bag.”

Obviously, Guan Zhenyao was afraid that after Ya Gupo destroyed Yang Chen’s cosmos bag, her arrangement would fail. She had seen the power of Ya Gupo attacks before and even dacheng stage masters couldn’t keep up. Yang Chen was nothing more than a newbie in the Yuanying stage, at this time, he might have become fleshy meat.

Om, a low bell sound rang and Guan Zhenyao suddenly felt a shock in her mind and she became dizzy. The smoke and dust in front of them suddenly dissipated, revealing the figures of Ya Gupo and Yang Chen.

“How is it possible?” Guan Zhenyao couldn’t help exclaiming even when she was dizzy, seeing the scene in front of her.

It was not known when a big golden bell appeared on Yang Chen’s body, which completely enveloped his figure. Ya Gupo leading crutches hit the bell in front of Yang Chen, motionless. On the surface of the golden bell, there were still two illusory dragon shadows moving up and down, flying constantly.

This scene was completely different from the situation in Guan Zhenyao’s imagination of Yang Chen becoming a pool of fleshy meat, so she can’t control herself not to exclaim. Ya Gupo didn’t know how to hold back her hand. This crutch must have been smashed with all her strength, but she didn’t even smash Yang Chen to death. It seemed that even Yang Chen’s protective magic weapon had not been damaged.

What kind of magic weapon could block the dacheng stage aunt’s full blow? Guan Zhenyao’s mind was a little more dizzy and she couldn’t accept this fact at all.

But the thing that shocked her was still behind. After Yang Chen’s golden bell, it was his living soil flying sword. At this moment, the blade of the living soil flying sword cut right into the dragon head cane of the dumb aunt, it has been cut into by almost half an inch. Not only that, as the two of them added their strength, the blade seemed to cut deeper and after a while, maybe it would cut off the crutches directly.

This was the life source magic weapon of Ya Gupo, it was not known how many battles it has experienced, and it has never been damaged. Now it was ruined like this, even if Ya Gupo’s brain was not good, but the painful color on her face was not concealed the slightest. Even if she doesn’t know the pain anymore, the damage of her life source magic weapon was closely related to her mind, and it was also extremely painful at this time.

Before Guan Zhenyao could react, Yang Chen and Ya Gupo’s free hands had already blasted towards each other. With two loud bangs, the two fists hit each other’s body at the same time. This time, even Yang Chen’s golden bell did not block the fist of Ya Gupo.

Yang Chen’s figure flew directly, flew back dozens of steps, and fell directly into the arms of Gao Yue who was following him. He still hadn’t been able to stop, even Gao Yue couldn’t help but step back a few steps before the vigorous force disappeared.

Watching this scene, Guan Zhenyao’s face showed a smile again. Ya Gupo fist was no worse than a magic weapon, and even the magic weapon for body protection may not be able to block it. On this point, Yang Chen’s golden bell was useless.

But Guan Zhenyao’s smile only appeared for a moment, and immediately turned into a shocked expression.

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