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Chapter 487.2: Understanding

Just like this time, it was a very simple decision. Since the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect didn’t care about anything and kept this immortal body for tens of thousands of years or even longer, what were they still afraid of?

Looking forward to the future, things were not decisive enough, these were some principles for Yang Chen to do things in this life. It seemed that he was not alone, but his dao heart still has a shortcoming.

If it weren’t for Sun Qingxue’s nonchalant sentence, Yang Chen would have never thought so much. Suddenly, Yang Chen became enlightened, as if he suddenly became empty in his heart, he felt unspeakably comfortable.

Nothing could restrain Yang Chen’s heart. To put it in a plain language, at this moment, Yang Chen would be incomprehensible with indescribable thoughts.

“I have enlightenment, act as dharma protectors for me!” Yang Chen swallowed a second grade questioning inner heart pill without hesitation, and then directly sat down on the spot and at the same time he began to cultivate the three purities secret art, he also began to comprehend his own gains.

The girls didn’t expect such a result, but there were not many opportunities for their husband to have this kind of enlightenment. Everyone was careful not to disturb Yang Chen, and each looked for a direction and protected Yang Chen while cultivating.

With this enlightenment, Yang Chen realized that the third stage of the three purities secret art almost instantly. This was not a direct promotion with the dragon yuan’s help, but a real understanding of the mystery of the third stage of the three purities secret art.

The hidden dangers caused by the dragon yuan’s forced ascension before were corrected by Yang Chen one by one during this cultivation. The parts that he didn’t understand and didn’t ask for a thorough understanding before, now suddenly became clear one by one, and a new world was revealed to him in an instant.

That’s why Yang Chen frequently sighed like waking up from a dream while cultivating. Not only the third stage, but even the previous first stage and second stage, looking back now, it seemed that there were some unsatisfactory areas, he just took this opportunity to solve them one by one.

The sea of ​​consciousness began to churn wildly, and the sea of ​​consciousness that had been so solidified had collapsed once again. The sea of ​​consciousness that Yang Chen was so proud of had another scene of landslides and cracks in an instant.

Fortunately, Yang Chen still remembered that there was a mark of Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness in the sea of consciousness, and he deliberately threw the mark into the dragon’s mouth and then into the river of blood.

In Yang Chen’s sea of ​​consciousness, the only constants were the bloody river and white dragon, and everything else was changing. After the complete collapse, the sea of ​​consciousness began to rebuild, but this time, it was based on Yang Chen’s re-understanding of the three purities secret art.

Even the nine-fold thunder tribulation tempering does not seem to be as good as Yang Chen’s own perception. After the sea of consciousness once again returned to its original appearance, Yang Chen only felt that there was no other part of his body that was not refreshed. His mind was free and there was no hindrance in his heart, this was the dao heart that a true cultivator should have.

When Yang Chen cultivated in retreat, the four women around him felt more and more surprised. At first, he sat there quietly, but slowly, Yang Chen slowly released an unignorable aura that filled the secret plane.

This aura grew higher and higher and finally reached a peak, suddenly disappearing without a trace like a crash. But then, an aura that was more solid and substantial than before began to climb from nothing until it reached the highest point.

The four women around only felt that this new aura was completely different from the previous ones, and even different from any one they had seen before. The kind of aura that needed to be looked up from the bottom of the heart entangled the hearts of the four women tightly, as if they were willing to follow this aura, they could rush straight to the peak without any regrets.

Just when the four women were also driven by Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness and were immersed in a state of selflessness, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness finally began the ultimate change of the third stage of the three purities secret art and the spiritual awareness began to split a little bit.

Yang Chen never thought that the splitting of the spiritual awareness would be so painful, as if someone was holding a hacksaw and slowly sawing his head in half.

If it hadn’t been for Yang Chen going through countless hardships in his previous life and his mind being as hard as steel, maybe he would not be able to bear such pain and interrupt his cultivation.

The more painful it was, the more Yang Chen persisted, Yang Chen understood this truth. Fortunately, the first split of the spiritual awareness did not last too long, it lasted only a few hours. The original complete piece of spiritual awareness began to become two parts.

What surprised Yang Chen was that the splitted part of the spiritual awareness was just a small piece of his original spiritual awareness, almost negligible.

But this small part of the spiritual awareness contains all the memories of Yang Chen up to now, and there seemed to be nothing else. It felt very strange, as if one person suddenly became two.

Next to the Immortal body, Yang Chen certainly did not hesitate to send his splitted spiritual awareness to the Immortal body, and then quietly waited for the small piece of spiritual awareness to succeed.

Yang Chen’s body could clearly perceive that the splitted spiritual awareness had entered the immortal body, and then released his memory, occupying the opponent’s mind. The series of processes were very mysterious, just like watching a person grow from nothing.

The small piece of spiritual awareness that occupied the immortal body, after it completely controlled the immortal body, it directly transformed into the divine consciousness of the immortal body itself, opening up a small sea of ​​consciousness and then stopping all actions.

All these actions were clearly in the mind of Yang Chen as if he had witnessed it with his own eyes, and everything in the split body could not escape his observation.

He thought that the Immortal body would stand up immediately, but unexpectedly, after seizing the body, the consciousness of the splitted spiritual awareness seemed to run out of energy and began to fall asleep.

However, the current deep sleep was completely different from the previous deep sleep of the Immortal body. In the past, what was sleeping was just a skin sac without consciousness and feeling, but now, it was Yang Chen’s clone body sleeping.

As soon as this process was over, Yang Chen suddenly had another awakening in his mind. The avatar consciousness that was split from the spiritual awareness was basically an extra insurance for his own body. When the consciousness of his real body dies, the consciousness of the clone would be awakened.

The secret of the three purities secret art was originally here. With such an immortal body, even if Yang Chen went to the Greatest Heaven Sect desperately now, he wouldn’t have any fear. Even if his body dies, Yang Chen will not die. This immortal body was another life for Yang Chen.

With this solid backing, Yang Chen would no longer have any fear. Next, Yang Chen only had to finish tempering the Immortal beheading blade and he could kill in all four directions.

However, another person’s shadow flashed through Yang Chen’s mind. The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord, he was the one who taught Yang Chen the three purities secret art.

Now Yang Chen could completely conclude that the Supreme Lord was definitely not dead.

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