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Chapter 487.1: Understanding

The four women have been married to Yang Chen for several years and have already become women, no longer the innocent girls. Facing the body of this naked man, the four women only blushed a little, took a breath and then became nonchalant.

It was really that this body was too special, so that all the girls cheered up and watched it carefully. Yang Chen didn’t even say a word, he started directly, and touched the whole body bones of the sexy man.

“Sure enough, it is the body of a Great Luo Golden Immortal who has undergone the three tribulations tempering body and the Great Luo Heavenly Tribulation.” Yang Chen quickly came to this conclusion, but what made him puzzled was that although this man’s body seemed to have experienced this, but relatively speaking, it didn’t reach the intensity of a Great Luo Golden Immortal, which was very puzzling.

“That’s what a Great Luo Golden Immortal is?” Sun Qingxue reached out and touched the man’s body and said with a bit of disdain “Not as strong as our current body!”

Several people had used their spiritual awareness to probe, this body was indeed somewhat different, but if it was the body of the Great Luo Golden Immortal mentioned by Yang Chen, the Great Luo Golden Immortal was too weak.

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness has been infiltrating the man’s body and he probed it carefully. This man’s physical condition was all normal, all parts were in peak state, but he doesn’t know why, he was so weak.

The man has not woken up, even if he was so tossed by the crowd, he still kept his original posture and was sleeping quietly.

After investigating for a long time, Yang Chen found out that this body did not have any spirit power, it was empty, as if it were just a skin and nothing else.

Stimulated by the spiritual awareness, the other party did not wake up, he had been maintaining that kind of calm breathing, without even a hint of movement.

What’s going on, Yang Chen couldn’t figure it out. An obvious person from the Immortal world, how could it appear in the mortal world and still look like this?

The first thought Yang Chen thought was that this guy descended from the Immortal world, has all his consciousness been lost?

This was very likely, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s formation method used to draw a consciousness clone of the Immortal Realm into the lower realm, would make about 90% of its own consciousness and memories disappear. This was still under the protection of countless masters, even the operator himself had to lose thousands of years of cultivation base to achieve this.

And this guy doesn’t have any spirit power in his body. Could it be that he has lost all his cultivation base? At the same time, all consciousness was lost? According to this situation, if it were not for the protection of the seven treasured glazed tile, this guy might have stopped breathing a long ago and his body would have also turned into ashes. Where could he sleep so peacefully until now?

There were many doubts, although the body has experienced the Great Luo Heavenly Tribulation, but being so weak was the biggest problem. The latter were also unsolvable puzzles.

He checked continuously for more than a day. Yang Chen has checked everything that Yang Chen could check, and the conclusion was that this guy has no spirit power in his body. The body was also very weak because of the descent into the lower realm from the Immortal world. There was not the slightest bit of spiritual awareness, not even consciousness.

This situation, it’s like the puppets prepared by the martial sects to attract the upper realm consciousness clone to the lower realm. The difference was that the puppets were having consciousness, and this guy was not even having a consciousness.

When thinking of the word puppet, a thought suddenly flashed in Yang Chen’s mind. Since this guy was in such a situation, does that mean that he could use his spiritual awareness to possess him?

As soon as the idea of possessing him came out, Yang Chen couldn’t stop it anymore. Under the dragon yuan’s catalysis, the three purities secret art entered the fourth stage, but Yang Chen knew that in fact, his spiritual awareness still stayed above the third realm and could not be improved.

Trapped in the trouble of his spiritual awareness splitting, Yang Chen has not dared to improve his three purities secret art to the later stage. Now that there was such a body that has no consciousness, no spiritual awareness, no spirit power, but was a Great Luo Golden Immortal, isn’t it a great opportunity given to him by the heavens?

As long as his spiritual awareness splits and the splitted spiritual awareness takes over this guy’s body, there would be no more trouble of splitting spiritual awareness in the future. Moreover, this body was an immortal body, and he didn’t know how good the aptitude for cultivation was. Wouldn’t he kill two birds with one stone by then?

The more he thought about this, the more Yang Chen couldn’t help but wandered on the ground with his hands. The women who saw his actions were very puzzled. After watching him walk for a long time, this time Gongsun Ling finally asked.

“Are there any troublesome decisions?” Gongsun Ling’s words represented everyone’s thoughts.

“There is one.” Yang Chen didn’t conceal this aspect from his wife, but simply introduced the choices he faced. Of course, the three purities secret art was very important and he can’t mention it, he could only say that his spiritual awareness has reached a bottleneck and he needs to split it.

“After the divine consciousness splits and seizes the body, which one will be you?” Gongsun Ling was more interested in this question, and it was also the most concerning point.

“Of course I am still me, and the other is just a clone.” Yang Chen replied without thinking.

“What impact will it have on you?” Gao Yue was concerned about the impact on Yang Chen after doing this. If there was any bad result, it would not be worth the loss.

It’s not that Gao Yue was cautious, it’s true that the mortal cultivators have heard of double cultivation, but they have never heard of a person who splits their spiritual awareness and consciousness. This realm was really too mysterious, and the women can’t help but feel a little bit too worried about the mystery.

“Impact?” Yang Chen was stunned, then smiled “It will improve my realm.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Sun Qingxue made a decision directly for Yang Chen “Such a good opportunity, and it’s still an immortal body, what’s to worry about?”

All the girls were in fact of the same mind. Since it has no bad effect on Yang Chen and could improve his realm, this kind of good thing was of course to be done.

Yang Chen was actually troubled by an immortal body which descended from the immortal realm. He was worried about the way the immortal body got to the lower realm, but also worried about the troubles that would be caused later. When Sun Qingxue said that, he was stunned, and then immediately he let go of his thoughts.

Yes, such a good opportunity, why would he hesitate? Even if there was trouble in the future, the water comes to cover, the soldiers come to block it, and he has already died once. Why bother to live this life like this?

Suddenly, Yang Chen realized that his mentality had changed a lot since he was reborn. Although he has done a lot of things by relying on the advantages of his rebirth, he has also walked a long way on his own road of revenge, but maybe because of the experience in the heavenly court, he was very afraid of the Greatest Heaven Sect and even sometimes he was only scheming behind the scenes, but never stood on the opposite side of the other party.

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