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Chapter 486.2: Mystical Box

While Yang Chen had been thinking hard, Sun Qingxue next to him, watching Yang Chen’s gaffe like this, couldn’t help but leaned against him, snuggled into Yang Chen’s arms and gently hugged Yang Chen.

Yang Chen subconsciously hugged Sun Qingxue, feeling the softness coming from his chest and he was relieved. He was really too nervous, if the Greatest Heaven Sect really had the support of the experts in the Immortal world, it would have ruled the mortal world tens of thousands of years ago, why would they wait until now?

“What is the use of this seven treasured glaze tile?” Seeing Yang Chen’s expression eased, Sun Qingxue asked timidly.

“The seven treasured glaze tile can completely isolate the exploration of spiritual awareness, no matter how strong the spiritual awareness is, it won’t work.” Yang Chen replied subconsciously. This answer also surprised the women, no wonder it was impossible to detect what was in it with the spiritual awareness probe, that’s how it was.

“Is it possible to use this seven treasured glaze tile to refine a hidden magic weapon that others will not see?” Sun Qingxue immediately became interested and hurriedly asked.

“It’s just that they can’t detect the seven treasured glaze tile inside the weapon, but they can still discover the weapon itself.” Yang Chen smiled, rubbed Sun Qingxue’s head and said with a smile “It’s most suitable to make a box.”

Sun Qingxue sighed, seeming to feel that her hopes were shattered and she was lazily unable to lift her energy, leaning in Yang Chen’s arms, simply relying on it.

“The biggest use of the seven treasured glazed tile is to preserve the vitality of a body for a long time.” Yang Chen stared at the huge piece of the seven treasured glazed tile and he continued “if some dormant pets or injured people are wrapped in it, even if it is kept for a long time, they will still be alive and will not die.”

Having said this, Yang Chen’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he looked at this square piece of seven treasured glazed tile in an incredible way. Could it be that some living things are kept in it?

The girls were all refreshed, and everyone began to observe it carefully. It was a pity that the inside of the seven treasured glazed tile was isolated from spiritual awareness exploration. There was no way to detect what was inside and it was not completely transparent but vague, with such a large volume, it was impossible to see the contents clearly.

But one thing everyone has confirmed, there must be something inside, because the vague color faintly revealed what was wrapped inside, they just don’t know what it was.

There was no record on the jade slips, presumably because even the owner of the secret plane didn’t even know what it was. It’s just because this seven treasured glazed tile would actively absorb weak spiritual power, and he may be aware that something was inside. But he couldn’t open it up to see what happened, so he simply used the nourishing formation to nourish it for a long time and left it to future generations to decrypt it’s content.

What the secret plane master didn’t expect was that the key he left behind was such that no one could understand among the Greatest Heaven Sect’s current disciples, and it was finally made cheaper for Yang Chen. But even if the people from the Greatest Heaven Sect found this place, he believed that they wouldn’t understand what it was inside this square thing, not everyone has memories from the Immortal world.

This thing could be regarded as a seven treasured glazed tile. You could use this seven treasured glazed tile to store things. It’s still such a precious material, the original owner’s financial resources could be imagined.

After spinning around this seven treasured glazed tile many times, Yang Chen looked at it carefully for a long time. Generally speaking, if the seven treasured glazed tile was used to maintain biological activity, there must be a way to open it.

The craftsmanship of this seven treasured glazed tile was too high, and Yang Chen hasn’t noticed any gaps in it for such a long time. The girls did the same when they watched it around, without any flaws.

There must be something in it. There was no doubt about this, they couldn’t find the smallest gap with their spiritual awareness. Yang Chen simply closed his eyes and carefully touched the whole box from top to bottom with his fingers.

The sensitive touch on the fingers sometimes works better than the eyes, but after touching it again, Yang Chen was still a little depressed. On this, there was actually no trace of openings at all.

Everyone was at a loss, staring at this huge seven treasured glazed tile, there was a feeling of entering the treasure mountain and returning empty handed. Thinking about it, this was a good precious material in the world of immortals. What would it be like when it was really going to be opened?

Would there be a backlash after opening it? Without even thinking about it, things produced in the immortal world could only lead to disaster for any mortals playing with it. Moreover, the seven treasured glazed tile was originally used to protect the injured. If the Dragon Horn Flying Sword was successfully refined, it might be effective and other things don’t need to be considered for the time being.

After looking up and down a few times and touching it a few times, after entering through door, Yang Chen finally put his gaze to the bottom of the seven treasured glazed tile. The bottom of the box was placed on the nourishing formation, which absorbs spirit power and receives nourishment, which was also the part that everyone has not checked.

However, once the seven treasured glazed tile was lifted, the nourishing formation would lose its effect. Yang Chen thought for a while and after communicating with the girls, he made a decision to lift the seven treasured glazed tile.

As soon as the seven treasured glazed tile was lifted from the eye of the formation, the nourishing formation immediately lost its effect, and Yang Chen and the others immediately noticed the power of the netherworld spirit gathering formation, the escaped spirit power directly turned the room into a paradise for cultivation like the dragon palace.

The bottom of the box was indeed slightly different. Although he couldn’t see it, Yang Chen was able to feel it. There was a square gap along the four sides, presumably this was where the opening of the box was.

He asked the girls to retreat and told Gongsun Ling to use the mountain river geographical map to protect the girls, Yang Chen also shielded his whole body with the golden bell, and then tried to open the seven treasured glazed tile.

The opening of the glazed tile actually had a small formation circle, but it was just a common rejuvenation formation in the Immortal world. In the surprised eyes of the women, after Yang Chen made hundreds of secret techniques in succession, he easily unlocked the rejuvenation formation.

Click, a slight sound sounded, and along the square gap, a big crack appeared at the bottom of the box. After making a sizzling sound, he finally stopped. At this time, it was obvious that there was a base below, and the box above seemed to be a lid.

Yang Chen grasped the top of the seven treasured glazed tile with both hands, and lifted the upper box up. As the box moved away from the base of the ground inch by inch, the situation inside the box appeared in everyone’s eyes.

A naked person was lying flat on a comfortable cushion on the base, with both hands on chest, eyes closed, like a living statue.

The most shocking thing was that this person’s chest was still moving up and down, which meant that this person was still breathing normally.

This mysterious person who they didn’t know how long he had laird in the seven treasured glazed tile was still alive.

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