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Chapter 486.1: Mystical Box

After getting the ninth water spiritual solution, the one that could use it immediately turned out to be Gao Yue. The ninth water true secret art was obtained by Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling at the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave. Both the ninth water true essence and the ninth water true secret art were available, as long as she wanted to start to cultivate. However, now everyone was most interested in the last room.

There was no record of what was in the last room in the jade slips. They didn’t know what the original owner of the secret plane thought was, didn’t he want people to open it? Or he doesn’t know it himself?

After a brief celebration, everyone began to concentrate on the last door. Whether or not to enter has become a difficult problem for everyone.

In the previous room, if they didn’t have the mountain river geographical map to contain the ninth water spiritual solution, even Yang Chen would not be able to go inside. What if this room was equally dangerous?

“Is there still room in this secret plane?” Gongsun Ling went down to the ground floor with Yang Chen, looked at the surrounding structure and suddenly asked.

In the mountain river geographical map, the structure of this secret plane has naturally been simulated. Gongsun Ling did not find any other space, except for the appearance of a small room, unless there was something else in the room.

It’s just a small room, it’s about ten feet in total. Yang Chen thought about it, and finally decided to go inside to find out. Having reached this point, leaving the room really made him unwilling.

This time everyone asked to go in so Yang Chen’s golden bell and Gongsun Ling’s mountain river geographical map were all opened up to the maximum, and even Yang Chen’s shuttle was made ready, once it was found that something was wrong, he would immediately take his whole family and fly away.

The door of the room opened, but there was surprisingly no aura inside, and then everyone could clearly see the scene in the room. The tugging on their heart also began to relax.

In this room, there was no other space, just a square room. However, in the very center of the room, there was a square thing placed there, surrounded by two very strange formations.

It was very peculiar, also for the four women, the two formations have long since been lost. However, Yang Chen probably recognized those two formations. The jade slips obtained earlier contained explanations about these two formations, so he understood what was going on at a glance.

The two formations were nested, and the outermost one was an overbearing netherworld spirit gathering formation. The only function of the spirit gathering formation was to extract all the ordinary spirit power in the surrounding area without leaving a trace.

When Yang Chen and the others were looking for this secret plane, a large plain outside of tens of thousands of miles was almost depleted of spirit power and was not suitable for cultivation at all. It seemed to be the result of this netherworld spirit gathering formation.

But the formation nested inside was a nourishing formation. The function of the formation was to use the surrounding spirit power to nourish the things on the eye of the formation.

The boxy thing in the middle of the room was what the nourishment formation was nourishing. Strange to say, even if Yang Chen’s current spiritual awareness was strong enough to reach the second grade human immortal realm, he couldn’t find out what that square thing was.

Although no one knew what this thing was, Yang Chen understands a little bit that after this nourishment formation has been here for tens of thousands of years or even longer nourishment. No matter what it was inside, even if it was a stubborn stone in the beginning, it has now become a top grade jade.

After explaining the effect of the two formations to the four women, Gongsun Ling’s eyes flashed with different light instantly. The netherworld spirit gathering formation was not only having an overbearing effect, but it was really not taken seriously by cultivators. Cultivators were the most important to the cycle of the heavenly dao. Such a way of destroying a foundation would definitely hurt the harmony between heaven and earth.

However, the nourishing formation was not to be underestimated. If Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue hadn’t been directly soaked by Yang Chen with the true essence spiritual solution, using this nourishing formation would be able to achieve the same effect.

Of course, this kind of precious thing must be mastered. Gongsun Ling didn’t care what was nourishing in it, and immediately asked Yang Chen to translate the jade slip about the nourishing formation, and then began to study it herself.

The formation was only arranged on the ground and does not hinder walking. Regardless of Gongsun Ling for the time being, Yang Chen and the other three women walked up to the square object and observed it carefully.

The square object had a thin layer of dust on the surface. Yang Chen stretched out his finger and wiped it lightly, but there was no response, so everyone started to wipe away all the dust on this thing, revealing its true colors.

Under the dust, the square thing turned out to be a perfect translucent glass. After seeing the whole picture, Yang Chen blurted out “Seven Treasured Glazed Tile? How is this possible?”

“Seven Treasured Glazed Tile? What is this? Why is it impossible?” Sun Qingxue asked the most questions immediately. Gao Yue and Shi Shanshan both understood this characteristic of Sun Qingxue, and they didn’t say anything, just waiting for Sun Qingxue to ask.

“This is a kind of heaven material and earth treasure produced in the immortal world, it is impossible to have in the mortal world.” Yang Chen’s face was solemnly able to scrape off a layer of frost. Things from the Immortal world appearing in the mortal world, how was this possible?

The girls were also shocked, although they didn’t understand what the Seven Treasured Glazed Tile could do, the product of the Immortal world was enough to scare many people.

Yang Chen’s mind has already begun to turn in tides, what was the possibility that things from the immortal world would reach the mortal world? The descent of the consciousness clone? That’s just a clone of consciousness, it’s impossible to bring things down. Could there be any unknown channel in the Immortal world to connect with the mortal world?

This problem was no small matter. Once such a channel really exists, then Yang Chen’s revenge action would immediately face a catastrophe. If the Seven Treasured Glazed Tile could come down, maybe a Great Principle Golden Immortal could come down. What’s more, let alone a great principal golden Immortal, a small golden Immortal could make Yang Chen die without a place to be buried.

For a while, cold sweat gurgled down Yang Chen’s head, making the surrounding women feel a little frightened. In their minds, Yang Chen had never been so flustered. Whenever they saw Yang Chen, he was full of self-confidence, so it was the shock of mount tai collapsing in front of their own eyes after seeing this situation.

The women also felt that the situation was serious, but their understanding of the Immortal world was really limited, and they could only look at Yang Chen, hoping that he could give an answer.

How did this seven treasured glazed tile come to the lower realm? Who brought it down here? These are all questions that were difficult to explain. There was even the most serious problem, since this seven treasured glazed tile has been nourished for tens of thousands of years in the secret plane left by the predecessors of the Greatest Heaven Sect, does it mean that the Greatest Heaven Sect has the support of the immortal world?

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