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Chapter 485.1: Gathering The Ninth Water True Essence

It’s normal if you think about it. A huge lake with a radius of tens of thousands of miles which was all fresh water, it was in line with the conditions for the ninth water true essence.

The most exciting thing was that in this formation method for collecting the ninth water true essence, it was not known how many ninth water true essence would be accumulated after being here for tens of thousands of years?

He felt excited when he thought about it. The first wood spiritual solution left by the divine Immortal has already made Yang Chen so happy. Now there was the ninth water true essence left by the predecessors of the Greatest Heaven Sect, whether in terms of things or from leaving behind. In terms of his identity, Yang Chen has reasons to be happy.

Yang Chen has had several experiences in dealing with this massive amount of spiritual solution. He knew that if he couldn’t handle it well, he would end up exploding. If there was not a magic weapon that could be used as a buffer to absorb the ninth water true essence or ninth water spiritual solution, even if Yang Chen cultivated the ninth water true secret art on the spot, it would not help.

As a result, it was a little troublesome. Yang Chen didn’t have a particularly good ninth water flying sword for the time being. Last time, the Greatest Heaven Sect gave him two water attribute flying swords, one was used by Yang Chen to smelt and added to the dragon bone flying sword, and the other was the ninth water flying sword that was barely counted as one of the great yin yang five element flying swords. However, that ninth water flying sword was obviously not enough to bear this heavy burden.

Although Gao Yue’s dragon horn has dual attributes of water and fire, the water attribute of that branch was not the attribute of the ninth water, but the attribute of the tent water. In other words, even if Gao Yue’s dragon horn flying sword was successfully refined, it would not be possible to help Yang Chen.

Looking at this treasure mountain, this was Yang Chen’s first time drooling after a treasure. In the past, whether it was the first wood spiritual solution or the seventh metal spiritual solution, or even the tenth water spiritual solution, there were corresponding magic weapons to withstand the power of these massive spiritual liquids, but now Yang Chen has no way of getting it.

Perhaps the original idea of ​​the owner of the secret plane was simply to collect some ninth water true essence, but now after tens of thousands of years or even longer, the ninth water true essence has completely changed. Once the younger generations who don’t know the dangers of the ninth water true essence open this room, the entire secret plane would become a huge cemetery, which was absolutely unexpected by the secret plane master.

In one room was the ninth water true essence, but the owner of the secret plane didn’t explain what was inside the other room. Yang Chen was also hesitating whether to open it.

If the things inside were as dangerous as the ninth water true essence. Wouldn’t it be that he would put himself in danger? Yang Chen may be fine by himself, and there may be a way to escape. However, this time Yang Chen was not alone, instead, he brought his four newlywed wives.

Letting his family take risks, Yang Chen has no such confidence, even among his wives, there were two fairies who would become famous in the future. That’s not the reason for Yang Chen to risk his family’s life.

Speaking of the cold plum fairy and the dancing snow fairy, now Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling have gradually broken out because of their fame, and they were also called fairies.

Because Gao Yue was good at refining tools and always doesn’t go out much, when everyone sees her it seems that she was always shrouded in a red flame, so she was called the red jade flame fairy.

Since Gongsun Ling’s natal refining of the mountain river geographical map was completed, she has always been surrounded by a hazy mist. People could only see her shadow at most, but they couldn’t see her face clearly. This feature has also let her become known as the flowing clouds fairy.

Yang Chen married four fairies at the same time alone, making countless male cultivators envious and jealous to death. But not everyone has the guts to challenge a fifth-grade alchemist who was protected by countless sects. So for the time being, there were many people who were jealous, but there has never been anyone who really dared to clamor about this with Yang Chen face to face.

With Yang Chen, all four women in this life would have a greater future, it was not worth it to lose them over a small secret plane. After thinking about it, Yang Chen decided not to take this risk for the time being.

From Yang Chen’s hesitation, the four women also felt abnormal. Sun Qingxue asked immediately, although the other three women did not speak. But also looking at Yang Chen, waiting for Yang Chen’s explanation.

“…That’s it. What do you think?” Yang Chen expressed his concerns, then looked at the four women, and waited for the four women to speak.

“That’s it?” Sun Qingxue said without knowing the height of the sky and said casually, “Such a fun thing, of course I have to try it.”

Listening to Sun Qingxue calling this fun, Yang Chen also felt a little dumbfounded. Just as he was about to talk to Sun Qingxue so that she could not be so careless, Shi Shanshan next to Yang Chen had already spoken “Little Xue, life and death is a big matter, don’t be childish!”

“Oh!” Sun Qingxue obediently lowered her head to admit her mistake, without any disobedience. It was amusing for Yang Chen to watch. It seemed that Shi Shanshan’s words were sometimes better than Yang Chen’s, Sun Qingxue simply obeyed Shi Shanshan.

Sometimes Yang Chen felt strange, even if Sun Qingxue was led by Shi Shanshan into the Immortal sect, there was no need for such an obedience to her, right? He didn’t know if something else happened between the two girls that he didn’t know. Anyway, someone could make the mischievous Sun Qingxue be honest, so Yang Chen was very happy.

Everyone knows the preciousness of the original true essence, but apart from Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen experiencing the horror of collecting the seventh metal true essence, no one else has much idea about it. Although Yang Chen said it seriously, it seemed that the effect was not very good. At least Yang Chen had already seen the movement in Gao Yue’s eyes.

“Can’t you try with the dragon horns?” Sure enough, Gao Yue asked the next question.

Yang Chen shook his head. He had already said quite clearly before that the dragon horn was of the tent water attribute, which was not very suitable for the yin and yang of the ninth water attribute.

“Is it really that scary?” Shi Shanshan did not approve of taking risks, but she somewhat doubted whether Yang Chen had exaggerated the power of these spiritual solutions. After all, when she and Sun Qingxue were healing their wounds, they were soaked in the seventh metal spiritual solution and first wood spiritual solution, and at that time they had no spirit power in their entire bodies, and it seemed that they were not as dangerous as Yang Chen said.

“I have seen hundreds of people directly burst into powder because of it.” Yang Chen nodded directly and said without hesitation ” A’Ling has seen it too.”

Gongsun Ling was beside him, nodding her head unceasingly. When collecting the seventh metal true essence spiritual solution, those people fell into a deep hole and burst into blood mist before reaching the bottom of the hole. She saw it with her own eyes.

Shi Shanshan also fell silent, it seemed that everyone was already thinking the same, listening to Yang Chen, she was about to give up first.

“Perhaps, there is also a way.” Gongsun Ling suddenly said, and then reminded Yang Chen “Husband, have you forgotten the usefulness of the mountain river geographical map when you were on the ground of the Demon sect domain?”

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