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Chapter 484.2: Secret Plane

More importantly, the Taiyi blended element steel could slightly carve the dragon’s horns. Only for this point, this set of things couldn’t belong to someone else, no one could use it except Gao Yue.

Of course, it’s just a slight sculpting, it was impossible to do this kind of thing drastically. But even so, it made it a little less difficult to refine the dragon horn flying sword for Gao Yue and the success rate increased a lot.

Next to the refining room was a warehouse. All kinds of refining materials were piled up in the whole room, stored in different categories.

Some wood and stone materials had decayed and weathered after being stored for tens of thousands of years and cannot be used at all, only the metallic ones were left. However, many metals were also rusty and they couldn’t see the original appearance.

After Yang Chen distinguished, many metal materials were recognized. Some of them could actually be used in the refining of the magic weapons of Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, and the effect would be better than ordinary auxiliary materials. At this point, their gains began to increase.

The rooms for storing materials and medicinal herbs were quite large, each occupying more than half of the rooms on both sides. The remaining rooms had much less storage.

However, seeing thousands of jade slips in a certain room, Yang Chen finally showed a smile on his face. Many inheritances from the ancient times, after experiencing continuous development and changes, and some accidental additions, deletions, or accidents, not many have remained until now.

These things were enough for Yang Chen to study the original appearance of many things. Including various cultivation methods, formations, etc, of course, after development and changes, some were developing in a more reasonable and optimized direction, but some were really retrogressive or lost.

All the jade slips recorded were ancient characters. Except for Yang Chen, the four women didn’t know anything about it and they had to wait for Yang Chen to complete the translation.

Yang Chen even found a detailed explanation of the formation at the entrance in the jade slip. After a quick translation, it was handed over to Gongsun Ling and he asked her to figure out how to collect it. The attack power of this formation was still very strong, especially the ninety-nine flying swords, which were also very precious materials, it was worth collecting.

After everyone searched and charged similarly, the girls discovered that there were two rooms that couldn’t be opened.

The rooms were locked by a strange formation, even Gongsun Ling couldn’t recognize what kind of formation it was. However, one thing could be judged from it. If these two formations were forcibly opened, they were afraid that the things stored in the room would be completely destroyed.

The eyes of the women all looked at Yang Chen. If one of the five people could open these two rooms, it would be Yang Chen.

Seeing the two strange formations, Yang Chen also had to frown. He really had never seen these two formations before. He could only look for clues carefully from those jade slips.

A lot of jade slips have been put away, fortunately. When everyone collected it, they were all sorted out according to the original location, area by area. This gave Yang Chen a chance to find it quickly.

There was an area of ​​jade slips that were cultivation methods, and it was estimated that they would not be recorded here. There was an area where the formation was used, and there was probably an explanation of the two formations here. Yang Chen looked around, but couldn’t find the jade slip that recorded those two formations.

After thinking about it, he didn’t understand why. The four women had collected all the jade slips and Yang Chen just waited in the middle of the square like a big master. Now, Yang Chen also had to go to the room where the jade slips were stored in person to see it again.

It was a study room. Except for the jade desk and chair in the center, all the bookshelves were jade bookshelves, which were still well preserved. The girls had just cleaned up the jade slips on the bookshelf, but ignored the things on the desk.

Yang Chen walked to the desk. There was a complete set of four treasures of the study on it. However, the pen, ink and paper had been turned into ashes, and only one inkstone remained. But there was still a black jade pen holder, and the pens in it had become flying ash. These ashes piled a thick layer on the table, burying the entire table top underneath.

With a wave of his hand, all the dust on the tabletop was swept away by Yang Chen. Then, Yang Chen saw the smooth jade tabletop with thousands of words almost the size of rice grains carved in the center.

It was more appropriate to say that it was a text, but it was more like a clumsy painting. The four girls came in and searched with their spiritual awareness. Everyone would think that those rice grain-sized words were patterns on the desk, and no one would think that they were words.

It happened that Yang Chen knew that this was an ancient cuneiform writing. Even Yang Chen didn’t recognize these words, but among the jade slips he harvested, there happened to be a jade slip that introduced this ancient writing.

When Yang Chen had the impression, he immediately found the jade slip and began to learn and use it now, studying the contents of those words one by one. Soon, Yang Chen discovered that this text was an explanation of this secret plane.

The entire secret plane was refined from the body of a complete ancient giant tortoise. The place where Yang Chen and the others came in was the mouth of the ancient giant tortoise. They followed the throat passage and entered this huge square, which was actually the tortoiseshell of the ancient giant tortoise.

This canyon area, in ancient times, was still a huge lake, occupying a radius of tens of thousands of miles. Later, as the landform evolved, the lake dried up and turned into a huge plain, and the largest river on the plain has been washed away to form the current canyon after several years.

The ancient giant tortoise originally lived in this lake. When the senior from the Greatest Heaven Sect discovered it, it was already a complete body. Only because the giant tortoise had also cultivated by instinct, the body was not transformed, and was refined into the current secret plane by the secret plane owner.

The huge tortoise shell itself has the natural effect of strengthening the formation. After being refined by the master of the secret plane, the formation here became even more powerful. If it weren’t for Yang Chen’s golden bell being so perverted, he wouldn’t be able to come in at all.

Those two rooms were the places where the most important things in the secret plane were stored. Yang Chen and the others only came into contact with the outermost blockade formation. In fact, there were two sets of formations inside each, which were designed for different purposes.

Two rooms, two things, one of them was the same, and there was no word in it, but after seeing the other thing, Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile happily.

There was nowhere to be found after breaking through the iron shoes, and it was all effortless to get it. Yang Chen didn’t know how many places he found and didn’t know what was inside, but he didn’t expect it to be here. It seemed that Yang Chen’s luck was not so bad.

Such things were very useful to Yang Chen and Gao Yue. According to the records on the jade slip, it was not known how many ninth water true essence was there.

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