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Chapter 481.1: The Young Sect Master’s Punishment

There were eight kinds of seventh grade fire seeds, from the Five Elements Sect, the Qiankun Sect and the Pill Cauldron Sect, plus the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect. If you add the three from the Greatest Heaven Sect, with the Pure Yang True Fire Yang Chen inherited from the ancestor of the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen now has twelve kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds in his hands.

In his previous life, Yang Chen had only succeeded in getting the Fifth Grade True Sun Fire, and he had already become a Great Principal Golden Immortal. He has so many advanced fire seeds in this life, if the legendary flame the Yin Yang Heaven Burning Fire was really successful, Yang Chen would not even dare to imagine the height he would reach. What kind of power his own Yin Yang Heaven Burning Fire would have in the future.

The twelve kinds of seventh-grade fire seeds were obtained, which also meant that the Yin Yang Heaven Burning Fire had once again taken a solid step in reaching the small accomplishment in the mortal world.

Similarly, this was also the biggest deal Yang Chen has made in recent years.

It’s not that no one has ever asked about the heaven seizing pill, but compared to the questioning inner heart pill, it was a bit worthless to buy a combination of more than a thousand small pills at such a large price. Not every sect was like the Greatest Heaven Sect, and not every dacheng stage master could afford this price.

Compared to purchasing the pill recipe, it was much cheaper to go to Yang Chen to ask for a pill. Regardless of whether it was the questioning inner heart pill or the heaven seizing pill, Yang Chen makes it in one refining, and there would be no scary price tag like the seventh grade fire seed. And what most people ask for was nothing more than a pill, and it was not worth having a pill recipe.

After the pill recipes were sold, for the time being, many people also gave up tracking Yang Chen. What did they pursue Yang Chen for? Isn’t it these pill recipes? Now so many sects have the pill recipes, which could be obtained by various methods, so there was no need to use the most extreme kind. Maybe they still have to ask Yang Chen to get the pill, and they would be able to see each other in the future.

From the attitude of the major sects. Yang Chen guessed that the four major sects should have known the changes in the Immortal world. In this way, the Greatest Heaven Sect dominates, other sects also have the possibility of uniting to deal with the enemy. Anyway, to Yang Chen, this was good news.

Yang Chen finally found time for the changes in the Heavenly Court and talked to the Palace Master and a few core elders in secret. Everyone didn’t doubt where he got the news from. Anyway, the last time the Greatest Heaven Sect array exploded and suffered heavy losses, everyone knew the source of the news, and it seemed that there was no need to explain.

This news was mixed for the Pure Yang Palace. On the bad side, since the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to achieve hegemony like the Profound Heaven Sect in the mortal world. Naturally, the Pure Yang Palace and the other sects would be crazily suppressed. The good thing was that, because of this, the Greatest Heaven Sect would face the pressure of everyone who united to resist them.

Based on the current cooperative relationship between the Pure Yang Palace and the Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island, the Pure Yang Palace would not be the first target of the Greatest Heaven Sect for the time being. For the Greatest Heaven Sect, the other four sects were their true competitors.

Specific matters would be dealt with by the Palace Master and the elders. In any case, it was the only way to increase their own strength. There was no harm in any situation.

Here Yang Chen was happily selling the pill recipe, but the Greatest Heaven Sect over there began to investigate why Yang Chen was selling the pill recipe. If it was only in the hands of their own sect, that was ok but if it was with all the sects and masters, that was a different concept and the Greatest Heaven Sect had to figure it out anyway.

Soon, the senior officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect received the news. Someone sold a compass that could locate Yang Chen on the black market, and they got a sample of the compass.

As soon as they saw this compass, the sect master and several high-level officials immediately realized that this was the handiwork of a certain elder.

After discovering this, the core elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect were furious, besides Hu Qianyi, there are people who can’t wait to fight Yang Chen.

The idea was that they can’t fight Yang Chen now, but that they can’t fight now, at least until Li Liheng was completely cured, they must not act rashly. Yang Chen said that if he could be cured in 50 years, he would be cured. What if he lied? Could it be that after Hu Qianyi’s matter, they still expect Yang Chen to swear by his heart demon when he was helping them.

The elder who made the compass was immediately summoned in front of a group of high-level officials and asked severely. The refining elder himself also felt very wronged, this was requested by the young sect master Li Liheng to be refined, and after the refining, it was handed over to the young sect master, he just followed orders and executed it.

Hearing it was Li Liheng’s request, Sect master Li suddenly felt annoyed.

The sect targeted Yang Chen because Yang Chen’s existence threatened the sect’s dominance in certain advantages, and his existence would affect other competitors and cause inconvenience to the Greatest Heaven Sect. It was purely out of the consideration of the sect.

Except that Li Liheng’s methods were based on personal grievances at the beginning, the other actions were not due to personal grievances with Yang Chen.

Even the Greatest Heaven Sect, known as the No. 1 Dao Sect, has strict requirements on the behavior of its disciples. Hu Qianyi did not do things authentically, and among them everyone feels that he would be avenged. What was the difference between Li Liheng’s behavior and Hu Qianyi now?

Could it be that the young master of the dignified Greatest Heaven Sect turned out to be a villain who didn’t know what was good or what was wrong, and who would take revenge for grace? If this trend continues, Li Liheng would be able to deal with Yang Chen who healed his injuries today, and tomorrow, he might change hands to deal with the Greatest Heaven Sect.

When Sect Master Li appeared in front of Li Liheng, Li Liheng was enjoying Yang Lan’s service. There was wine in hand, the beauty was on the side, he felt like a devine Immortal. Suddenly seeing sect master Li, Li Liheng was so scared that he knocked over the table in front of him, and then hurriedly got up from the couch to bow to the sect master.

Sect Master Li just glanced left and right, snorted coldly and yelled “Get out of here!”

The servants around didn’t even make a sound, bowed their heads and quickly retreated. Yang Lan, who was half untied, also hurriedly got up, bowed and moved behind the sect master and then quickly fled the house.

Bang, a compass was thrown directly in front of Li Liheng, and after rolling twice on the ground, it fell right beside Li Liheng.

“What’s this about?” Sect Master Li pressed the anger in his heart and asked Li Liheng. If it were not for Li Liheng’s current responsibility for the rise and fall of the sect, Sect master Li would want to kill him with a single palm.

“This is what this disciple did.” Li Liheng just took a look, and immediately replied without denying it at all.

“Forget that you are a little responsible!” Sect Master Li snorted, and then asked “Why did you do this?”

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