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Chapter 480.2: Trade

The Pure Yang Palace attached great importance to Yang Chen, so the news was spread in the fastest way. Among them, the Wine Immortal House played an important role, not only that, but the Wine Immortal House also made a small profit with this news.

Yang Chen was about to sell the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill. This news directly overshadowed all the news on the market, and was placed in the top position by all the organizations that analyzed intelligence.

Of course, the price cannot be released at will. Those who were interested could come to the Pure Yang Palace to find out. Suddenly, all the sects who received the news began to be tempted, and countless people rushed towards the Pure Yang Palace madly.

The efficacy of the questioning inner heart pill has been spread among the cultivators. Not to mention anything else, the fact that dacheng stage masters have been continuously appearing in several major sects over the past few decades was enough to make people crazy.

It used to be Yang Chen’s unspoken secret, and everyone couldn’t get it even if they wanted it. Now Yang Chen actually wanted to sell the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill, this was simply like a treasure that fell from the sky! Although they don’t need to ask to know that the pill would definitely have a sky-high price, they would get what they paid for, even if it costs a lot, it was worth it!

So many people bought the compass that could locate Yang Chen’s whereabouts, for what, was it not for the questioning inner heart pill? Now they don’t have to risk being killed by Yang Chen and they could exchange it with a few things, why not? Among other things, at least the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect had already given up the idea of ​​temporarily dealing with Yang Chen outside.

Yang Chen’s limelight was too strong, even if they asks for help from the Five Elements Sect and the Qiankun Gate, they seems to have a different mind. Not to mention other masters, the reason why they haven’t done anything before was that the timing was wrong. If they were given the right opportunity, they would definitely move against Yang Chen without hesitation.

Among the major sects, the Greatest Heaven Sect has already obtained the pill recipe and they were not stunned, their attention was still focused on the change of the heavenly court. Basically, they don’t care much about this kind of minor situation.

But other sects were different when they received the news. They all rushed to Pure Yang Palace at the fastest speed. However, they couldn’t see Yang Chen even when they arrived at the Pure Yang Palace early, because the time for Yang Chen to sell the pill recipe has not yet arrived.

As a result, everyone could only wait. However, two sects directly sent representatives to directly contact Yang Chen. The two major sects of the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect directly sent Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue as representatives, and they sat right opposite Yang Chen. In this regard, others could only envy, who made their sect not have a female apprentice to be Yang Chen’s wife.

“Husband, is the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill really going to be sold?” Sun Qingxue was more uncomfortable than Shi Shanshan. They came together, but it was Sun Qingxue who spoke first.

“Of course!” Yang Chen didn’t hide anything from his wife, and directly recounted what had happened recently. Including the contact with the Five Elements Sect Shao Wenxuan and the selling of the compass by the Greatest Heaven Sect.

After listening to Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan didn’t say a word, but Yang Chen already saw a trace of anger in her eyes. The Greatest Heaven Sect was simply deceiving people too much, targeting Yang Chen and his wives again and again. This account would be calculated sooner or later.

“It’s too much!” Sun Qingxue jumped straight up and shouted, the Greatest Heaven Sect was so mean, Sun Qingxue hated that she couldn’t rush to the Greatest Heaven Sect immediately and kill those who perpetrated it.

“Selling the pill recipe for the questioning inner heart pill, is also to disperse the pressure.” Yang Chen said his purpose.

“Are you really selling?” Shi Shanshan interjected with a rare word.

“Is the Green Jade Immortal Island interested in buying?” Yang Chen nodded and asked back, before Shi Shanshan could answer, he smiled and said, “If the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect are interested, I will give it at half price. The Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Elements Sect paid the price of two seventh-grade fire seeds, you only need one. However, the external price is the same, and we have to say that.”

This was the face of Yang Chen’s wife, which gave the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect great face. The two women also knew what was good or bad, and with Yang Chen’s words, they were already enough to deal with the sect. Yang Chen’s preferential treatment to their sect was a seventh-grade fire seed. Even if it was not a fire attribute cultivator, they knew the preciousness of a seventh grade fire seed very well.

As for what Yang Chen wanted them to keep secret, the two women naturally agreed. This kind of thing, who would mention it after getting it cheap?

“However, with a pill recipe, you may not necessarily be able to refine a pill.” After Yang Chen gave the two women a reassurance, he immediately stated the strict conditions “If you don’t have a fifth grade alchemist, this pill recipe can only be placed in the sect warehouse as a sect collection.”

“The island master has already thought of this. After all, this is just an opportunity for the sect.” Shi Shanshan said, directly giving Yang Chen a peace of mind.

Since the Green Jade Immortal Island has such an attitude, Yang Chen felt a little relieved. At least this was not because he was sincere to cheat others. It was a great thing for Yang Chen to add several seventh-grade fire seeds. The Blue Cloud Sect basically had the same attitude, both sides expressed their sincere gratitude for Yang Chen’s kindness.

After selling to the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, for the other sects, Yang Chen could sell to them at a high price without much consideration. Anyway, for these sects, except for the Greatest Heaven Sect, the other sects who asked for alchemy from him were treated equally at the previous prices. As for the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was still unknown whether it would reach him.

During the next period of time, Yang Chen spent the time receiving representatives from various sects. Many people were dumbfounded when they heard the price of two seventh-grade fire seeds from Yang Chen. But there were also sects who were wealthy and don’t mind agreeing directly.

As one of the non-big sects, Qiankun Sect, as expected by Yang Chen, readily agreed to this price, and only waited for them to retrieve the fire seeds and then trade with Yang Chen. But there was a sect that was unexpected to Yang Chen, as they graciously agreed to the price.

This sect that surprised Yang Chen was the Pill Cauldron Sect that has always been famous for refining pills. Yang Chen was not surprised to say that the Pill Cauldron Sect was interested in this kind of pill recipe, but that the Pill Cauldron Sect could also produce two seventh grade fire seeds, which really surprised Yang Chen.

Yang Chen had expected the alchemist master to be sought after, but the Pill Cauldron Sect’s rich net worth still made Yang Chen feel that he underestimated the importance of the alchemist masters.

The price was clearly marked so no one was deceived. The price of the pill recipe has caused an uproar among countless people, and it has also made several major sects feel at ease. At least Yang Chen did not slaughter them individually in terms of price, and treated them equally. At this time, even if Yang Chen treated the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect differently, others would not care. After all, apart from the two ladies, the Pure Yang Palace and the two major sects cooperated together.

After a short period of six months, Yang Chen received eight seventh grade fire seeds, and also traded out five pill recipes for the questioning inner heart pill.

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