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What A Big Mouth

The Floating Mountain Assembly had already been extended for five more days, due to the events with Yang Chen. On the final day, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling arrived at the market of the Floating Mountain together.     

The Floating Assembly was a once in a year event, so the market also opened only once a year, and would immediately fall apart after the assembly was successfully completed. If they are not able to find any good things now, they could only wait for it to open again next year.  

When the two people appeared in the street, the people in the surroundings looked at them with admiration in their gazes. This year’s number one and number two people in the Heavenly Stairs, their future prospects couldn’t be measured, so naturally, if anyone managed to form a bond with them, it would sow good karma.

Yang Chen was accompanying Gongsun Ling, who had wanted to look for some materials for an unusual spell formation, and she was also aware that Yang Chen had learned everything in the Hidden Pavilion so she had pulled him with her to get advice.  

On the whole journey, there were various sorts of talisman papers, talismans, talisman tools and talisman gems, all of these were extremely suitable for the qi layer disciples of all sects. Originally the Floating Mountain Assembly was started mainly for qi layer disciples, so as a result most of the items here were aimed at qi layer disciples.

Naturally there were bound to be varieties of raw materials here, however most of them were low levelled and there were also Pure Yang Fruits that could be used to refine foundation stage pills, but they were very rare, and all of them were marked with very high prices, which intimidated people at the first sight. However, the higher the number of booths, the higher the number of ninth qi layer or even peak qi layer cultivators haggling over the prices.

However for these, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling were not interested in the least, as nearly all these materials were of no use to them. After walking a few steps, they finally came across a booth where the raw materials for spell formations were being sold. Yang Chen swept his eyes over the former, and unexpectedly even found two items of decent quality, it seemed that the seller did not care about them a lot, so the price was not so high, thus Yang Chen silently nudged Gongsun Ling with his hand and silently pointed to it.

Somehow, Gongsun Ling had absolute confidence in Yang Chen’s gaze, perhaps it was because of the repeated warnings he had given her before she began to climb the Heavenly Stairs. At that moment she didn’t bat an eyelid, but rather moved to the seller and began to point out some cheap raw materials and started haggling over the prices.

Yang Chen approved within his heart, encountering top notch items but still not losing her calm and using good negotiation skills. He and Gongsun Ling were now very famous, perhaps those sellers will open their mouths wide like lions but like this Gongsun Ling would also decrease the damage a little bit.

While waiting for the process to be over, Yang Chen examined all of the sellers nearby, when he had just finished examining a seller and was moving to the next one, suddenly something on the booth caught Yang Chen’s attention.

It was indeed a blue-green fruit with the size of a clenched fist and the shape resembling a pomegranate. Although it was still blue-green, it had already matured. Yang Chen was aware that under the wrapping of this blue-green colored peel, there was a seed. The whole fruit was so bright that it was dazzling to one’s eyes. Only one glance was enough to force people’s attention to this fruit.

“Thundering Pomegranate?”

Yang Chen’s whole body was rooted to the ground, he really hadn’t anticipated, that at this temporary market on the Floating Mountain, he would be able to see this kind of a great thing.

Thundering Pomegranate was absolutely a great item, this kind of pomegranate would absorb lightning to mature, but it could only absorb lightning to mature, so in ordinary areas it could not survive.

A matured fruit could be used to refine a kind of thunder absorbing sphere, this kind of sphere, when possessed by someone was able to absorb all of the thunder and lightening in the surroundings of the user’s body on its own accord. An ordinary Thundering Pomegranate could only absorb very little, but, a thunder absorbing sphere refined from a Thundering Pomegranate, matured to a given year, could even assist cultivators by absorbing the lightening calamity from the lightning cloud.  


Although it could not absorb it completely, it could still absorb a majority, which could allow the cultivator to pass the tribulation very easily. When a JieDan expert wants to become a YuanYing stage expert, apart from comprehending the laws of the world, he would also have to face the first of the three tribulations. With the assistance of a Thundering Pomegranate it would become extremely easy.

But unfortunately, a matured Thunder Pomegranate could only be obtained by chance and not by looking for it. This was an extremely scarce item which countless cultivators would fight for.

Yang Chen’s shout gave rise to Gongsun Ling’s interest, she turned her body and looked towards the side where Yang Chen was looking and very quickly discovered the Thunder Pomegranate. After inspecting it for a few seconds, she could not help but crease her brows.

“Younger Disciple, this is a Thunder Pomegranate that had already matured long ago, it has no medicinal efficacy.”

Gongsun Ling feared that Yang Chen couldn’t see the problem within and hastily reminded him.

“Although it is a large fruit, the only thing inside is seeds, this is only a seed fruit, which is produced by pomegranate trees every year, but only one fruit of all of the fruits is a seed fruit, you should not be fooled.”


Yang Chen naturally nodded, accepting Gongsun Ling’s good intentions. He naturally wanted to obtain the seed of this Thundering Pomegranate, but he didn’t have any extravagant hope that it would be a mature Thunder Pomegranate. To others it was just a seed fruit, but to him it was a very rare opportunity.

In his previous life, two thousand years from now, an exceptional genius had discovered a method to grow the Thunder Pomegranate, afterwards mature Thundering Pomegranates did not remain such unusually precious and uncommon objects. Although that method had been a secret, after he had ascended to the world of immortals, Yang Chen had the opportunity to obtain this kind of method. This fruit could allow him to test that method.

“Many thanks Senior Sister for your warning!”

Yang Chen said, still advancing towards the seller he asked

“This Thunder Pomegranate, how many spirit stones does it cost?”

Originally when the seller had seen Yang Chen’s interest in the Thunder Pomegranate, he had thought of making a large profit, but Gongsun Ling’s warning had dashed all of his hopes. However he also could not blame Gongsun Ling, these guys were senior and junior apprentice disciples, so her warning him was must. Seeing Yang Chen approaching to ask him, the seller speculating on the price within his mind and asked with a smile

“Fellow Daoist Yang since you desire it, I also will not ask much, how about one hundred jin worth of spirit stones?”

The Thunder Pomegranate seeds, although they would be available every year, they were still not easily obtained. Even the seller had only obtained it incidentally and hadn’t spent anything. So when Yang Chen asked for the value, he didn’t opened his mouth like a lion but rather directly told him an honest price.


On the side Gongsun Ling took a deep breath. Calmly thinking within her heart, these hundred jin worth of spirit stones were not that expensive, even if they used just one contribution point in exchange, they would directly get a thousand jin. But Gongsun Ling did not have a hundred spirit stones with her at the time. She was just about to step forward and haggle over the price, when Yang Chen imposingly said:

“Good, let’s complete the deal!”

Once he opened his mouth, the seller was exalted, while Gongsun Ling jumped with astonishment, and blurted out:

“From where did you come up with hundred jin worth of spirit stones?”

“After killing that many people, I have gathered it!”

After Yang Chen carelessly said that, Gongsun Ling immediately realized, that this was from those assassins whom Yang Chen had killed. However she still asked with curiosity:

“Why have you bought this Thunder Pomegranate seed?”


“Senior Apprentice Sister, if I were to tell you that I want to check a method to grow these Thunder Pomegranates, would you or would you not believe me, Senior Sister?”

Yang Chen smilingly asked.

“I trust you!”

Which made Yang Chen flabbergasted, as Gongsun Ling nodded without the slightest hesitation.

“Haha haha!”

Gongsun Ling’s words had barely left her mouth, when immediately from the surroundings a wild laugh appeared, including even the seller with whom the recent deal was completed, everyone issued a similar laughter.


“Fellow Daoist Yang, this is your Thunder Pomegranate seed.”

After he finished laughing, the seller realized that this was still inappropriate as the business had not even finished yet, how could he jeer at the customer. He hastily squeezed the Thunder Pomegranate into Yang Chen’s hands and afterwards waited expectantly for Yang Chen to hand over the spirit stones.

Yang Chen also didn’t go back on the promise and from the qiankun pouch he put forth a piece of spirit stone. After both sides were done with the transaction, this Thunder Pomegranate was now the property of Yang Chen.

After climbing to the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling were already the target for thorough scrutiny, every word and every action of theirs was being attentively observed by an unknown number of people. The recent dialog between Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen had also reached the ears of all the people present in the surroundings.

Talking about overestimating one’s abilities, no one had ever seen a guy like Yang Chen who had overestimated his abilities this much. A method to grow the Thunder Pomegranate, countless number of YuanYing experts had researched this, but the end result of this was that each and every one of them failed. Even peak YuanYing stage experts were included among these, they were barely a step away from reaching Da Cheng stage, yet in front of this problem they were still unable to do anything, not to mention Yang Chen, who was merely at the second qi layer. Even if Yang Chen had been a foundation stage expert or a JieDan stage expert, if he had said these kinds of words people would still have surely laughed at him.

“Quite a big mouth! Fellow Daoist Gongsun, Fellow Daoist Yang, you have cultivated for a very short time and are still not aware of many affairs, only, Fellow Daoist Gongsun you still shouldn’t say things like this!”

Immediately someone, wanting to flaunt his seniority, began to pretend to be speak heartfelt and meaningful words.

“Fellow Daoist Yang was just joking, still Fellow Daoist Gong believed it so easily, really the feelings between disciples of the same sect are quite serious!”

These words gave rise to wild laughter again.


“If you had also set foot on the peak of the Heavenly Stairs and said these words, I would have believed you!”

Gongsun Ling’s complexion sunk as she said this.

Immediately, all the laughter became stuck within the throats of the people, some even had to cough, because they were choking when trying to control it. Gongsun Ling’s words seemingly made it difficult for the people to laugh at them. Everyone started pondering over it, since Yang Chen was able to step on the peak of Heavenly Stairs which had been impossible for many worthy talents in the past, then again who could guarantee, that he could not find a method to grow the seed of the Thunder Pomegranate?

However, the astonishment lasted only for a split second, very quickly the sound of laughter overshadowed everything again. Was there a scarcity of talents in this world? But certainly there was no one who could succeed in growing the Thunder Pomegranate. Admittedly Yang Chen climbing the peak of Heavenly Stairs was a feat which everyone admired, but this achievement had also incurred the jealousy of  many people, having this opportunity, it would be a miracle if everyone did not seize this opportunity and frantically tried to suppress him.

Soon, Yang Chen’s words were spread around the whole market, even passing into the ears of some JieDan experts. Immediately one of them commented without restraint:

“Humph, he surely can overestimate his own ability!  The mouth of this minor, mad disciple is indeed not small!”

The one speaking was a JieDan expert from the Greatest Sky Sect, only now he was at the middle of the foundation stage, he had recently woken up after healing and hearing the news, he couldn’t help but open his mouth.


“This is also good!”

On the side Cheng Wen Cai did not have a taunting look because of Yang Chen’s words, rather he had spoken as if this news was pleasant to hear, which made the fellow JieDan experts very puzzled.


“You don’t need to look at me like this!”

Cheng Wen Cai sneered.

“Since he is fond of researching the method to grow the Thunder Pomegranate, then have this news spread, everyone will say that the Pure Yang Palace has already started boasting that their disciple Yang Chen can successfully research a method to grow the Thunder Pomegranate. All sects must be made aware of this, let’s see how the Pure Yang Palace can dispute a hundred mouths.”

“Senior apprentice brother, what does this mean?”

On the side another younger JieDan expert who had fallen to the foundation stage asked:

“This Pure Yang Palace disciple who had stepped on the peak of the Heavenly Stairs, is he not a genius among geniuses?”

Cheng Wen Cai again sneered.

“I just want to know, such an exceptional talent, researching something which even countless numbers of YuanYing stage experts haven’t been able to discover in two hundred years. So after two hundred year, how much more talented will he have become?”

The eyes of the two JieDan expert who had fallen an entire realm began to shine brightly when they heard Cheng Wen Cai’s words. They immediately began to gather the disciples of the Greatest Sky Sect, by secretly sending voice transmissions to them. The disciples were very confused when they came in, but the more they heard, the more they nodded, then ran out and began to arrange the matter at lightening speed.

Even before Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling had finished purchasing the things Gongsun Ling needed, the rumor had already widely spread in the entire Floating Mountain, even countless number of summoning talismans have already started flying out of the Floating Mountain. By the time when Xu Cheng Xin was informed and he could deny the rumor, it was already too late.

Xu Cheng Xin immediately guessed the whole truth of the matter, two out disciples purchasing things, wanting to give it a try. Initially, these words were said as a joke, but they were deliberately exploited by someone, who had made a solemn vow that this was Pure Yang Palace’s arrangement. Because of becoming famous at the Heavenly Stairs, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling had allegedly become arrogant, but in fact the Pure Yang Palace was supposedly already aware of such a method from an earlier time, but they kept the method secret, this and other kinds of rumors were spread. These rumors were reasonable and fair, forcing people to believe them.


The affair had already reached a stage where Xu Cheng Xin could find no way to deal with it anymore and could only rapidly inform the Palace Master to make the decisions.

However this affair had no effect on Yang Chen, who was leisurely accompanying Gongsun Ling to purchase the things she needed, afterwards they walked all around the place, spending all of the spirit stones on their hands, purchasing a medicine garden space. (Ed. note: A spacial item)


This medicine garden space was similar to the Yang Mountain Medicine Garden, only the difference in level between the two was too much, it had barely enough space to grow a single plant that was all. However, even if it was like this, it was still an item of the magic weapon grade. However the seller seemingly wanted to help  Yang Chen intentionally, even when the spirit stones on him were not sufficient, he still accepted all of the spirit stones which Yang Chen had and gave the medicinal garden space to Yang Chen.

The fact that Yang Chen had purchased a medicinal space, all of this, was already entirely confirmed. Even if the Pure Yang Palace wanted to refute, it still should have sufficient reasons for that. Why would a minor second qi layer disciple have several hundred jins worth of spirit stones on his body? If this was not the sect supporting him, then what was it?

Certainly, Yang Chen had bought this medicine garden space as a cover-up, otherwise he would not have any proper explanation of what he was doing inside the Yang Mountain Medicine Garden.

During the stroll through the market, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling weren’t very careful and attentive. When they returned to the Thousand Autumn Pavilion, they saw Xu Cheng Xin with a worried expression on his face.

“Both of you have performed exceptionally at the Heavenly Stairs, but now you are the target of intense scrutiny, each of your words and actions should be carefully measured, if you keep on speaking casually, it could be used against you by someone.”

After Xu Cheng Xin had informed Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling of the current affair, he could not help but shake his head.

“As for how it should be handled, as soon as we return to the Pure Yang Palace it is for the Palace Master to make the decision!”



Both of them bowed in response.


Xu Cheng Xin again sighed with a deep breath.

“Yang Chen, especially you, in the future you must always be careful. This time after we return, as punishment you will have to enter closed door training for three months and will single mindedly concentrate and only come out for the Sect’s Martial Arts contest! This time’s affair, I will make a report to the Palace Master, for now, our Pure Yang Palace will have to keep our shoulders down!”


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