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Chapter 470.2: Unprecedented Thunder Tribulation

Maybe there was only one cell left alive, but this cell quickly began to divide and in just a few breaths, it had quickly reorganized into a brand new Yang Chen.

There was no construction without destruction, Yang Chen completely understood this truth in an instant. Even if he had faced his tribulation several times in his previous life, not once was the destruction so complete as this time.

Yang Chen even guessed that if he hadn’t been lucky enough to raise his spiritual awareness to the realm of the human immortal, he would not be able to discover the gleam of vitality at all, resolutely give up resistance and use huge his spirit power to grow again. There seemed to be only one end of the situation in the increasingly powerful thunder tribulation, it was him eventually turning into flying ash.

It was not accidental that every thunder that appeared in multiples of nine was by no means trying to completely eliminate Yang Chen, an alien. However, the heavens good virtuous life still left Yang Chen a glimmer of life, depending on whether Yang Chen could catch it.

When the brand-new Yang Chen appeared again, Yang Chen couldn’t help being afraid for a while. Even if he seized the glimmer of life, but without the support of huge spiritual power, it would never be possible to complete such a reversal. Fortunately, he had already collected a huge amount of first wood spiritual solution, seventh metal spiritual solution and tenth water spiritual solution, otherwise the consequences would be really unimaginable.

As if verifying Yang Chen’s guess, the next tribulation thunder, one was more powerful than the other, each were nine times more powerful than the previous one. When the seventh thunder tribulation appeared in the sky, the four women who were observing from a distance were no longer able to stay in place, and had to retreat quickly to avoid being affected.

Just by observing and feeling from a distance, the four girls who had just been promoted to the Yuanying stage already felt unable to resist. Could Yang Chen who was in the Jiedan stage really resist the power of this level of tribulation? A worried look appeared on the faces of the four women, looking at each other, they all had panicking eyes.

The only thing that could relieve them that Yang Chen was still alive was that the tribulation thunder that was still falling. If Yang Chen died, the tribulation would dissipate immediately. As long as people live, there was hope, perhaps this was the only comfort left in the hearts of the women.

The fourth stage, the fifth stage, the sixth stage, and the seventh stage of the tribulation were all in the same process, burning Yang Chen to the ground, but leaving only a glimmer of life. Then Yang Chen would recover quickly in the tribulation thunder. For several consecutive times, Yang Chen’s body had undergone complete rebirth changes.

The eighth thunder tribulation fell as scheduled. But to Yang Chen’s surprise, this time the thunder tribulation did not burn Yang Chen’s body as before, but disappeared without a trace in the flash of thunder. Yang Chen’s body suddenly appeared, hanging naked in the air, seemingly safe and sound.

But in Yang Chen’s sea of ​​consciousness, suddenly thunder began to spread. Eight seventy-two thunder lights, like the most terrifying saboteur, smashed the shadows in the sea of ​​consciousness of Yang Chen frantically.

The Penglai divine wood, blue jade blood phantom vine, yin-yang heaven burning fire everything all crashed and shattered. Even the yin-yang five-element flying swords that were tempered in the sea of ​​consciousness seemed to be crushed by it.

But there were still a few things that remain intact. The dragon whose energy gathered was still the same. The bloody river still flowed quietly under the dragon’s body, naturally, the Immortal Beheading Blade in the blood river was still safe.

In the sea of ​​consciousness, except for the phantom of Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness, there was also a mark of Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness. This was something that does not belong to Yang Chen. With a thunder strike, this imprint of spiritual awareness would be erased.

It’s just a matter of time. Yang Chen suddenly used all his strength and threw the spiritual awareness imprint under the giant dragon. This imprint of Li Liheng’s spiritual awareness was the key to the destruction of the Greatest Heaven Sect in the future, and it cannot be easily lost.

At this time, Li Liheng, who was far away in the Greatest Heaven Sect, suddenly discovered that he suddenly appeared in a thunderous world. Everything around him was shattered and destroyed, only himself seemed to be on an isolated island. Seeing a dazzling thunder light was about to smash his body into pieces, his body smeed to be under the protection of a supreme being.

“Boy, quickly improve your cultivation level, this is too much for this old men…” The voice of the spirit world senior who Li Liheng had been looking forward to meeting for a long time entered his mind directly, and then there was no more. Because Li Liheng had fainted very simply and neatly.

The small episode did not prevent Yang Chen from paying attention to his sea of ​​consciousness. After throwing Li Liheng’s Imprint of spiritual awareness into the river of blood, Yang Chen began to cultivate the three purities secret art frantically. No matter how surging the sky was in the sea of ​​consciousness, he did not move.

Just like the destruction and rebirth of the body, everything destroyed in the sea of ​​consciousness quickly began to be reborn. With the reappearance of all the items, Yang Chen’s first grade human immortal spiritual awareness began to decline, the peak dacheng stage, the late dacheng stage, the middle dacheng stage, the peak Yuanying stage…It didn’t stop until the early Yuanying stage.

The cultivation base of the spiritual awareness did not simply decline, but it was condensed and compressed by the thunder tribulation. The efficiency of this condensing was even many times stronger than that of the three purities secret art.

After condensing to the early Yuanying stage, his spiritual awareness began to regrow again. The middle Yuanying stage, the late Yuanying stage, the peak Yuanying stage…the middle dacheng stage…the peak dacheng stage…the first grade human immortal stage, and it was still improving, until the second grade human immortal stage, then it stopped.

All of this happening in the sea of ​​consciousness took almost half an hour long, but in the outside world only a moment had passed. Before Yang Chen could carefully realize what detailed changes had taken place in his sea of ​​consciousness, the ninth thunder tribulation had already smashed down regardless.

Ninety-nine rays of thunder light directly formed a closed thunder circle, which completely wrapped Yang Chen in it. The light flashed dramatically, and the four women in the distance had to back up again and then stopped in shock.

The thunder circle surrounded Yang Chen, and kept bombarding the ten golden cores of Yang Chen’s upper and lower dantian. After Yang Chen’s golden core stubbornly resisted for a while, they all shattered.

The remaining thunder light seemed to have found an outlet, frantically squeezing toward the ten broken golden cores. The broken golden core also began to change its shape crazily. After a while, it turned into ten little people sitting cross-legged, flashing different colors, but still slowly rotating in the order of the positive and negative five elements.

The clouds in the sky disappeared and the rain stopped, and the sky became clear in an instant. The figure of Yang Chen finally appeared in the eyes of the women.

The four women looked at each other, and they all found the unconcealable joy in each others’ eyes. Gao Yue took the lead and rushed forward, and the other women quickly followed.

But immediately, there was a scream of exclamation, and the four women instantly turned with red faces, twisted their bodies and never dared to look at Yang Chen’s direction again.

“Isn’t it just that the clothes are ruined? We are husband and wife, so?” Yang Chen thought very uncomfortably, and took out a robe from his qiankun’s bag and put it on.

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