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Chapter 470.1 : Unprecedented Thunder Tribulation

From ancient times to the present, in the common sense of everyone, thunder tribulation should have fallen one by one, and there would never be more than one at the same time, everyone including Yang Chen thought so. At least in his previous life, that’s how he survived the thunder tribulation.

The scene before him surprised everyone who saw it. What happened that even the heavenly tribulation has become so abnormal?

The four women were all people who have just gone through the thunder tribulation. Naturally, they have a rough estimate of the power of the thunder tribulation. The first blow Yang Chen endured was already equivalent to the power of at least the eighth thunder tribulation they had faced. It hasn’t been adapted step by step, and there are still many more to follow, could Yang Chen take it?

When he saw such a tribulation thunder, Yang Chen was taken aback, and then immediately mobilized the spirit power of his whole body. The yin yang five elements secret art worked to the extreme, and he abruptly took down the first stage, but in fact there were at least nine stages of the thunder tribulation.

Boom, the thunder tribulation lighting rushed into Yang Chen’s body like a flexible snake. Of course, this was deliberately done by Yang Chen. The thunder light entered Yang Chen’s body, not destroying it, but transforming it.

The biggest difference between the Jiedan stage and Yuanying stage, except for the condensed Jindan and the broken Jindan, the most important thing was the body. Even at the peak Jiedan stage, it was just a body that has been strengthened by his own cultivation, and it was still the body of an ordinary person. But after the thunder tribulation’s transformation, the Yuanying stage body could no longer be regarded as a mortal body.

After the transformation, no matter from the strength of the body or the absorption of spirit power, the masters of the Yuanying stage far surpassed the Jiedan stage. Even the speed of absorbing spirit power from the heavens and the earth was far beyond the reach of the Jiedan stage masters.

Naturally, the Jiedan stage has strengths and weaknesses and Yuanying stage was the same, everything was relative. There was no concept of absolute suppression between the two. Otherwise, it would not happen that Yang Chen killed the Yuanying stage masters with his Jiedan stage cultivation base.

His powerful spiritual awareness directly suppressed all the tribulation thunder that entered Yang Chen’s body, allowing these tribulation thunder to obediently cleanse the whole body up and down according to Yang Chen’s intention. There were no errors or omissions.

The tribulation thunder in Yang Chen’s body hadn’t completely dissipated and the second tribulation thunder had already fallen. This time, it was eighteen parts, it directly occupied almost all the space around Yang Chen.

The four women who had been watching from a distance were already stunned. What’s happening here, no one knew what Yang Chen was doing inside and they didn’t dare to easily get their spiritual awareness in, lest they interfere with Yang Chen. The only reason they had a little confidence in their heart was that they knew that Yang Chen had a lot of thunder pomegranate. If it doesn’t work, he could cheat through the thunder pomegranate.

Yang Chen also ignored the surprise of the women. With the eighteen tribulation thunders, each tribulation thunder was comparable to the ninth tribulation thunder he had faced in his previous life. Even if Yang Chen was now more sure, no matter how strong he was, facing the power of heaven and earth, he must also be careful.

However, such a situation made Yang Chen chuckle in his heart. Even the heavenly tribulation values ​​him so much. Doesn’t it mean that what he cultivated was definitely a super powerful heavenly dao?

Considering from this point of view, it could only show that even the heavens and the earth recognize his own direction of cultivation. Otherwise, this super powerful thunder tribulation would not have appeared.

The mighty thunder tribulation not only didn’t make Yang Chen fear in his heart, it made him more confident. If others knew Yang Chen’s thoughts, they would not know how to evaluate it.

The confident Yang Chen released his strongest power without any scruples. The third stage of the yellow turban strongman body refining technique appeared, a huge body that looked more hideous than Hou Yun’s body, holding all the thunder in his arms.

His human immortal first grade spiritual awareness directly compressed all the thunders and quickly condensed it into a ball of light that was countless times more intense than the sun, and then Yang Chen opened his mouth and swallowed the ball of light.

A warm current set off from the mouth, went straight into his chest and abdomen, and then made a few laps in the chest and abdomen, passing through the limbs of the body. The cells of the whole body seemed to be numbed by the powerful electricity, but after the numbness, it seemed to have absorbed enough energy and was nourished by lightning, which brought unspeakable comfort.

The heavens seemed unwilling to see Yang Chen who cultivated to defy the heavens succeed. The power of the second thunder tribulation had not been completely absorbed by Yang Chen, and the third thunder tribulation came down immediately. This time, there were three twenty-seven thunder lights, and each thunder light seemed to be much stronger than the previous one.

This time, the thunder directly combined into a piece of armor, wrapping Yang Chen from head to toe in the middle. The robes on Yang Chen’s body were originally carefully sewn by Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling. As the thunder light fell, Yang Chen could no longer be distracted and protect it, and it instantly turned into flying ash.

The place where Yang Chen was facing the tribulation was so bright that the eyes of the four women could not see what was happening. They couldn’t detect with spiritual awareness, but the four girls didn’t want to miss anything, so they could only hold on and stare for fear of missing something. It’s a pity that it seemed to be painful to see, and they still couldn’t see anything.

Yang Chen’s skin after cultivating the yellow turban strongman body refining technique was already very hard to be injured by a sword, but it was still burned in pain under this terrifying thunder light. Fortunately, Yang Chen immediately mobilized the spirit power of the water attribute to resist the horrible burning. Afterwards, the lightning ray, like mercury leaking from the bottom, drilled in from Yang Chen’s pores, and no matter how much Yang Chen resisted, it was useless.

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness could no longer resist these terrifying thunder rays, and can only use his whole body’s spirit power to protect the most important parts of his body, allowing the thunder rays to wreak havoc in his body.

Wherever the thunder light passed, almost all the flesh and blood of the meridians were burned, leaving a piece of something like coal. Fortunately, the part that Yang Chen was fully protecting, only experienced a brief burn, but it was not destroyed.

The third thunder tribulation already had such power, Yang Chen even had the intention to cheat with the thunder pomegranate. But in an instant, Yang Chen discovered a crucial point. There was a breath of life among the flesh and blood that was burnt.

This breath was so weak that even Yang Chen’s first grade human immortal spiritual awareness could only barely find a trace.

After discovering this, Yang Chen suddenly realized that he no longer had to resist the power of thunder tribulation, and simply let go of the protective spirit power completely, allowing the thunder and lightning to submerge himself.

In the jade gourd that no one could see, the first wood spiritual solution, seventh metal spiritual solution and tenth water spiritual solution were all decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eye. The spirit power released by such a huge amount of the original spiritual solution instantly activated the vitality in the coal-like Yang Chen’s body.

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