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chapter 467.1: Husband And Wives Seclusion

The flying shuttle flew along the way and when it reached the sea, it plunged into the vast sea.

Yang Chen’s four wives, apart from Gongsun Ling who followed Yang Chen to the South China Sea and enjoyed the ocean scenery, even Shi Shanshan, who has been living and cultivating in the Green Jade Immortal Island which was in the sea, did not have much chance to see the underwater world.

At the bottom of the ocean, the bizarre, colorful, and bizarre scenery attracted the women’s exclamations. Yang Chen didn’t forget to put some suitable marine medicinal materials into the medicine garden.

When he arrived at the huge rock where the Dragon Clan’s treasure house was located, it was already half a year later. As Yang Chen displayed a series of hand signs, after everyone appeared in the treasure house, the faces of the four women changed from novelty to surprise again.

The huge map of the East China Sea, with countless red dots that mark the spiritual veins shining brightly, the abundant spiritual power even made people feel that every air they breathe in was equivalent to cultivating for a week. This kind of heaven blessed land was simply unbelievable.

The huge palace behind, the buildings in the same style as the Dragon Palace that Yang Chen had already acquired, amazed the girls. Soon, the girls knew that this was the treasure house of the dragon clan that Yang Chen discovered.

When he got here, Xiao Tian was also released by Yang Chen. Xiao Tian felt as if going home, it ran straight to the huge dragon bead in the main hall.

As soon as Xiao Tian’s figure appeared, the women were shocked again. Fortunately, knowing that this was released by Yang Chen, they didn’t panic. When they understand that this thing with the body of a dragon was actually the little earthy dog ​​that Yang Chen bought in the market of the Beast Taming Sect back then, and the real identity of Xiao Tian turned out to be one of the descendants of the wolf dragon the only surviving dragon clan member in the mortal world, they could hardly believe their ears.

When he bought Xiao Tian back then, he was with Gongsun Ling. Countless people, including those in the Beast Taming Sect, thought that Yang Chen was crazy to even spend a pound of low-grade spirit stones to buy a worthless spirit pet. Who could have imagined that the thin and weak little dog that was not surprising at the time was actually a wolf dragon?

Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan even went to search for the blood essence of the howling celestial dog which purified the blood of Xiao Tian back then. Back then, Shi Shanshan hadn’t noticed that the dog would turn out to be the Xiao Tian now.

The figure of Xiao Tian disappeared, and the girls followed with curiosity. Soon, the huge dragon bead appeared in front of everyone.

The dragon bead exuded a majestic dragon aura, forcing Xiao Tian outside. Xiao Tian’s body formed a circle, and his greedy mouth waa absorbing the dragon qi that escaped from the dragon bead.

The girls were completely stunned, no one knew what such a huge dragon bead meant. But just standing not far from the dragon bead and feeling the dragon qi released by the dragon bead already made people feel a sense of diligence in their cultivation. Even Yu Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s meridian injuries healed somewhat.

This was also one of the most important reasons why Yang Chen wanted to bring all the girls here to retreat for healing. On one hand, it was to use the endless spirit power here, on the other hand, to use this dragon bead.

The role of the dragon bead, for Yang Chen’s previous visit, seemed to be the key to the Dragon Palace in the South China Sea in addition to the tonic upgrade for Xiao Tian. But now, it was still the key to the healing of the two women.

When the girls got acquainted with everything here, and were no longer so curious, only then did Yang Chen come out with the treatment methods for the two girls.

It’s easy to explain, that was, while using the spirit pill to restore the meridians, he would use the dragon qi and a lot of spiritual energy to wash the bodies of the two women. When their meridians were restored, their spirit power would also be restored.

The reason was simple, but it was very difficult to operate. In the current situation of the two women, they couldn’t withstand a lot of spirit power at all and they couldn’t withstand strong medicinal pills.

But with the help of Yang Chen, all of this was achievable. No one was more familiar with the medicinal properties of the pill that he refined than Yang Chen himself and no one could be like Yang Chen, with a powerful human immortal stage spiritual awareness that could easily control the spirit power entering the two women’s bodies. Similarly, no one could let the powerful dragon qi obey their command and use it to regulate the bodies of the two women. All of this, Yang Chen met the conditions.

Of course, with such a huge dragon bead, it would be a waste to only treat the two women, he would also take care of Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling bodies. He believed that with these dragon qi, it would be easier for the two women to control the dragon clan’s magic weapon. They would be able to give full play to the magic weapon’s power.

Under the gaze of the women, Yang Chen took out the three huge jade basins that had been prepared a long time ago, took the purple gourd, poured out three kinds of jade liquid and filled the three jade basins.

As soon as the three kinds of liquid appeared, there was another exclamation for a while. The women were all well-informed people, but when they suddenly saw so many first wood spiritual solution, seventh metal spiritual solution and tenth water spiritual solution, even Shi Shanshan and Qingxue, who were born in a super sect couldn’t help but exclaim.

A small bottle was enough for people to cultivate the first wood true secret art, seventh metal true secret art and tenth water true secret art, but such a large basin would be used for bathing.

“Yes, this is for taking a bath.” Yang Chen said with a nonchalant face and immediately turned to Gongsun Ling after finishing “Senior apprentice sister, sorry, I haven’t found the fifth earth spiritual solution, so I can only wrong you.”

The girls then realized that the three spiritual liquids correspond to their attributes. The first wood spiritual solution corresponds to Sun Qingxue with wood attribute, the seventh metal spiritual solution corresponds to Shi Shanshan who had the metal attribute and the tenth water spiritual solution corresponds to Gao Yue with the water attribute. Indeed, Gongsun Ling, who has the earth attribute did not have any.

In this regard, Gongsun Ling didn’t care, her own life source magic weapon was more powerful than the others and she had already taken advantage of it. In this mortal world, where everything couldn’t be perfect, some small shortcomings were normal.

“However, I have extorted a bottle of sixth earth true essence and the original sixth earth true secret art from the Greatest Heaven Sect”. Of course, Yang Chen would not let Gongsun Ling go back empty-handed and brought out the issue about the sixth earth true secret art.

Gongsun Ling has already cultivated in the fifth earth true secret art and if the sixth earth true secret art was added, the Yin and Yang would complement each other, he believed that her cultivation base would be higher. Yang Chen really took it into consideration for each of his wives.

After all the women calmed down, Yang Chen began to talk about the process of their cultivation. Yang Chen spoke in great detail and every step was calculated, especially for Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue’s healing process, which was almost accurate to every change in their physical condition.

The four ladies listened carefully and nodded frequently. Regarding cultivation guidance, apart from Shi Shanshan who has not seen Yang Chen’s prowess, the other three women were very clear about what Yang Chen was and had no objection.

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