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chapter 466.2: Marriage Ceremony

Now that he was married, he had some secrets and it was time to share with his wives. Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling already knew a lot about the Dragon Clan, but Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue only knew that Yang Chen had gotten a Dragon Palace, and they didn’t know the others. It was time to let them know.

As the flying shuttle flew quickly along the way, Yang Chen also slowly communicated with the four girls. Gao Yue now has the water and fire attribute dragon horns so he didn’t have to worry about her life source magic weapon. For Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen didn’t know how their sect prepared for them, so he took the opportunity to ask.

It didn’t deviate from the original trajectory at all. Whether it was Shi Shanshan or Sun Qingxue, they both chose to refine their own magic weapon from the beginning, even though their refining skills were relatively average.

In Yang Chen’s memory, the two women’s magic weapons were not very formidable, the two women themselves were really strong. They started the sacrificial refining of their life source magic weapon in the mortal world, and it took thousands of years and nearly ten thousand years to reach the immortal world, and this was the final state of killing the quartet.

But in Yang Chen’s view, the life source magic weapon they refined could be more in line with their own characteristics, but it seemed a bit too wasteful to let two masters who were not good at refining to refine their life source magic weapon from scratch. At least thousands of years in the mortal world would be saved.

It was not that the methods used by the two women were not good. Without the help of their life source magic weapon, the two women could carefully craft their own realms and achieve the prestige of the cold plum fairy and dancing snow fairy. It’s just that since there was Yang Chen, then this thousand years of time should not be wasted.

Yang Chen’s approach, it’s not directly helping the two women refine their life source magic weapons for them to temper themselves. This method looked good in the early stage, but after all, it would not be 100% suitable for them like the magic weapon they refine themselves.

To meet this requirement, but also to allow two masters who were not good at refining to save time on refining, the method Yang Chen adopted was to create sword embryos for the two women.

After Yang Chen help build the sword embryo of the life source flying sword, the remaining perfection would be completed by the two women themselves. This was equivalent to the core and most powerful part being built by professional masters, and the complete adaptation of the control allows the user to control it, which naturally saves a lot of time.

This small change alone could save the two women about 500 years of time. With these five hundred years or so, it would be the first time to temper the life source magic weapon, it was definitely more effective.

Fortunately, the two major sects have prepared materials for their genius disciples to refine their life source magic weapons and they were all rare materials.

The main material prepared by the Green Jade Immortal Island for Shi Shanshan was the scarlet snow spirit crystal, which was almost the top metal refining material in the mortal world that Yang Chen has seen. Except for the golden bell left by the dragon clan, there was no more advanced metallic material than this kind of scarlet snow spirit crystal.

The Blue Cloud Sect also did not show weakness, the main material prepared for Sun Qingxue was a heavenly thunderwood. It was the most powerful first wood and was even used on weapons, a wood attribute material that was stronger than Yang Chen’s Penglai divine wood.

The two main materials alone were enough to explain the wealth of the two major sects. Only this kind of super sect, which has been passed down for hundreds of thousands of years, could have such a profound background, even the current Yang Chen cannot compare.

The original plan of the two major sects was to allow the two girls to become Yuanying stage masters and then refine their own magic weapons. This was also the consistent practice of all major sects. The five super sects, including the Greatest Heaven Sect, all follow such rules.

This approach makes sense. Only in the Yuanying stage could a cultivator have a thorough understanding of his own cultivation situation, or in more precise terms, he could have a clear goal of his future cultivation direction and have a clear understanding of what kind of life source magic weapon he needs. In the refining process, he could also refine the magic weapon suitable for oneself more perfectly.

But now they had Yang Chen so there was no need for such trouble. Especially when Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue heard that Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling had already begun to temper their life source magic weapons for hundreds of years, and even Gongsun Ling had finished tempering and could fully display it combat power, they couldn’t help but feel shocked and their mouth opened wide in surprise.

From the Jiedan stage, they began to temper their life source magic weapon. Moreover, it has been tempered. How could this not be unbelievable? But Gongsun Ling revealed her magic weapon and after explaining the mystery in detail, Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue couldn’t help but flash their beautiful eyes.

The picture frame made by the dragon skin and the scroll made by the dragon bones. How could this kind of life source magic weapon be found without a strong luck? What’s more, the huge geographical array of mountains and rivers contained in it was simply something that went against the heavens. Hundreds of Yuanying stage ancestors and several dacheng stage masters were helping her to refine it, it was really extraordinary.

And Gao Yue’s situation was even more exaggerated. The two dragon horns of water and fire attribute made people directly look at the materials that could shame them to death. If it weren’t for the fact that the two women’s materials could barely be considered top-notch, otherwise they would almost be ashamed and faceless.

On the contrary, Yang Chen’s magic weapons looked very ordinary. Although the Penglai divine wood flying sword, blood demon vine flying sword, flood dragon flying sword, living soil flying sword, these all seem to be first-class magic weapons, they were basically the same as the two girls but not on the same level. On the contrary, the number was so large that the women were a little surprised.

Everyone didn’t understand why Yang Chen was like this. For the time being, Yang Chen didn’t explain much, just told the ladies to stay calm and they would naturally know later.

On the contrary, the refining of the flying sword embryos by Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue could be put on the agenda. After Yang Chen explained the situation, the two women had no objection. The flood dragon flying sword was there to show Yang Chen’s refining level, so the women couldn’t refuse. Who would have thought that Yang Chen, a fifth grade alchemist who was famous for alchemy, was also a super expert with a level of refining no less than his alchemy level?

Sun Qingxue’s wood attribute flying sword, with the heavenly thunderwood as the main material, Yang Chen generously took out a whole Penglai divine wood as auxiliary material, which directly shocked the four women again. Even the Blue Cloud Sect might not be able to use such a big tree. It was not that there was no Penglai divine wood, but there was no Penglai divine wood that has grown to such a degree.

In contrast, Shi Shanshan’s auxiliary materials were a bit worse. Yang Chen only used the entire dome hall and the sword array in the hall as auxiliary materials, and then refined it into one body. The flying sword itself contains a sword array, which was infinitely powerful.

The two women also recognized Yang Chen’s methods, and were surprised by the materials Yang Chen gave them. They felt more confident about their recovery.

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