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chapter 462.1: Not Relatable

Although he felt that his spirit power was recovering, the great elder also discovered that the formation that he maintained to suppress his strength had a gap broken through it without knowing when it happened and it no longer had its original effect.

This also meant that he could no longer suppress his own strength, as long as his spirit power recovered, or even if only half recovered, it would cause the tribulation to fall.

The great elder knew how terrifying the wind tribulation before the ascension was. If it were his heyday, he believed it would not be a problem to survive the tribulation. However, it was different now, as his spirit power had not fully recovered.

Since Yang Chen was able to poison him with the unknown toxin, how could he tolerate allowing him to cross his tribulation? The great elder could firmly believe that Yang Chen would definitely leave behind the poison, preventing him from returning to his peak state.

The tribulation could descend at any time, but he was in a weak state, which was simply killing him. Not only that, but the surrounding Yuanying stage and Jiedan stage masters, under their situation with exhausted spirit power, within the scope of the tribulation, their fate could almost be determined.

Even if these Yuanying stage and Jiedan stage masters were at their peak, there was only one possibility of being within the scope of the wind tribulation, and that was to turn to ashes. Even their ashes won’t leave a trace, all would disappear without a trace.

This also meant that Yang Chen could use the power of the heavenly tribulation to wipe them out without even lifting a finger at them. Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect came to the sect, all the people in the Pure Yang Palace could swear by their heart devil that they had never touched them.

It’s just that he only realized this at this time, obviously it was a bit late. Yang Chen indeed was having such a plan. The blue jade blood phantom vine only wiped more than half of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill, and a part of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill’s medicinal power remained in the body of the great elder.

Recovery of spirit power also requires a process. It was impossible to say that as soon as the toxin was removed by the blue jade blood phantom vine, it would be restored here immediately. Yang Chen had already gained enough time to recover all his spirit power by the moment he just spoke, but the great elder did not have this opportunity.

After taking care of the hidden power of the Greatest Heaven Sect, they watched Yang Chen take away the qiankun bag of the great elder casually, and at the same time quickly took away the 30 or 40 Yuanying stage master’s qiankun bags that lined up in front, and then quickly he escaped into the ground and was gone.

But the great elder stood there, motionless, he had just regained a little spirit power, which was not enough for him to control Yang Chen’s actions. He could only watch Yang Chen take a bunch of qiankun bags and run away, he didn’t even have a little power to block him.

After a few breaths, the spirit power of the great elder had recovered by 60%. At this time, the signs of the wind tribulation appeared in the sky immediately and countless clouds began to gather.

If the heavenly tribulation was a peerless master, the great elder would be fixed on, he would not even dare to move half a step, for fear of triggering it in advance. In this state, it was impossible to survive the tribulation.

Fortunately, the spirit power was still recovering continuously. After three or five breaths, it has recovered to 70%. As long as he recovers a little more, the great elder would have complete confidence to survive the tribulation.

As for the other Yuanying stage ancestors and Jiedan stage masters, the great elders have completely ignored them. At this moment, he only cared about his own destiny and could no longer care about other things.

Just as he waited happily, as long as he had a dozen more breaths, his spirit power would be able to recover to 80%, allowing him to pass the tribulation smoothly, suddenly there was a sudden emptiness in his meridian. The spirit power that had just been recovered, quickly dissipated at a speed many times faster than the recovery.

The medicinal power of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill in the body of the great elder was just absorbed by the blue jade blood phantom vine. However, the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill that was permeating in the air did not dissipate, and it was always full in this absolute valley.

Under the command of Yang Chen, A’Bi left a trace of the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill in the body of the great elder, but this bit would only run out in 500 breaths of time.

Without the blue jade blood phantom vine to continue to detoxify him, the great elder soon discovered that he had been poisoned by the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill again. The spirit power that had just gathered was disappearing quickly.

The heavenly tribulation has been triggered, but his own spirit power has disappeared, the face of the great elder could not help showing a sorrowful smile. The young man’s calculations were so perfect that he had no hope of escaping at all, the sect wanted to fight someone like him, he really didn’t know if this decision was the right or wrong decision.

Of course, the vision in the sky attracted the attention of everyone in a radius of hundreds of thousands of miles and it also included the attention of those Yuanying stage and Jiedan stage masters who were in the valley.

The Jiedan stage masters were okay, they just thought this was some ordinary tribulation, thunder tribulation or Yin fire tribulation. But those Yuanying stage elders knew that this was not a thunder tribulation, nor a yin fire tribulation, but a wind tribulation for those that could ascend.

No matter what kind of tribulation, for them, it was no less than facing the disaster of extinction. If their spirit power was okay, they may be able to avoid the thunder tribulation and yin fire tribulation for a lifetime. Regrettably, none of the people present had spirit power in them.

In their plan, in order for it to be top secret, they deliberately chose a deserted valley surrounded by cliffs, which was inaccessible. With spirit power in their body, they could fly out anytime, anywhere, without any problems.

But right now, everyone was trapped in this absolute valley, and no one could leave. Flying away has become a luxury that everyone could only dream of, and everyone could only watch the cloud in the sky getting lower and lower, and the threat of death was getting closer.

When observing the yin fire tribulation, those with the cultivation base in the Yuanying stage had to fly hundreds of meters away, now it was the wind tribulation. It was estimated that within a thousand meters, as long as there were living things, they would all become targets of the wind tribulation. The radius of this absolute valley was only two hundred meters, everyone was within the scope of the tribulation, they were all in the center.

Just before the fall of the heavenly tribulation, everyone had already figured out this, and their faces were ashen and desperate. Originally, they should have been proud to enjoy the glory of uprooting the Pure Yang Palace, but now the Pure Yang Palace has only sent a disciple in the Jiedan stage and all of them were sent into the abyss of hell.

“Oh!” The great elder raised his head and sighed heavily as he looked at the tribulation cloud in the sky.

Immediately, a bright light flashed in the sky and the invisible wind blew directly in the absolute valley. Starting from the great elder, everyone in the valley turned into flying ash silently one by one and then completely dissipated in the mortal world.

Only after the first round of the raging wind tribulation, there was no more vitality in the valley.

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