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chapter 461.2: Withdrawal

The surrounding experts never knew that there was anyone in that corner. Suddenly everyone was shocked to find that a figure jumped up from there, and there was a loud noise all of a sudden.

Countless spiritual awareness swept over, and easily found the figure of the great elder. Several Yuanying stage masters remembered what they have been told before they left and they immediately realized that this must be the mysterious expert, the main force that would be used to deal with Wang Yong and the old tree monster.

Before the experts gathered here decided to attack, several masters in the Yuanying stage who knew the inside story immediately stopped those people’s attempts to do so. The leading Yuanying stage ancestor immediately bowed to the old guy ” Greetings great elder!”

The other disciples hurriedly followed the leading Yuanying stage master and did not dare to lift their heads. The great elder, the mysterious expert who they would have a better chance of seeing a dragon than to see him, how could he appear here?

“We have been plotted against!” The great elder had already noticed that something was wrong and hurriedly reminded them, but there was no time at this point.

“Plotted?” The leader was startled, and immediately realized that his spirit power could no longer be controlled and he didn’t even realize it.

Suddenly, the leading Yuanying stage ancestor burst out with cold sweat. When did something like that even happen, why didn’t even the great elder know?

Although the spirit power couldn’t be controlled, everyone’s spiritual awareness cultivation was still there, but no matter how these people use their spiritual awareness to probe, they couldn’t detect any clues.

The spiritual awareness of the great elder scanned over and over again in the valley, especially the direction where Yang Chen just stayed. He didn’t let it go, but what made him still unable to understand was that he couldn’t perceive the existence of anyone.

The cold sweat on his forehead gurgled down, but the great elder did not care about it. He hasn’t sweated for many years, even the great elder didn’t notice it.

“Which expert is here, the Greatest Heaven Sect is undertaking a private issue here, please do forgive us for causing you any inconvenience!” The great elder failed to detect anything with his spiritual awareness, so he said in a direction that he just felt was suspicious.

Just when the Yuanying stage ancestors and the Jiedan stage masters were puzzled, a figure suddenly appeared slowly hundreds of meters away from the direction the great elder spoke to.

The blue jade blood phantom vine had plunged into Yang Chen’s veins where no one could see it, it was quickly suppressing the pulse calming powdered medicinal pill toxin for Yang Chen and Yang Chen’s spirit power quickly returned to his body.

There really was someone there, seeing Yang Chen who suddenly appeared, the group of people felt a chill. All of them have lost their spirit power at this moment, whether it was using magic weapons or fleeing, there was no spirit power to support it. The person who suddenly appeared in front of them had almost dominated their lives and deaths.

“He is Pure Yang Palace’s Yang Chen!” As Yang Chen moved forward, someone finally recognized Yang Chen’s identity. Suddenly, all the experts were having cold sweats.

They gathered here for the purpose of destroying the Pure Yang Palace, everyone knew the purpose. They haven’t done it for a long time, just because the sect hasn’t asked them to do it. It was estimated that there was the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island in the Pure Yang Palace, so they were afraid of making too many enemies at the same time.

Now their target of action actually appeared here, and at the same time they lost all their spirit power. What happened and what would happen, could almost be guessed.

“This inferior people here are absolutely not malicious, grandmaster Yang, please don’t misunderstand.” The leading Yuanying stage master almost immediately clarified that, after all, he must save his life first.

The other party was a fifth grade alchemy master, all their spirit power was unknowingly lost, so if it had nothing to do with Yang Chen, they wouldn’t believe it even if it killed them. But at this moment, the man was the sword and they were the fish, so they had to bow their heads obediently.

“Is that so?” Yang Chen’s performance made everyone feel relieved. His question shows that there was still a chance. It seemed that he would not just attack them without question.

At this moment, the great elder had already guessed how Hu Qianyi was captured. It was estimated that just as they were today, he had also lost all his spirit power without knowing it and was at the mercy of the enemy.

“We know our mistakes, and we are willing to follow grandmaster Yang to the Pure Yang Palace to accept any punishment!” The great elder was worthy of being a great elder “If you have any requirements, grandmaster mention it, as long as I am able to accomplish it, there will be no disagreement. This old man is willing to swear a heart oath.”

Even if everyone arrived at the Pure Yang Palace, it was estimated that the Pure Yang Palace could only send a note again. This time the Greatest Heaven Sect would completely accept the blame, they would first compensate for the loss of the Pure Yang Palace and redeem the old man. This account could be calculated slowly in the future. If they were headstrong and all were lost here, then it would not be worth the loss.

The great elder’s words also contained threats. If they die here, no matter what, the Pure Yang Palace would be the first to be suspected by the Greatest Heaven Sect, this was unavoidable.

Regardless of the fact that elder Hua, the palace master and the Island master felt that they could pass the test by acting innocent, but ever since the time Ming Guangruo’s magic weapon was lost, the Pure Yang Palace has been the most suspicious object. After this matter, it would be difficult to think otherwise.

One was a threat, the other was a temptation. Judging from the several transactions between Mao Qi and Yang Chen, Yang Chen wasn’t a greedy person, but his appetite was getting bigger and bigger. As long as they could afford the price, Yang Chen even sold the pill recipe of the questioning inner heart pill, let alone letting them go.

The key point was that the great elder felt hopeful, that was because Yang Chen was by himself. Maybe he bumped into them by accident, so he took the initiative to make a move against them, maybe the Pure Yang Palace didn’t know anything about the situation. As long as a deal with Yang Chen was reached, it was not an extravagant hope to be able to retreat.

“Haha you are too kind!” Yang Chen seemed to be fooled by what was said “A seventh grade fire seed, then at least ten kinds of ten thousand spirit medicine, each of which should not be less than 0.5 kg, plus two beautiful female disciples in the Jiedan stage, how about that?”

“Deal!” The great elder agreed without hesitation. At this moment, it was of great importance to save his life first. No matter what Yang Chen asked for, he would agree to it “This old man swears by my heart devil and will never break my words.”

“So straight forward!” Yang Chen took a few steps forward and walked to the elder’s side and he laughed loudly “Since the elder is so straight forward, I am also happy to let everything be. First, I will remove half of the restrictions for you and let you go, I will then wait for the things to be delivered to my Pure Yang Palace.”

While talking, Yang Chen reached out and caught the arm of the great elder. The elder only felt pain in his skin, it seemed that something had pierced his blood vessels, but he immediately noticed that the spiritual power he had just lost was quickly returning.

Now he was thinking about whether he should slap Yang Chen to death after recovery, but after remembering the heart oath he decided to keep his promise, the great elder suddenly realized a serious problem and screamed “No! It’s a trap!”

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