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Chapter 459.2: 459.2

Yang Chen looked up at the crowd, turned to the palace master and then turned to Elder Hua . After a glance, he finally fixed his gaze on the island master .

The Island master immediately realized that Yang Chen had something important to say . With a wave of her hand, the Island master ordered her entourage “You all leave first!”

With the example of the island master, how could Elder Hua not know what to do, she also waved away the people around her . Only the palace master, the island master, elder Hua and Yang Chen were left at the scene, and even the four fiancees of Yang Chen retired and went to the courtyard of Gao Yue to talk together .

The palace master, the island master and elder Hua placed a restriction around them and then focused on Yang Chen .

“Now there is no one else . ” Elder Hua said quickly “This old woman can represent Sect Master Lu with full authority, Yang Chen, if you have anything to say, just say it!”

“It can’t be so simple that we will let the Greatest Heaven Sect get away so easily . ” Yang Chen reiterated his thoughts again

“They just abandoned Elder Hu and a scapegoat, it’s not enough . ”

“Do you have a good way?” When the Island master talked about business, she couldn’t say anything calmly .

“Didn’t the wine immortal house have news that a group of experts have gathered thousands of miles away from Meiqing Mountain?” A sneer appeared on Yang Chen’s face “Seventy or eighty Yuanying stage ancestors and hundreds of Jiedan stage masters, presumably even the Greatest Heaven Sect will feel such a lose, right?”

Listening to Yang Chen’s words, the three decision makers suddenly began to ponder . Everyone basically knew the existence of these people . The Island master and Elder Hua also guarded against these people’s attack on the Pure Yang Palace, that’s why they stayed, but they haven’t thought about eradicating all of these people .

Everyone knew that these people were members of the Greatest Heaven Sect . If they were eliminated, it would surely cause the Greatest Heaven Sect to counterattack . It would have been possible for the Greatest Heaven Sect to pay a certain price and settle the matter, but then they would have to face the anger of the Greatest Heaven Sect at any time, this didn’t match with their original plan .

Everyone was estimating the Greatest Heaven Sect’s reaction after doing this and the wider implications that it may bring . No one thought that Yang Chen would be so bold, taking the life of a dacheng stage elder and abolishing the cultivation base of another elder level master, even assassinating these people .

However, this also reflects Yang Chen’s concern for Shi Shanshan and Sun Qingxue . Those who dared to hurt them, Yang Chen not only wanted bloody revenge, but also got involved himself . This thought was really rare, at least the Island master and Elder Hua felt that their disciples did not choose the wrong person .

“With so many masters being killed, won’t it stimulate the Greatest Heaven Sect too much?” The Island master groaned and said slowly .

“The Greatest Heaven Sect?” Yang Chen asked in a pretended manner “Why does this concern the Greatest Heaven Sect? Which of these people is from the Greatest Heaven Sect?”

The three decision makers were taken aback and then all reacted . These people were either little-known disciples of the small sects or rogue cultivators, what relationship did they have with the Greatest Heaven Sect? Even if they were all dead, it would not be the turn of the Greatest Heaven Sect to jump out and gesticulate, right?

The Greatest Heaven Sect had arranged many hidden cultivators outside the sect, but they also had a fatal flaw . That was if there was a loss of these people, the Greatest Heaven Sect had no reason to make remarks about it . No one dared to move against them in the past and they don’t know who were the experts who were secretly arranged by the Greatest Heaven Sect, but now that this group of people have jumped out, it would be a pity if they don’t take advantage of it .

In fact, the gathering of those masters this time was quite a secret . The people in the dozens of miles around the gathering place were all killed and it shouldn’t have been discovered .

They have to say that those people were also unlucky . It happened that a few disciples of the wine immortal house saw several different experts passing by in different directions and it seemed that their target was that area .

The people in the wine immortal house found it strange . After several high-level analysis and summary, a few wine immortal house disciples were sent to the area to inquire about news . However, under the deliberate blockade of the news from the Yuanying stage ancestors, the result was naturally that they never came back .

The loss of the disciple also made the people of the wine immortal house notice the abnormality . They dispatched a master who was proficient in invisibility and approached within a few miles, only then did he discover that the group of experts had gathered . And this time neither the Greatest Heaven Sect nor these masters themselves knew that the situation had been leaked .

The news from the wine immortal house was sent directly to the Pure Yang Palace, and only one copy was given to the Pure Yang Palace, there was no wind of it at all to other sects . Even the island master of the Green Jade Immortal Island and elder Hua only learned about it after the palace master told them .

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Originally, they wanted just to guard against these people and did not intend to retaliate against them . But now that Yang Chen mentioned it, it made the three of them wake up like a dream . If this group of people were ambushed and killed, the Greatest Heaven Sect would probably cry even when they fell asleep .

“It’s not so easy!” The palace master thought of something, frowned and said “There is always a reason to do it, right? Without a reason, wouldn’t it be criticized? The Greatest Heaven Sect will use this as a reason to attack us to defend the weak, What would we do then?”

“How can there be no reason?” Yang Chen suddenly laughed “The captured Elder Hu didn’t use the power of the sect this time and gathered these desperadoes privately, except for the desire to obtain the secrets of this disciple, they also wanted to seize the property of Meiqing mountain in the Pure Yang Palace . After Elder Hu was arrested, he confessed to these arrangements, so the Pure Yang Palace could only act first for self-protection . Isn’t that reason enough for this?”

“To be honest, it’s not very good!” Elder Hua shook her head directly and gave a disdainful comment, but she added “However, it should be enough to deal with the Greatest Heaven Sect . ” The words of Elder Hua made all four people present laugh .

“Actually, if we can kill them secretly, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect asks, we can also ask questions without admitting that we have done this . What can the Greatest Heaven Sect do?” Yang Chen also laughed, followed by a few more sentences .

“Secretly? It will be difficult!” The Island master frowned and shook her head “This old woman suspects that there is at least one strong old guy among them, it’s hard to tell if we can hold him . ”

The old guy mentioned by the Island master was also the kind of ultimate force of the Greatest Heaven Sect that Yang Chen knew, the dormant great elders . Since the other party intends to destroy the Pure Yang Palace, they naturally prepared a long time ago . It was quite normal for one or two great elders to appear .

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If they wanted to take the lives of these people, it was indispensable that the Blue Cloud Sect and Green Jade Immortal Island would also automatically use their own great elders . Anyway, the great elders who do their work afterwards would surely face their tribulations and as long as they could kill these seventy Yuanying stage ancestors, the two sects would not lose .

“Perhaps, the junior has something that can help . ” Yang Chen once again said something that surprised everyone .

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