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Chapter 459.1: 459.1
chapter 459 . 1

This was obviously an additional opportunity for Yang Chen to make alchemy in addition to the refining once in twenty-five years . Regarding this, the palace master just now seemed to have expressed his views, so Yang Chen would not refuse .

“When you have all the medicinal materials and solve the problem with the Greatest Heaven Sect, this junior will immediately make a refining of the face retaining pills . ” Yang Chen replied quickly, without any hesitation .

The medicinal materials needed to be gathered together, this was natural, it was impossible for Yang Chen to gather the medicinal materials by himself . As for solving the matter with the Greatest Heaven Sect, this was even more necessary, not to mention the Pure Yang Palace, Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect also attach great importance to this .

The reason why the island master and elder Hua have stayed in the Pure Yang Palace was firstly for the convenience of communication, and secondly, to prevent accidents . The Greatest Heaven Sect’s subsequent actions were predicted by the two major sects . Before the third letter was issued, all kinds of spearheads were directed at the Pure Yang Palace . If it wasn’t for the island master being here, maybe they would have already attacked .

This was also the reason why when Yang Chen and the palace master were discussing the current situation in the Greatest Heaven Sect, they did not hide it from the island master .

The conversation between the two basically belonged to the content that could be known by the Island master . The Pure Yang Palace paid the price to buy news from the wine immortal house, this was a normal transaction . Almost all sects had similar transactions with the wine immortal house .

As for the questioning inner heart pill helping the wine immortal to hit the threshold of the dacheng stage, it was easier to explain . The questioning inner heart pill was the price of the transaction between the Pure Yang Palace and wine immortal house, and only this price could be exchanged for such careful service from the wine immortal house .

Speaking of it . Those experts who gathered did not rush to Pure Yang Palace in one fell swoop to bring the disaster of destruction to the Pure Yang Palace, they still had to thank the island master and the others for their stay in the Pure Yang Palace .

Even the Greatest Heaven Sect had to weigh the consequences of attacking the Pure Yang Palace at this time . If it was the Pure Yang Palace alone, it would have been attacked by now . The Greatest Heaven Sect had the previous foreshadowing and there would be no worries, but if they dared to take the initiative in front of the Island master, that’s another matter . If they don’t want to cause a melee among the three major sects, the Greatest Heaven Sect must be honest and not dare to act rashly .

Now that the third wave of notes has been issued, the Greatest Heaven Sect no longer had a righteous reputation . Naturally, the crisis was resolved . Although even if the opponent attacks, the Pure Yang Palace was not without the power to resist, but this kind of thing still has to be considered as a big favor . Helping to refine a furnace of the face retaining pills was the best payment as a return .

This furnace of the face retaining pills . The palace master even thought about it, except for the raw materials, it would be without any compensation . On the one hand, it was to repay favors, on the other hand it was to advertise .

Yang Chen didn’t know why the girls were so crazy, but the head of the palace master was very clear about it . It was estimated that no woman would not want permanent youth . Especially in the Green Jade Immortal Island and Blue Cloud Sect, these two sects were mainly for women . Even the Island master and Elder Hua would want to use the face retaining pills, were they afraid that others would not buy it at a high price?

The face retaining pill was simply another huge profitable business for the Pure Yang Palace after the second grade inner sensing pills, and there was no need to worry about lack of customers . If they took one pill every 100 years with so many women add up, what would be consumed was by no means an ordinary amount .

Naturally, Yang Chen, who was the alchemist, would definitely become the most popular alchemist in this mortal world . Which sect has no female cultivators? As long as there were female cultivators, there would be a market .

The face retaining pills were used by female cultivators, the second grade inner sensing pill and the questioning inner heart pill was for all the cultivators . Was there any alchemy sect that was more powerful than the Pure Yang Palace? Even in the heyday of the Pill Cauldron Sect, it was impossible that so many sects would crave for their refining at the same time?

The women who got the guarantee were naturally happy, and all of them began to send people to collect the medicinal materials, with Yang Chen’s promise . After no longer worrying about the face retaining pill, everyone’s focus has returned to the situation of the Greatest Heaven Sect this time .

“How will the Greatest Heaven Sect respond this time?” Elder Hua has been waiting for the news to come back, but now he has just sent the note to the Greatest Heaven Sect for only ten days and everyone could only wait until there was feedback .

“I’m afraid there are several high-level officials in the Greatest Heaven Sect who will pay for it . ” The Island master was the head of the Green Jade Immortal Island . Naturally, she also knew how to minimize the loss when encountering this kind of thing and also to maintain the reputation of the sect . It could be said that they could come up with one or two important characters and let them take the blame, then resolve the matter .

Hu Qianyi, who was captured alive, was definitely going to pay, the Greatest Heaven Sect had to give up on Hu Qianyi . They had to calm the anger of the three sects, one person did the things and one person should pay for it . It’s just a pity that the life of a dacheng stage master only had to be traded with the cultivation base of two Jiedan stage juniors, which was really a bad loss .

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It’s just a backlash before . It was estimated that they would introduce a heavyweight to let him admit that he had concealed the facts without the consent of the sect, take the blame and step down and accept the punishment of the sect and then the Greatest Heaven Sect would pay a certain amount of compensation to the three sects, thus ending this thing .

Disobeying of the sect rules should not be too light, at least the level of cultivation base being abolished, otherwise it would be difficult to block the mortal world’s leisurely mouth . As the largest sect, they must have the style and demeanor of the largest sect to deal with their own people, they couldn’t be soft .

The reputation that has been damaged, of course, could only be remedied bit by bit by time and re-establish the reputation of the Greatest Heaven Sect . This was a long process and wouldn’t be effective in a short time .

In any case, the Greatest Heaven Sect has suffered heavy losses this time . The life of a dacheng stage master, an elder-class expert would be deposed and the sect’s reputation was discredited . This time, the blow to the Greatest Heaven Sect was no less than that of the sect gate explosion that year .

They just don’t know which guy would be unlucky and would be pushed out . It was estimated that it would be someone who has failed in the struggle for power, but as long as it was a struggle, there would be losses . The losses inside the Greatest Heaven Sect were far more than those seen outside .

Speaking of the two major sects, they were already very satisfied . They have fought with the Greatest Heaven Sect for so long, and the ones who really have the upper hand were those with Yang Chen . The secret plane incident was counted once, this time was the second time and the two major sects were also unsatisfied with the results this time also .

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“That’s the only way!” Yang Chen was a little disappointed . Although he knew that the island master was right and the situation would basically develop in this direction, he still felt unwilling . Two of his fiancées were wounded like this and he didn’t want to let them off so cheaply .

“What do you want?” Although Elder Hua was irritated, she was also a person who knew the importance . Hearing Yang Chen’s disappointed tone, she couldn’t help but asked angrily .

It’s already like this, still not satisfied, what else did he want?

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