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Chapter 455.2: 455.2
chapter 455 . 2: The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Plan

If a dacheng stage master seeks to seize the possessions of a younger generation junior in the Jiedan stage, if he was injured and escapes, it was simply a big joke . This was absolutely impossible, at least to the senior members of the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was impossible .

From another perspective, Hu Qianyi’s behavior was very questionable . Several senior members in the Greatest Heaven Sect also had some different thoughts .

Elder Hu had never mentioned to the sect that he had to do these things, he just disappeared, he must have wanted to return quietly after he had done it secretly, as if it had never happened .

But it didn’t work, Elder Hu’s actions were not a secret and he was recognized by others, this was a great trouble . In fact, in the minds of the senior members of the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was already affirmed that Hu Qianyi did this, but they just refused to admit it verbally .

This kind of thing, just do it, as long as it doesn’t make people hurt your feet . As for what to say about the savior, it was even more nonsense . When Yang Chen made a pill for them, he got a lot of things from the Greatest Heaven Sect . If everyone on the scene was not afraid that the spirit congealing pills could not be refined by themselves, they would have concentrated on killing Yang Chen .

Elder Hu did this thing in advance, which was very good, especially when he got Yang Chen’s alchemy secrets, which was even more wonderful for the Greatest Heaven Sect . The only problem was that Elder Hu had done this, but he didn’t notify the sect, what did he want to do?

Yang Chen’s alchemy secrets could give a person the supreme secrets of a fifth grade alchemist . They didn’t know where Yang Chen found it, but now, it seems that it has become Elder Hu’s possession . But Elder Hu was not an alchemist himself but he holds this alchemy secret, what does he want to do?

For Elder Hu, to do something soo high-level ment that he already had something in mind . However, the most urgent task now was to find the whereabouts of Elder Hu immediately, check the situation and then take out the secret obtained from Yang Chen to the sect .

It must be said that the Greatest Heaven Sect still has a lot of background as the dao sect leader for so many years . Even if it had suffered a major disaster before and suffered a great loss of strength, there were still countless small sects who were willing to follow them to the end .

Under the superb control of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the argument that Elder Hu was spoofed by others has become more and more dominant . And the wind began to move in a direction that was not conducive to the Pure Yang Palace . No one would dare to provoke the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, but the Pure Yang Palace was another matter . This matter was related to Yang Chen and soon people began to say that it was self-directed and acted .

After all, the cold plum fairy and dancing snow fairy were both Yang Chen’s fiancées . It was normal for them to lie for Yang Chen . When this statement came out, it won a lot of people and it became a growing trend .

Under such circumstances, the second series of more severely worded notes from the three sects were sent to the Greatest Heaven Sect again, asking the Greatest Heaven Sect to give an account for Hu Qianyi’s behavior .

The general situation outside has already taken place . How could the Greatest Heaven Sect bow their heads and surrender at this moment . Naturally, they put on a face of righteousness and expressed condolences to the cold plum fairy and dancing snow fairy for their injuries, but they firmly refused to admit that Elder Hu would make a move and do this kind of thing .

It must be known that Elder Hu has been in retreat at the sect since he recovered from his injury last time . He comprehended his mood after being injured in the last battle . He has not left the sect until now . How could he do such a thing .

It must be the mistake of the three sects . Maybe the two sects were misled by some treacherous villains, and they felt that the Greatest Heaven Sect would do this kind of thing in order to suppress the younger generation .

The reasons for the Greatest Heaven Sect were very good . One was that Elder Hu was in retreat and has not gone out at all . Two, if Elder Hu really made the move against the three juniors in the Jiedan stage . How could they go back alive and prove anything?

This statement was indeed very convincing . A dacheng stage master, not to mention the three juniors in the late Jiedan stage, if it was three ancestors in the late Yuanying stages, they would not necessarily be his opponent . If he really wanted to do it, could they still go back alive?

As a result, the Greatest Heaven Sect’s argument was supported by most people . Under their guidance intentionally or unintentionally, the spearhead has been directed at the Pure Yang Palace . Some vanguards have even started to clamor openly that the Pure Yang Palace was now expanding in power and wanted to do harm to the world .

On the surface, the Greatest Heaven Sect was trying to get rid of the suspicion, but secretly the high-level officials began to concentrate their efforts and explore the reality of blaming the Pure Yang Palace . When the time comes, they would use the momentum to completely uproot the Pure Yang Palace, leaving no future troubles .

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Destroying the Pure Yang Palace would also be an important blow to the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, and it would also eliminate the desire of the Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect to expand in strength . Without Yang Chen’s questioning inner heart pills, the Five Elements Sect and the Qiankun Sect could only maintain the status quo .

The reason why they wanted to destroy the Pure Yang Palace so strongly was that the Greatest Heaven Sect had already obtained the pill recipes for the spirit congealing pill, questioning inner heart pill and the heaven seizing pill . Even if no one could refine it now, if they study it for some years, if ten and twenty years were not enough, then one hundred years and two hundred years would eventually be enough for them to be able to refine it .

After all, Yang Chen came from a small sect and he didn’t have the structure and height to think from the standpoint of the big sect . He thought that he had already earned resources by trading some precious things with the pill recipes, but he did not expect that while he was selling the pill recipes,at the same time, he also laid the bane for his own destruction .

Good things were better enjoyed by one person than shared by several people . Yang Chen doesn’t even understand this truth . Speaking of it, Yang Chen was just a younger generation junior . It’s natural to not understand this, but the palace master and elders of the Pure Yang Palace don’t understand it . This only shows that they were stupid and they deserve to be destroyed .

Especially now that Yang Chen’s alchemy secrets may have also fallen into the hands of Elder Hu Qianyi, so there were no worries . How could a fifth grade alchemist of another sect be comparable to their own fifth grade alchemist? How could the sect allow a competitor of this level to appear?

Of course, if they wanted to destroy the Pure Yang Palace, the Greatest Heaven Sect cannot do it themselves . Otherwise, it would be easy to leave pretext for the two major sects the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect and it would also make the Five Elements Sect and Qiankun Sect dissatisfied .

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In this regard, the Greatest Heaven Sect has a way . The concentrated power of the dark hands of the Greatest Heaven Sect distributed outside was enough to destroy the Pure Yang Palace from top to bottom . When the time comes, useful people would be kept and all the useless would be killed . Although Meiqing Mountain was mediocre, it was a place of cultivation anyway, wasn’t it?

There were also several female disciples with outstanding aptitude and great appearance in the Pure Yang Palace, who could secretly be taken to make furnaces for the elders of the sect . Everything was already under control, and everything could be activated only when Elder Hu was found .

Just when the Greatest Heaven Sect seniors were already proud to destroy the Pure Yang Palace, the third wave of notes from the three sects arrived again .

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