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Chapter 455.1: 455.1
chapter 455 . 1: The Greatest Heaven Sect’s Plan

It must be said that the notes issued by the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect and the Pure Yang Palace this time were discussed with each other and were carried out in stages . In the first note, it just mentioned that the three sects were dissatisfied with the attack on their disciples by Elder Hu of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

At first, sect master Li thought it was only Elder Hu who was seen in figure and couldn’t help it, so he hid . Naturally, this kind of thing must be tricky . It was absolutely impossible to balance the two sects without much bleeding .

Bleeding would not be enough, at least a few scapegoats were needed . As a dacheng stage elder, Hu Qianyi must not have an accident, nor could it be him, so this thing must be done by someone else .

Therefore, the story of a certain villain disguised as Elder Hu and doing such things that were indignant between people and gods then it on blaming Elder Hu, and blaming the Greatest Heaven Sect was formed in sect master Li’s mind .

The Greatest Heaven Sect was the largest sect of the dao sects and Hu Qianyi was also a dacheng stage elder of the Greatest Heaven Sect, he was model disciple and a model cultivator . How could he do such a defiant thing? It must have been done by people with ulterior motives .

The purpose of these people must be to destroy the harmonious relationship between the Greatest Heaven Sect, Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect and the Pure Yang Palace and to instigate discord in order to achieve their ulterior motives . Such people must be completely uprooted and eradicated .

The Greatest Heaven Sect, who took the mortal world’s dao sects protection as its mission, worked tirelessly and if they immediately discovered something wrong with some clues . They dispatched masters and quickly attacked and killed all these traitors, destroying their further conspiracy and maintaining the stability of the dao sects unity .

After all, the other party was posing as Elder Hu of the Greatest Heaven Sect . The Greatest Heaven Sect do not care for themselves . They would bring out enough resources to compensate the two injured fairies and put on a low profile to apologize and they would even be admired by the common people .

In this way, all the face of the Greatest Heaven Sect would be saved and by this matter, the reputation of the sect could be improved . It was a perfect solution .

What if others have doubts? As long as the scapegoat was enough to resemble Elder Hu, the dead couldn’t speak anyway . Who could prove that it was Elder Hu and not the dead guy? Below the several major sects, including the Pure Yang Palace, who would dare to disagree?

As for the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect, it was easier to dismiss, Elder Hu was a master of the dacheng stage, dealing with two juniors in the Jiedan stage could it be that he couldn’t control the situation

and would hurt people to the point of destroying the opponent’s cultivation base? Could Yang Chen rescue the hostages safely under the hand of Elder Hu? This was simply a joke .

No, this was a god-given opportunity, an excellent excuse for the Greatest Heaven Sect to deal with the Pure Yang Palace . What was the intention of slandering the Greatest Heaven Sect like this? They could blame it on the Pure Yang Sect? So they could mobilize their strength to eradicate the Pure Yang Palace in one fell swoop .

Sect master Li has even begun to discuss the feasibility of this plan with several other core elders . Everyone has to decide whether to leave Yang Chen’s life for his own use after destroying the Pure Yang Palace, or imprisoned and tortured him to extract a confession . In short, they must figure out the secret of Yang Chen’s alchemy . What Elder Hu could not do, the sect would do it .

As for how to deal with Elder Hu’s behavior that was not conducive to the sect, naturally there were rules to punish him . But the Greatest Heaven Sect could handle it, but outsiders couldn’t . This was the logic of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

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On one hand, sect master Li immediately sent people to find the missing Elder Hu, on the other hand, he responded to the note from the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect and the Pure Yang Palace . As for the next thing, it would be launched one after another, accumulating the general trend bit by bit, until the Greatest Heaven Sect was completely cleared and then the Pure Yang Palace was destroyed .

The first thing that the Greatest Heaven Sect did was to pass it on to the foreign affairs hall . They would respond to the note and publicly declare that this was definitely a person with ulterior motives planting the blame on them . Elder Hu would never do such a thing, and the Greatest Heaven Sect has never acted like this against the three sects .

In the dao sects, suddenly there was an uproar . The incident in the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect and Pure Yang Palace was not publicized . It was only known to the three sects senior members . Now that the Greatest Heaven Sect made such a move, it immediately caused a chain reaction .

This kind of openly bullying the weak and attacking the other’s genius disciple was absolutely despised by most people . But at the moment the three sects did not disclose the matter, but the Greatest Heaven Sect made the matter public, as if the Greatest Heaven Sect had a clear conscience .

Immediately several small sects jumped out and supported the Greatest Heaven Sect . How could the leader of the dao sects do such a thing? This must be a mistake . The two big sects should not be provoked by villains with ulterior motives, which would destroy the good situation of stability and unity of the dao sects .

Some sects condemned this kind of behavior against other sect juniors . Whether it was made by the Greatest Heaven Sect or not, it was a fact that the cold plum fairy and dancing snow fairy were attacked and seriously injured . The Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island would not sacrifice their genius disciples to play this kind of game .

Other sects and rogue cultivators had a different mentality . If their skills were not as good as others, then there was nothing to say . As for using the strong to bully the weak, it’s even more absurd . Could it be that the experts couldn’t fight back when they are provoked by the juniors?

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Suddenly, the entire dao sect turned noisy, igniting a frenzy of controversy .

This was exactly the effect that the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted . The more intense the quarrel became, the more it paves the way for subsequent actions against Pure Yang Palace . At that time, as long as there was evidence that it was the people of the Pure Yang Palace, then taking the opportunity to destroy the Pure Yang Palace would be easy, even the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect would not be able to stop it .

The calculation was good, but the only problem now was that they didn’t know where Elder Hu Qianyi was . You must know that Elder Hu was the key figure in the whole incident . Of course, the Greatest Heaven Sect must have an iron proof that Elder Hu was not present at the time of the incident .

But no matter how to make a proof, they had to discuss it with Elder Hu . Everyone had to get their stories straight to avoid making mistakes . But Elder Hu hasn’t been seen by anyone, could it be that something has changed?

Dacheng stage masters would never die so easily . Moreover, his life jade tablet was not broken, indicating that Elder Hu must be alive .

Since Elder Hu was alive and the Blue Cloud Sect, Green Jade Immortal Island and the Pure Yang Palace also said that their three juniors, Shi Shanshan, Sun Qingxue and Yang Chen, have returned to the sect, what does that mean?

Elder Hu was captured? Elder Hu was driven away when he lost? Elder Hu was injured? impossible, he believed that if Hu Qianyi really did this kind of thing, he would never leave a loophole that allows the three sects to take advantage of it .

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The only possibility was that when Elder Hu got what he wanted, he let them go . And what Elder Hu got should be Yang Chen’s alchemy secrets .

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